How to Declutter Your Room

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Most people are too busy to keep their rooms clean, but it’s important for your health and happiness. A messy room can cause stress and anxiety, which leads to lack of motivation and focus. 

You’re more likely to procrastinate on projects if you have a chaotic environment around you. Clutter can make you feel less safe in your home. You might not want to invite friends over because they’ll judge how messy your house is.

This guide to decluttering will help you get started right away by making the process fun and simple as you stay organized without losing any sentimental items or memories. Earlier, we have talked about declutter the kitchen and kitchen island front ideas for you!

Let’s get started decluttering your room.

Create a Clear Vision for Your Room

The first step to room decluttering is creating a vision for your space. When you have a clear vision of what your bedroom should look like and why it should be that way, you’ll know exactly which items to get rid of. Having a crystal-clear image in mind is the best way to ensure that your room stays organized after decluttering. The last thing you want is clutter to creep back into your home because of lack of vision.

How do you want your space to look, feel and even function? How do you want to feel when you’re in your room? Make sure you clarify the purpose of your bedroom room. Know exactly how you want to use your room and how you want to arrange furniture in your room. Use the spaces in your home in a way that makes sense for you. For example, if it makes sense for you and your lifestyle to use your bedroom for other purposes, don’t hesitate to do so.

Move to the Bigger Picture

The next step to have a clutter free bedroom is taking a bigger picture of your space. Now is the time to ask yourself how you want your home to look and feel. How do you want it to function? Where are you going with your room?

For example, if you’re a student, perhaps having multiple workspaces would be better for you. You can utilize every nook in the space for something different. Take a look at the furniture and big items in your room. Do you need them? Get rid of things you don’t need as you keep things that only add value to your space.

A good example is an adjacent chair and bedside table in your bedroom. What are you using them for? Is it for holding clean clothes, dirty clothes, or books? If the answer is no, then you might want to remove them from your bedroom.

Clear the Flat Surfaces

Next on how to declutter your bedroom is to tackle flat surfaces. This has to do with tables, cabinets, and racks. Just like decluttering a kitchen, there’s an easy way on how you can declutter a flat surface in your bedroom as well. These flat surfaces are prone to clutter, making dirt pile up quickly.

First, start with one flat surface, then remove the items used for a long time already, yet it still works perfectly fine. The next step is to remove the old photos and things you don’t want. After that, put things you want into their designated home to create more space.

Remember that clutter will come from things that don’t have a home. So make a home for anything you want to ensure they don’t clutter your flat surfaces. Putting things on the floor as you organize them by type and size should be your next priority.

Pack Away Your Off-Season Items

You can find a home for your out-of-season clothes and accessories by keeping them in a box under your bed or on top of the closet. Use these boxes to keep winter clothes out of sight until it’s time to use them again. After all, you don’t need to have too many accessories, so give your room that luxury feel by investing in decent linen and furnishings.

Too many cushions and throw pillows will end up on your floor, so minimize their number to have a clutter free bedroom. You can also use boxes to pack up all the miscellaneous items in your room.

pack away off season items
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Declutter Your Dressers, Shelves, Closets, and Drawers

Work through the rest of your room by clearing the clutter from these spaces. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong to your room. Of course, you don’t want your bedroom to be a dumping ground for things you have a place to put them. You should also invest in decent linen and furnishing to keep your bedroom tidy. Purchasing dark-colored linens will help give your room that luxury look you’re aiming for.

Declutter Your Dressers, Shelves, Closets, and Drawers
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Do away with the clutter on your shelves, dresser, closet, and organize the kitchen drawers. Make sure you evaluate your decor and clothes. You should look out for things such as wall hangings, decorative pillows, and decorative objects. Only keep decoratives that you love.

If you need some motivation to help you get started on decluttering, look at your space as one big project. If you take it all in at once, it might seem too overwhelming, so why not break it up as one project at a time?

Get Rid of Any Unnecessary Furniture

To make your bedroom lovely and clutter free, you first need to consider all the items that don’t serve a purpose in your room and where they are used, or if they can be placed elsewhere. For instance, if it is unnecessary for your bedroom, try to find another place to store it.

Look at your furniture and decide if you need them. Removing such furniture will free up your floor space and make your room look and feel larger. So if you feel like the furniture is taking up some of your space, look back and see if there’s anything you can remove. Maybe you don’t need that storage solution anymore.

Remove Any Unused and Broken Items

Make sure you remove unused and broken items in your space. Any unused and broken item is just wasting your space. It will be best to remove such items altogether. If you find something that is not in use, make sure you get rid of it before you clean up the bedroom.

Don’t be shy about getting rid of your belongings. If there’s any sentimental value attached to an item, put it in a box and store it in a storage unit. It’s time to let go of the old so that you can make room for the new.

Remove Clutter

Clutter is little more than excess stuff that accumulates over time.  If this pile-up continues, your room will end up looking like a cluttered town.

Remove Clutter
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Let’s prep your bedroom by first removing any clutter:  Old mail, outdated magazines, old newspapers, and so much more. Take those old magazines to any national magazine company ltd. For decluttering your bedroom, ensure the bedside table and cabinets are clutter-free. Once you’re done with organizing your room, thoroughly clean it.

Then you need to declutter your books, CDs, and DVDs so you can fit new purchases. Remove books in cases, bookshelves, or even on the floor. If they aren’t inspiring you or anybody else, it’s time for them to go. 

Also, when cleaning, ensure you dust and clean all flat surfaces, picture frames, and decors. Sweep and vacuum any space. Remove everything from their initial storage, then sort and return them to their homes.

Throw Away or Donate

Once you’ve cleared out all of the junk from your bedroom, it’s time to throw away whatever is left in the way. You want to have enough relaxing space for yourself. You can place your items in a store, donate or throw them. After all, you need a space to fill back up for items you only need. You’ll also need enough room to help you breathe when you’re trying to get things in your wardrobe every evening.

Get rid of those shoes and clothes that you don’t wear. Donate them or put them in a bag and leave them at the store. You can sell your clothes on eBay or Gumtree if they’re still in good condition. What about household items, old games? If you don’t use them anymore, it’s time to throw them away. Maybe you have an older TV that doesn’t work anymore. Throw it away.

A cluttered bedroom will just affect your concentration and focus. If you can get control of your bedroom, you’ll be able to get control of your life and fall asleep easily in your bedroom. 

If you have a lot of clothes, then cut up your closet. If you have too many T-shirts, get rid of some. I know it’s hard to do because they are such a small price to pay for but if you don’t like them anymore or they’re old and dirty, throw them out. You need a place with a lot of space. Use the other side to hang up your new shirts and stuff like that.

Make It a Habit of Decluttering Your Space

Decluttering your home is one thing and keeping your bedroom clutter free is another thing. If you clean your room but do not declutter it, there will be clutter all over again a week later. Ensure you eliminate clutter every day. By this, I mean that every day you should try to get rid of at least one thing you don’t want or need anymore.

Once you have a decluttered bedroom, it’s important to start forming new habits to ensure your room remains decluttered. Form new habits like putting your clothes straight to the laundry instead of throwing them on the floor and only buy things you badly need.

If you’re not sure where to begin, try clearing out your closet and drawers.  Once you’ve cleaned them out, start folding clothes as soon as you take them off. This way, they won’t end up on the floor, or worse: inside a heap of dirty laundry. Pile dirty clothes in baskets instead of leaving them on the floor.

Commit yourself to put clothes away immediately if it’s the only change you can make. If the cloth is clean, then hang it. If it’s dirty, throw it in the laundry basket. Dedicate a few minutes every day to clean your room. During this time, work on one section of your bedroom. To make this easy, you can set a timer to guide you.

Final Thoughts on How to Declutter Your Room

When your room is organized, it’s a stress reliever. You can’t think about what you need to do tomorrow if you’re thinking about how bad the mess in your bedroom is.  A clean bedroom makes for a calmer day and an easier night so get moving. These helpful tips can guide you to a clutter-free home leading to healthy living.


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