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Tired of cleaning your toaster? Tired of the smell, the burnt-on pieces that won't come off, and all the crumbs that seem to accumulate no matter how often you clean it? Well, now there's a way for you to finally put these problems behind you.

In this article, we'll show you how to properly clean your toaster and get rid of all the gunk that accumulates inside. Here's all you need to know. 

Cleaning a toaster is not as hard as you might think

You don't have to get in there with your hands and scrub away. Your hands should never come anywhere near this area of any household appliance. There are special chemicals you can use for cleaning that will safely open up the internal mechanisms of the toaster and wipe away all those old crumbs and burnt-on bits. And you can do it in your own home, without having to visit the repair shop or call a technician.

How to Clean Toaster
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Using any household chemicals for cleaning is dangerous 

Cleaning a toaster with regular household cleaners can be quite dangerous. The chemicals and fumes that come out of these cleaners are often not safe for either you or your family, so this type of cleaning should always be handled by professionals. Also, when using these cleaners on your toaster oven, you must make sure none of the internal parts get wet. This can cause rusting which will permanently damage the electrical system inside your appliance and could potentially cause an electric shock if something comes into contact with the terminals.

A much safer option would be to use a chemical cleaner designed for cleaning toasters and other small appliances. These cleaners are specially formulated for getting rid of all that built-up gunk and grime inside your kitchen appliances, so they won't affect you or anyone in your family. As an added benefit, these products can also help clean up around the outside of the appliance as well, making it look good as new again.

Steps To Clean Your Toaster

First, unplug the toaster from the wall and remove any crumbs or other debris that may be stuck in it with a damp cloth. 

Place the pieces of paper towel or thin cloth in each section of the toaster.

Using a spray bottle filled with liquid cleaner, spray the inside and outside of each cavity you've placed paper towels in. If there's an opening on top, be sure to get it too. Allow this solution to sit for about 15 minutes so it can break up all that old gunk inside your appliance before wiping everything clean with a damp sponge and then drying everything off with a soft cloth.

To finish cleaning your toaster oven, wipe down the outside (or wipe off any remaining cleaner) and reassemble everything back together again. And if you have an infrared toaster, make sure you pay special attention to its exterior casing as well.

You may want to make sure you remove all the cleaning chemicals from your countertop with a damp sponge or cloth. 

For finishing touches, plug your cleaner back in and toast up some bread. The smell of fresh-baked bread will fill your home along with that warm glow of freshly cleaned appliances.

How often should I clean my toaster oven?

It's recommended that you clean out your toaster (and other small kitchen appliances) at least once every couple of months – depending on how often it gets used. But if you have kids who like snacks throughout the day, or people who eat lots of toast for breakfast, then you'll probably need to do this more often than just once every couple of months. Also, if you notice that your toaster is making funny burning or scorching noises, or it seems very slow in heating bread – then this is a sign that the internal elements need cleaning.

If you use your toaster for defrosting frozen food, make sure to clean it thoroughly afterward as well so there aren't any smells left inside from this food.

How often should I clean my kitchen appliances? 

All home appliances are different and will require different amounts of attention depending on how they're used. The best way to tell when it's time for an appliance cleaning is by paying attention to its performance – not just visually but also listening and feeling. For instance, if you notice that your microwave makes a humming noise when it's in use, or the oven takes longer to heat up than normal – then these are signs something might need cleaning.

But there are also some other things to look out for as well – as any food splatters on the inside of your oven door for example. You'll know it's time to give it a good scrubbing down with a damp sponge and soapy water when these spots start sticking onto the glass doors themselves and making them difficult to see through.

When giving your refrigerator or freezer cleaning make sure you empty everything into containers first so they can dry completely before putting them back again.

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Is it possible to clean a toaster with vinegar?

You may have heard of others who say that a cup of vinegar poured into their toaster's crumb tray makes for the easiest form of cleaning. And this may work – especially if you're using a simple pop-up toaster. But make sure you don't pour any liquid down your electric oven itself as this can damage the internal elements and void your appliance warranty.

What is the best way to clean a toaster without causing any damage or wasting time?

There are a couple of ways to remove the crumbs and clean your regular pop-up toaster with as little hassle as possible.

As mentioned above – if you have a simple toaster, the easiest way is just to run some vinegar through it ( into the bottom tray ) so it can dissolve any gunk that's accumulated inside. Allow this solution to sit for about 15 minutes before wiping everything out with paper towels and then giving it a quick rinse under cold water. Afterward, leave your pop-up toaster on its side so air can circulate it while drying off completely before putting back together again.

A Guide on How to Clean a Toaster in Five Easy DIY Steps
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Final thoughts on how to clean a toaster

In conclusion, toasters can be cleaned easily with a few items found in most kitchens. After reading this article you should have a solid plan of attack on how to clean a toaster and prevent future issues.

Finally, if you're in the market for buying a new toaster, here are the best see-through toasters you can buy right now.


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