How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors

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Key Takeaway:

  • Consider your personal style and the overall aesthetic of your kitchen when choosing cabinet colors. Neutral shades like white, gray, and beige are versatile and timeless choices that work with any design scheme.
  • Bright and bold colors can add personality and interest to your kitchen, but should be used sparingly, either as an accent or on a single feature such as an island or pantry door.
  • Take into account the amount of natural light in your kitchen, as well as the size and layout of the space, when deciding on a cabinet color. Lighter colors can help to make a small kitchen look bigger, while darker colors can create a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

Feeling frazzled by the immense range of kitchen cupboard tones? Not to worry! You can simply choose the ideal shades for your cabinets with these top tips. Find out how to craft a fashionable and comfy kitchen space that you'll adore.


Choosing the best kitchen cabinet colors is not just about style, but the functionality of the space and resale value too. Here's some advice for selecting the right color:

  1. Think about the natural light in your kitchen. For north-facing rooms, warm colors, muted tones or cool blues work well. South-facing kitchens can go bolder or warmer.
  2. Use a two-tone color scheme. Pair your favorite color with a neutral or black for a modern look.
  3. Try different trends. Try different colors on the upper and lower cabinets, or a different island finish.
  4. Consider durability. Matte or full-gloss paint resists scuffs and scratches. Satin or eggshell is a good balance.
  5. Check the room size, lighting & countertops. Coordinate the backsplash, wall color & cabinet finish for an expensive look.
  6. Don't forget your personal style & culinary aspirations. Pick a color that reflects who you are.
  7. If you're selling, neutral colors like creams, whites or wood stains are great. Or, choose melamine cabinets in blues, reds, or yellows.

The Basics of Color Theory

Color theory basics are essential for choosing the best kitchen cabinets. A NKBA study shows color selection is key for kitchen design looks and function. Experts suggest importance of color coordination, orientation, and warmer tones, muted colors or full-gloss paint finish based on kitchen size and lighting.

Two-tone kitchens, combos, and wood cabinets with natural finish, painted cabinets with matte, or eggshell paint finishes are in-vogue. Shaker style cabinets with natural grain or dark blues, reds, yellows, or black cabinets can give extra punch. Granite countertops come in a range of colors for coordinating.

Budget-friendly cabinet refinishing can update trends without renovation. Choice of cabinets depends on kitchen space. Indoor trees or round rugs can balance colors in living room or bedroom. Christmas clutter needs space-enhancing color schemes.

Analyzing Room Lighting and Color Schemes

Choose the best color scheme for your kitchen cabinets! Analyze the room's lighting and color schemes. White, gray, blue, green, and shades of red are all great options.

  • White cabinets are classic.
  • Gray cabinets are elegant and versatile. Consider wood cabinets for a natural look or matte finish rather than eggshell paint.
  • Get inspiration from luxury hotel or bedroom designs.
  • For small kitchens, opt for lighter colors like sunny yellows.
  • Rich reds will bring depth and warmth to bigger kitchens with lots of natural light.
  • Refinish cabinets for a change.
  • Neutral, timeless colors are always polished.
  • Shaker cabinets provide a traditional, clean look.
  • Find the perfect kitchen cabinet color for your home. Consider your design style and what works best with your space.

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Choosing Between Warm and Cool Tones

Choosing the right color for your kitchen cabinets is key. Warm tones, like reds and yellows, create a cozy atmosphere. Cool tones, like blues and greens, give off a calming vibe. Here are some tips from experts on how to choose the best cabinet paint colors:

  • Combine blue cabinets with wooden ones or eggshell paints for a cool but warm kitchen.
  • For a nature-inspired look, pick green cabinets.
  • Go for bold and bright reds in a small kitchen for a dramatic effect.
  • Try out combinations of dark and light shades for an interesting design.

The perfect paint job can make a huge difference to the look of your kitchen. Follow these tips from design professionals to select the best color for your cabinets.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Choosing the best kitchen cabinet colors can be tricky. Expert-recommended ideas include trendy kitchen designs and classic color combos that last. If you're updating a traditional kitchen or designing a modern one, there are lots of red kitchen ideas and other colors to suit your budget.

For a traditional look, warm browns and honey colors are a timeless choice that add warmth and character. For a modern kitchen, use sleek designs with monochromatic colors like white or gray for a sophisticated feel.

Working with an interior design or architecture expert can help you explore kitchen color combos. A knowledgeable design journalist can provide tips and tricks to execute your vision, while bringing in the latest trends and styles. Maximize your kitchen's functionality with the right colors!

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Cabinets

Choosing the right finish for kitchen cabinets is a must. From kitchen design trends to color combos – your choice of finish will impact the look and feel of your space.

If you have wooden cabinets, go for a natural wood finish that shows off the wood's unique grain and shade. Or, pick a painted finish to match your kitchen color scheme or bedroom interior design.

Size matters when it comes to choosing a finish. Darker options are perfect for larger kitchens – creating a cozy atmosphere. But, light finishes can help small kitchens feel more open and airy.

It's all about personal style and desired aesthetic. To make sure you choose the best kitchen cabinet colors, consult a professional kitchen designer. They'll guide you through the process and make sure you get what you need!

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors

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Additional Tips and Considerations

When deciding on the perfect kitchen cabinet colors, here are some tips to consider:

  • Lighting: Look at natural & artificial lighting in the kitchen. Dark and muted colors might not be the best choice for poorly lit areas.
  • Complementing colors: Consider countertops, backsplash and flooring. Choose colors that either contrast or match these.
  • Timeless colors: Stick with classic shades if unsure. White, grey and beige are always trendy.
  • Personal preferences: Keep your decor style in mind. What looks great in someone else's kitchen may not fit with yours.


Choosing kitchen cabinet colors can seem overwhelming. But, there are a few things to remember to pick the best one.

  1. Firstly, think about the style of your kitchen. Do you want a modern, sleek look or a more traditional, rustic feel? This will help you pick a color palette that fits.
  2. Secondly, think about the colors of your countertops, flooring, and backsplash. Choose a cabinet color that complements them all and creates a unified look.
  3. For a timeless style, go with classic combos like white and grey or black and white. Or, if you're feeling bold, try navy blue or emerald green.

In the end, trust your instincts. Pick a color that reflects who you are and makes you happy. With these tips, you can choose the perfect kitchen cabinet color!

Five Facts About How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors

  • ✅ Consider the style of your kitchen and choose colors that complement it. (Source: HGTV)
  • ✅ Lighter colors open up the kitchen and make it look more spacious, while darker colors can make it feel more enclosed. (Source: Better Homes and Gardens)
  • ✅ Trends come and go, so it's important to choose a color that you love and will be happy with for years to come. (Source: Real Simple)
  • ✅ Neutral colors like white, gray, and beige are timeless and versatile, while bolder colors like navy and emerald can add a pop of personality to the space. (Source: House Beautiful)
  • ✅ Don't forget about the hardware and accessories – choosing complementary metals and accents can really tie the whole look together. (Source: The Spruce)

FAQs about How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors

What are some popular kitchen color combinations for cabinets?

Some popular kitchen color combinations for cabinets include white and gray, navy and gold, black and wood tones, and pastel shades with metallic accents.

Should I choose a bold or neutral cabinet color?

Whether to choose a bold or neutral cabinet color depends on your personal taste and overall kitchen design. Bold colors can add drama and create a focal point, while neutral colors provide a timeless and versatile look.

How do I incorporate my existing kitchen decor when choosing cabinet colors?

You can incorporate your existing kitchen decor when choosing cabinet colors by considering the colors of your countertops, backsplash, flooring, and appliances. Opt for complementary or contrasting colors to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

Is it better to choose a light or dark cabinet color?

Whether to choose a light or dark cabinet color, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Light colors can make a small kitchen appear more spacious and airy, while dark colors can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Consider the amount of natural light in your kitchen, as well as your personal preference when making this decision.

What cabinet color trends should I consider?

The cabinet color trends that you should consider includes bold and dramatic colors, two-tone cabinets, muted pastels, and warm wood tones. Additionally, metallic accents like brass and copper are increasingly popular choices for cabinet hardware.

What if I can't decide on a cabinet color?

If you can't decide on a cabinet color consider consulting with a professional kitchen designer or decorator. They can provide expert advice on selecting the best color palette for your kitchen based on your lifestyle, design goals, and personal preferences.

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