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Are you looking to give your bathroom a new look and wondering if you can afford a bath fitter? Well, the bath fitter cost range is between $500 and $9,000 depending on several factors. When computing bath fitter cost, you have to consider things like the size, available options, and installation.

If you're going to get a measured liner to cover your existing facilities, you're likely going to spend less. But if you're looking to cover the entire bathtub enclosure as well as add some accessories, you're going to pay more. You'll also spend more money to convert a shower to a tub or a tub to a shower during the bathroom renovation process.

In simple terms, bath fitter cost is not constant because several factors affect the pricing. Read through to learn about everything that affects bath fitter cost, and the price estimates, and decide if it's something worth investing your money in getting.

What's a Bath Fitter?

Before you dive into the cost, you first have to understand what a bath fitter is and why you need it for your bathtub or shower. You've probably come across several commercials about bath fitter and have an idea of what it does. But what exactly is a bath fitter?

Bath Fitter is a company that installs tub liners in residential bathrooms. They take out the faucets from your tub and put up bath fitter wall panels. They also add a layer of wall protection to retain the aesthetics. They then install the tub liners. They also add other bathroom products if you need them and finish up by cleaning up.

Actually, many people don't know that bath fitter is a company and not a product. This is because the company's products have become so popular that people refer to the bath covering or bath liners as bath fitter.

Why Bath Fitter

Bath Fitter is increasingly becoming common because they give homes a brand new look without renovation. You won't need an actual demolition of your bathroom to install a bath fitter.

Many people also love Bath Fitter because of the durability of their products. Those made from acrylic are proven to last long enough with very minimal maintenance. The company guarantees that their acrylic bath liners can last a lifetime, and that's why they have no trouble giving their customers a lifetime warranty.

How Much Does Bath Fitter Tub Cost?

Many things go into the bath fitter cost that you must consider when coming up with your budget. If you're remodeling your tub, the bath fitter will cost you around $2,650. Your bath fitter installation pricing varies with factors such as your bathroom situation and the options you prefer.

If you want to come up with an exact figure to answer how much does a bath fitter cost, you have to consider all the things that go into the pricing. Here are those bath fitters cost factors to look into.

The Choice of a Bathtub

Bath fitter tubs come in more than ten styles that you can choose from. Most bath fitter manufacturers give you options so that you can choose to work with simple, traditional, classic, or ornate designs. The choice you make has a lot to do with the style of your entire bathroom, design preference, needs, and budget. The styles come with different price tags, and what you choose will determine your final bath fitter tub costs.

Bath Liner Material

Bath fitter tub liners come with different materials which don't cost the same amount of money. Many bath liners are made of acrylic. You can never go wrong with tubs made of acrylic for your home. Acrylic liners are not only affordable but are lightweight, easy to clean and wear well.

There are also PVC vinyl liners which cost less than acrylic. With this, you can save around $300 to $500. Apart from PVC vinyl, there is a much cheaper option which is fiberglass. Fiberglass tubs can cost as little as $200

There are other tubs made from more expensive materials for those who prefer luxurious solutions. Cultured marble, enameled cast iron, and enameled steel can cost up to ,000. One disadvantage of cultured marble is that they're more demanding in terms of care and scratches easily. They're also very heavy, and you may need floor reinforcement to support the tub.

The Choice of Your Wall

Another thing that will determine your bath fitter cost is your wall panel choice. There are different wall materials, patterns, designs, and styles to choose from. While the options may not be as huge as that of bathtubs, you still have several at your disposal.

You can choose a smooth wall covering or choose one with indentations.  The final price of your bath fitter will depend on the wall panels you'll end up choosing.

Additional Accessories

You can install bath liners with several add-ons. If you want to update your faucet, there are several options to choose from. You can also upgrade your bathtub or shower doors, soap dishes, moldings, handles, and shelving. There are other add-ons like window trim options and finishes for the ceiling. These accessories plus the liner cost not more than $1500.

You can also add grips and shower seats if you're considering your safety. All these accessories add a wonderful finish to your bath filter remodeling, but they come at a price. The accessories you choose to install alongside your bath filter will determine the final cost.

If you choose many add-ons listed above plus the fixing cost, you'll likely find part ways with an average cost of $5,500. If you choose many add-ons and hire a contractor that charges high installation costs, the cost can go over $8,000. A simple process with few add-ons can cost around $3,000.

bathroom accessory

Professional Bath Filter Installation

If you choose professional contractors to install your bath filter, you will pay additional fees that will push the bath filter cost higher. But you shouldn't worry about the price of installing a bath fitter since it isn't too high. A single covering will probably take a single day. For a more complex project, the installation process may last several days hence increasing the labor costs.

The bath fitter's installation costs will also depend on the company you choose to work with. Some companies charge higher than others, but you shouldn't expect much of a difference.

To ensure you don't get cheated, get quotes from different companies and compare their costs before hiring. Be careful not to go for the cheapest option because they're not always the best.

Do your research and go through online reviews of the companies to choose the best. You can consider asking for a free consultation from your company and know what you’re getting into.

The Cost of Installing a Bath Fitter Yourself

If you choose a DIY bath liner installation instead of hiring a bath fitter technician, you're probably going to spend less because you are not paying for the labor and installation costs. You can save several thousand dollars by installing your bath liners yourself. The overall bath fitters cost for self-installation can even drop to less than$1,000.

However, you shouldn't think that self-installation is easy at all, even though it might look easy at a glance. First forward, professional installers have a lot of experience and are less likely to go wrong. You'll pay a huge price point, but you're guaranteed quality which is not the same as what you will get with a DIY bath fitter installation.

You can accidentally damage the materials during self-installation leading to cracks and leaks. These cracks can also invite bacteria, and you'll spend a lot of money managing hygiene issues. Water leakage will not go well with the condition of your bathroom.

Bath Fitter vs. Replacement Cost

A bath fitter cost is not a small investment, but it's still much cheaper than replacing the entire tub. If you decide to install a new bathtub liner altogether, you're going to pat with around $3,000. Don't forget that the cost of the tub is not factored in this figure. You'll need to buy an acrylic tub liner which goes for $900.

The rate gets higher if you choose to add additional products like new tiles or choose to do some plumbing work. When trying to get the final figure, don't forget to consider your home state because it can be much more expensive in your region.

The Cost of Bath Filter Shower

If you're looking for some Bath Fitter shower remodels, you're going to spend about $2,600 to $3000. How high or low the price will depend on whether you add some accessories or not.

A simple bathtub or shower remodeling with one or two add-ons can go for $4000. You can choose to do wall panels with bath filter shower remodeling. This price can also go for removing the old faucets and replacing them with your new wall panels that match your liner.

The Cost of Replacing Your Tub Liners

Should you repair your current bathtub or replace it with a Bath Fitter? The cost of replacement ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 for tub and shower liners. The only thing that makes a difference in the cost of tub liners is if you choose to add accessories. Average shower liners go for $1,265, depending on the contractor.

Bathtub Replacement Cost

Replacement is always the best solution for homeowners looking to give their bathtub and shower a new look. The price of the replacement can be anything between $1,200 and $5,000. Well, many other variables can affect your tub replacement cost. You'll spend between $700 and $1,000 on labor.

Mostly, replacements cost less than new installation due to the existing plumbing. Many homeowners spend $500 and $1,000 on a tub. This rate also varies with materials which can be steel, fiberglass, acrylic, or marble.

The most expensive material on the list is marble and cast iron which goes for around ,000 and ,000. Fiberglass and acrylic are the cheapest. If you choose total tub replacement, you might end up spending around $8,000 with added accessories.

Bathtub Refinishing Cost

Sometimes, your tub will not need remodeling because refinishing will do. Refinishing process does a wonderful job of making the tub shinier and more pristine. Bath Fitter refinishing goes for around $400-$600 or less than the figure depending on the tub size and the glaze.

Refinishing may be cheaper than shower remodeling, but one is not an alternative to another. Refinishing is a different service. It involves professional liner surface sanding and a new glaze application that makes the tub look new again.

The Cost of Converting Your Tub-to-Shower

Bath Fitter can also turn your tub into a shower. The amounts you'll spend for this service depending on shower size, accessories, finishes, and wall panels. Homeowners will pay between $1,200 and $8,000 to convert tub to shower.

The whole process only takes a day to finish, and it's very effective and economical. Some common products that go into this service include grab bars, soap dishes, seats, doors, and shelves.

Bathtub shower

Should You Go for a Bath Fitter?

Installing a bath liner is a good investment but still needs careful consideration. If you're planning to install a bath filter, you'll have to know what's in it for you. Below are some bath fitter pros and cons you can keep in mind.

Bath Fitter Pros

Easy to Install

The installation process of a bath liner can be done within a single day. That's when you need to put the liner in an existing tub with minimal accessories to add. If you're going to replace the existing tub, it can take days to finish or even weeks if you're adding accessories. The contractor will have to do the demolition, repair work, and installation.

No Leaks

Installing bath liner is done like single sheet acrylic. The liner covers the tile, corners, and grout seamlessly. By using a single sheet of acrylic, you avoid leaking risk. The tile and grout will also be much easier to clean.

Less Messy

The ease of installing bath liner leaves no room for a mess. Installers can also work with the bathroom door closed to prevent any mess. The entire task is quick and straightforward. But if you choose to have the entire tub replaced, you should prepare for a messy job that will take longer days to finish.

Low Maintenance Needs

Bath fitters not too demanding when it comes to care and maintenance. Because they're a large piece of acrylic, care is very easy. To clean, spray with a cleaning product and wipe with a clean cloth. It will even be much easier to clean if you use acrylic bath fitter wall panels.


Bath fitters are cost-effective as compared to entire tub replacement. The acrylic overlays will go on your tub or shower and require less material. The work only takes a few days, which means the rates won't go too high.


Bath Fitter gives you peace of mind with their lifetime warranty. You can forget about the short-term bathtub solutions such as repainting or resurfacing your tub, which will only serve you two to three years. Choose acrylic shower liners that are more durable than other materials like PVC vinyl.

The lifetime warranty also covers you for the repairs in case you encounter problems. You'll enjoy a new and renovated bathroom for up to 20 years.

Bath Fitter Cons

While bath fitters have been commercialized for their countless benefits, they're still not meant for everyone. Here are some of the cons of Bath Fitters.

Cracking Issues

Bath liners are made from a seamless sheet of acrylic, which doesn't easily leak. However, they're known to develop cracks, especially with poor installation. Leaks can also occur on the edges and around the walls. If they happen to trap water, you'll have to deal with odor, mold, and mildew, which can be a health concern.

Bath Fitters Aren't Universal

Bath fitters don't suit all tubs. Some claw-foot tubs or those that have water jets aren't suitable for liner fitting. Sometimes you may need to damage your bathtubs before you re-line.

If you've dealt with severe mold and mildew issues, you'll be forced to demolish and replace your tub or shower. You can cover the damage with the bath liner, but that doesn't solve the problem as it can get worst behind the scenes.

You Have to Order and Wait

Even though installing the tub takes only a day, it will take several weeks before the professionals do the job because of the long ordering process. They have to measure and custom your order to fit the shape and the size of your tub. You'll need to get a contractor to do the measurements before you make your order.

But you can make things work faster by picking an available professional and pick your bathtub liner and shower liner from stores like Home Depot. You will avoid a lengthy measuring process that delays your order.

Aesthetic Issues

Even though bath liner is made to add a new look to your tub, they're not always perfect when it comes to aesthetics. The fitters are usually white and plain sheets of acrylic. You need to fit them in bathrooms with classic designs. They generally suit someone who prefers a more classic design or a minimalist. For those who want a colorful and unique appearance, bath fitters may not be your cup of tea.

Bath Fitter Alternatives

Even though bath fitters are highly commercialized with their benefits, not everyone will love them. If you rather go for a different style for your bathtub, you have several alternatives.

There are other big names in the market, such as Home Depot, ReBath, and Bath Planet, which offer almost the same service as Bath Fitter. If you choose to work with Home Depot, you can also apply for their Project Loan and pay for your bathroom renovation in installments.

There are also independent contractors that can offer custom liners and remodel your tub.

You can also go for cheaper methods such as gluing PVC plastic covering on your old bathtub. The gluing method will cost you an average of $400 to $600. If you want additional accessories such as tiles, then you'll pay around $800 to $1500. You can also go for bath wraps that offer an excellent anti-microbial solution that does not fade or crack.

So, How Much Does Bath Fitter Tub Cost?

All said and done; we still get back to our question of the bath fitter's cost. If you're looking to give your bathtub a brand new appearance, Bath Fitter is still the best option as it offers durability, quality, and affordability. The average price is not constant as it things as well as your region. Something cheaper in one region within the United States can be twice as expensive in another state.

If you skip the add-ons, you can get good bathtub liners for less than $3,000. Simple to average jobs with a few extras can go slightly more than $4,500. A simple tub liner will not go lower than $500. A more sophisticated job can go for as much as $8,000.

Generally, Bath Fitter products are less expensive as compared to the cost of giving your bathroom a complete remodeling job. Buying a new one together with the prices of demolition and installation is way higher than that of a Bath Fitter liner. Remodeling is also time-consuming, messy, and complex, which is not the case with a bath fitter.

So, if you check at the cost of a bath fitter and wondering if it's worth it, consider all the benefits that come with it. You get an opportunity to modernize your bathroom with new fixtures without spending much, and that too within a short time. Not to mention that the investment will pay off as it can last more than 20 years with a lifetime warranty.

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