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Roses are one of the most popular flowers, and they have a long history as a symbol of love. But roses can be expensive to buy, especially if you want them to look good for more than just one day. Hybrid tea roses are beautiful, disease-resistant, and require minimal maintenance. They don't need much water or fertilizer either, making them perfect for people living in apartments with limited space or time to care for plants. 

If you've ever dreamed about growing your rose garden at home, then now is the best time to do it because we're offering this high-quality hybrid tea rose plant profile at an incredible price. You also might be interested in the Stella de Oro’ Daylily plant profile.. You also might be interested in the Stella de Oro’ Daylily plant profile.. 

How to Grow Hybrid Tea Roses

If your rose plants come bare-root, you need to remove the packing around the roots and soak them in a bucket of water for at least 2 hours and up to 24 hours. Dig a planting hole large enough to spread out the roots, usually 12 to 18 inches in diameter.  

How to Grow Hybrid Tea Roses
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As with many cultivated flowers, hybrid teas are bud grafted onto a hardy, disease-resistant rootstock, which determines the final size of the rose bush. The top bud is grafted onto the rootstock and becomes the large upper bloom on the finished plant. Planting roses in or near the full sun will give you optimal results.

Hybrid Tea Roses Care

As you can see, hybrid tea roses are very versatile in their care requirements. Some are more demanding than others, but most will do well for you if given proper care.

Lighting Requirements

Hybrid teas do best in full sun but will tolerate light shade. Full sun tolerates their blooms and general disease resistance. Light shade may keep their color from being as vivid but encourage blooms to open more fully.

Soil Requirements

Hybrid tea roses prefer a rich organic soil that drains well. They do not like soggy soil or standing water on their feet, so be sure your planting area will drain before you plant them. If you are unable to amend your soil with organic material, you can use a commercial planting medium to meet their needs.

Watering Requirements

During the first few years after planting, water regularly and deeply. They will need more water during dry summer months to help keep up their growth and blooms. As they become established they will only need watering a few times a month in most cases. 

Water the soil and not leaves to prevent disease. Also, water deeply to encourage root growth. Strong, deep roots will help your roses survive periods of drought.  It is important to know that these roses need humidity at their roots like all other rose plants.

If you are unable to provide a humid environment in your garden, keep a humidity tray in with them or use monthly doses of water soluble fertilizer for roses mixed in their water supply.

Fertilizer Requirements

Hybrid tea roses being repeat bloomers, are heavy feeders and benefit from regular applications of fertilizer. Start in early spring, either a month before new growth or when you remove winter protection and continue feeding weekly depending on the fertilizer being used.

Stop fertilizing about six weeks before your first expected frost date to prevent tender new growth of the plants from being damaged by a change in weather. Choose a balanced fertilizer or the one labeled for roses. Iron is especially important if the soil's pH is high.

If the leaves turn yellow with green veins, use an iron supplement. Magnesium sulfate can also intensify flower color and also encourage flowering canes. If your soil is already high in magnesium, adding more won't help. If not, scratch in a quarter to a half cup per plant once or twice a year and water well.

Pruning Hybrid Tea Roses

Correctly pruning your hybrid tea will ensure the health and produce the most blooms. Roses need to be pruned early spring through winter before new growth starts in springtime. Pruning hybrid teas is very similar to how to prune roses of other types, but there are some key differences that set them apart from standard roses.

Pruning Hybrid Tea Roses
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First, cut dead, diseased, or damaged canes and scrawny, spindly canes less than 1/2 in diameter. Prune the remaining longer canes by about a third of their length, down to 12 to 24 inches. This will encourage strong stems and large flowers. It also opens and shapes the plant so it can put more energy into fewer flowers.

 When cutting roses, make sure you leave a few leaves on the stem, making cuts about 1/4 inch about an outward-facing bud. Make the cut at a 45-degree angle so that water runs off of the cut ends.

Pests and Diseases

It's quite true that hybrid tea roses have an acceptable level of disease resistance. However, that doesn't mean that hybrid roses are completely immune.

Roses Pests and Diseases
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Here are some of the problems this plant may face:

Blindness or Lack of Flowers

As the name suggests, this problem is characterized by a lack of flowers. It can be rooted by harsh weather conditions or too much shade. Also, it could be due to improper pruning or a late cold snap that harms the buds.

The solution would be to provide some protection or shelter and ensure you grow your roses on a sunny site. Also, ensure you remove all the older wood during annual pruning to encourage vigorous new shoots and cut any blind shoots back by half to a strong bud.

Rose Aphids

This pest is usually small, green in color, and has long cornicles almost flush with their abdomen. Blackish deposits can identify their presence on the petioles and leaf undersides.

The plant will show signs of weak growth if this pest is not taken care of immediately. To treat aphids, check your roses regularly for any signs of infestation on or under the leaves and on the buds. If the infestation is minor, squashing the insect may solve the problem, but an aphid bug killer is required.

Black Spot 

A fungus that attacks the plant's leaves, this disease will cause circular spots to appear on the leaves with yellow halos. The entire leaf can turn brownish black and curl up. If left untreated, all leaves of the plant would be destroyed, rendering it defoliated. To treat black spots, collect and destroy any affected fallen leaves. After that, use a fungus killer spray as soon as possible. 


This is a plant disease that causes the leaves to die or wilt. At first, dry spots will appear on the leaf tips, then become brown and limp. This problem usually occurs during winter and may be caused by too much moisture in the soil combined with cold weather.

 Regular maintenance such as preparing your ground well, pruning and feeding in spring using rose feed is the best way to prevent dieback. If you have unwanted pests, use a pesticide. 

Characteristics of Hybrid Tea Roses

Disease Resistance

Hybrid tea roses are very resistant to most diseases. This is because of the plant's root system's size, age, and quality.


Hybrid tea bushes flower abundantly in the spring and repeat periodically the rest of the growing season until fall, when they have a second grand flowering that's less than the first flowering in the spring.

Stem Length

Stems of hybrid tea roses are longer than other varieties. This gives greater flexibility when designing a flower arrangement. One of the pleasures of growing hybrid teas is their use as cut flowers, and strong stems are essential.

Heat Tolerance

Hybrid tea roses tend to be colder tolerant than other rose types. Some can even tolerate a light frost. However, long periods of heat can decrease blooming and the longevity of the plant.


Hybrid teas are characterized by their strong, sweet scents. Their perfumes are often long-lasting, even after the petals have fallen to the ground.

Flower Color

The American Rose Society recognizes 18 color classes. Some colors are more popular than others, but the color is strictly an individual preference. Red is the favorite among all rose growers.

Other popular colors include pink, yellow, white hybrid teas with a significant number of lavender, orange, and blends. The color of the petals helps determine how long a bouquet will last: darker colors last longer than lighter ones. 

Flower Substance

Hybrid teas should have full petals that are not too thick. They should be somewhat cupped with a crisp margin, not fringed or ruffled. A hybrid tea can have up to 50 petals, but the average number is about 20-35. Petal count is an indication of how much time it takes for a rose to open. The more petals there are, the more time it takes for the rose to open up.

FAQs on Hybrid Tea Rose Plant Profile

Why are roses called hybrid tea? 

It was raised by a French nurseryman called Jean Baptiste Guillot. He did it by hybridizing a tea rose, supposedly Madame Bravy, with a hybrid perpetual, supposedly Madame Victor Verdier, hence hybrid tea.

Do hybrid tea roses bloom all year?

These shrubs have an upright growth habit and dark green leaves. Most do not bloom continuously throughout the growing season but in separate flushes or bloom periods.

Final Thought on Hybrid Tea Rose Plant Profile

As you can see, by choosing the right hybrid tea rose for your growing conditions, you're going to have a tough, rugged plant that will provide many years of flowering. The Hybrid tea rose is a type of rose that has been around for decades, and it continues to be popular among gardeners who want a more modern look in their landscaping.



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