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Many people wonder if they can remove granite countertops without damaging their cabinets. This is a very important question among those who would like to update their kitchen countertop.

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There are two ways that you can go about removing these counters without replacing them with new ones.

Let's get right into them.

How to remove granite countertops

The first way to accomplish this is by using an electric saw to cut through the top of the cabinet's face frame for it to be removed from its hinges and set aside so you can work on removing the granite itself. 

The second option involves taking out each drawer one at a time before cutting away at where they meet the face frame to remove the granite. 

Both methods can be accomplished using an electric saw, a circular saw, or even a handsaw depending on how much work you are willing to get into.

removing granite countertop
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How to use an electric saw

First, determine how deep the countertop and both its backsplash as well as the front is. Make sure that you cut both the face frame and the tops of all cabinets at once. 

To prevent any accidents, be sure to turn off all electricity (apart from the saws) before starting to use your electric saw. Also, wear protective clothing such as a long-sleeved shirt to keep from getting injured by debris or fragments that might fly when cutting.

Using an electric saw, be sure to first cut into the face frame of the top drawer's cabinet since this is how you will have to start removing the countertop. 

You may either put a block in between the blade and the backside of your cabinets' face frame or you can use a circular saw with a guide that will keep the blade from getting off track. To get the job done quickly, you can use a jigsaw to cut out the back of your cabinets after the countertop has been removed.

Once all of the drawers have been taken out, using an electric saw will let you know how deep it is going to be cutting through both the face frames and granite itself for them to come off. 

Before doing this, make sure that you measure how deep your kitchen cabinets are so that you don't end up making cuts too high or low and having them stick out beyond where they should be once everything else is put back together again.


Can granite countertops be removed without damaging cabinets?

Damaging your cabinets is a big concern for many homeowners. While it is true that removing countertops can leave behind a bit of debris, especially when using an electric saw to cut away the face frame and tops of cabinets as well, no damage will be done to your kitchen cabinets by doing this – if you follow the proper procedures. 

If you need to get rid of your old granite countertop because it has been stained, cracked, or just looks worn out and dated, then getting rid of the old countertop without damaging cabinets is possible.

You will need quite a lot of material and tools to get the job done. As such, you must plan out how you want the area to look once the granite countertop has been removed. This means that all of the debris has someplace to go instead of just laying around – when everything is said and done.

Removing a glued granite countertop

If your granite countertop is glued, then how you are going to get it off of the cabinets is going to be slightly different. First, you will need a lot more powerful tools to remove the granite countertop before removing the cabinet front.

You may use an electric circular saw with either a wood or metal guide that will keep your blade from getting off track for you to cut through the face frames and tops of all kitchen cabinets at once. You’ll be able to do this without worrying about how much damage will be done by cutting them up. 

A better option might be using a gasoline-powered chainsaw instead. 

Chainsaws can make quick work out of any job where they are needed even if it's just something as small as covering material over joint compound when doing remodeling around your home. Using a chainsaw will give you that much more power to get the job done quickly and cleanly with how powerful this tool is.

No matter how you choose to remove your granite countertop, just make sure to wear protective clothing and materials such as goggles or even a respirator for you not to breathe in any of the dust or debris left behind once everything has been removed.

Can granite countertops be removed and reused?

After the granite countertop is removed, it can be reused in several different ways. 

The most common way to reuse how to remove granite countertops is by selling them as scrap. Many places will buy granite countertops for scrap, especially if you have large pieces that they can cut down into smaller sizes and sell.

Many stone yards also buy granite countertops to resell them to others who need something similar for their homes or offices, too. 

Another option when removing a granite countertop would be to donate it if you have a charitable organization close to you that would like such an item. 

If you decide to use granite in another part of your home, make sure that any countertops you have removed from your kitchen are ground down and cleaned off well for you not to spread any bacteria that could come into contact with your hands or anything you touch later.

Always make sure the area is covered up if possible as well so that debris doesn't end up getting around the rest of your home, including other rooms like the bathroom where germs can travel quickly due to people touching things without washing their hands first.

Many people would love to have their old granite countertop put in the new kitchen they are planning on installing or even in their backyard patio so that they can enjoy it for years to come without having to worry about where it came from originally. This is definitely also an option.

Removing an old granite countertop

Final thoughts on how to remove granite countertop

In conclusion, removing a granite countertop is doable if you know what kind of material it's made from and if the sides are glued to the cabinets or not. 

As long as there isn't anything attached under the counter, such as water pipes that lead to sinks, then removing granite countertops will be very easy. 

Whichever way you choose may depend on how much time, money, and effort you want to spend for you to get your kitchen just right.

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