How To Identify Kitchen Faucet Brand

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Identifying your kitchen faucet's brand is important for many reasons.

In this article,  we explain how to choose a kitchen faucet and kitchen faucet brands and help you find a replacement, we also provide information on the most common brands, and how to get a replacement and warranty work done if your faucet needs repair or replacement.

Let’s get started.

What is a kitchen faucet?

A kitchen faucet is a fixture which supplies water for handwashing and for cleaning cooking equipment in the sink. It features a tap that provides hot and cold water, handles that control the flow of water, and various built-in devices such as sprayers or aerators.

Consider how you will be using the faucet in your kitchen before choosing it. For example, if you often need hot water for tea or instant soup, then a pull-out sprayer with a heating element built into the spout would be an excellent choice.

Taller people can find standard faucets more difficult to use because they require them to bend down further than they want when washing dishes. If this applies to you, look at how low the spout is on different models before making your selection.

If you choose a pull-down or pull-out model, ensure that there's enough room in front of the countertop and between cupboards so that you have room to open and close the spray arm without hitting anything else in the room.

Why is identifying kitchen faucet brands important?

The first reason is so that you can replace it with an exact duplicate of the original if and when necessary.

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The second reason is to get warranty coverage on any parts or installation work since most manufacturers provide a limited warranty only if you purchase their products from them.

And thirdly, identifying the brand gives you information about features such as pull-out sprayers or high arc spouts that are specific to certain brands. If your faucet comes with these extra features, then keeping the same brand in the future will ensure that it can be used alongside the existing one without any problems.

How do I identify my kitchen faucet brand name?

Step 1: Find the model number of your kitchen faucet.

To find out what type of Kitchen Faucet (brand and model) you have, you must look inside the faucet. You will see a label that contains your brand name and model number for reference purposes.

This information is useful when you are looking for replacement parts and need to match them up with your faucet. It's also helpful if you have any warranty issues or need an estimate to replace it since many companies require this information to provide estimates and do warranty work on products they don't make themselves.

Step 2: Finding your Kitchen Faucet's Brand by doing a Google search of the following terms.

Item number, item description, name, model number, or brand are what we would usually be looking for when we do an internet search. You'll probably need to use at least two different search terms to turn up all possibilities because some brands may not have their product names registered as common words on the web.

For example, if you were trying to find a new faucet for your kitchen sink and you could only remember that it was called “Kitchen faucet with pulldown spray”, then typing in just those words into a popular search engine won't help you learn anything about the brand because there are too many irrelevant results.

However, if you put in “kitchen faucet with pulldown spray item number 3439-blz6-VW” into a search engine, it will return more relevant results – probably from retailers or manufacturers who know what they're talking about.

Features to look out for when choosing a kitchen faucet brand.

The following features should be part of any kitchen faucet you choose to install:

The pull-out sprayer: 

This is a faucet extender that allows you to easily reach areas under the sink. Some types allow the water flow to be turned on or off with a button, while others have separate controls for each stream of water (hot and cold). 

Rising spout: 

Many commercial kitchens use taller faucets and a rising spout can make it easier to fill pots and pans when you're cooking at home.

Multi-stream sprayer

Many kitchen faucets feature a separate water stream for spraying, which is helpful when you're washing dishes or cleaning vegetables.

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Filter indicator

Some manufacturers offer filter indicators that let you know when it's time to replace or clean the system. This is especially convenient if your home has well water and there are concerns about hard water buildup in pipes. 

Anti-siphon valve 

When a faucet includes this feature, it can prevent standing water from siphoning back into the city water supply if your plumbing backs up or fails. It works by blocking any flow along the pipe below the sink's spout after six to eight seconds of inactivity (you don't have to worry about damaging your pipes). 

Touch-clean nozzles

If you're looking for a faucet that's easy to keep clean, look for one with stainless steel “touch-clean” nozzles. The nozzles' design keeps them from getting clogged and allowing the buildup of mineral deposits or bacteria, which can lead to foul-smelling water.

This feature is especially important if the kitchen is used heavily by young kids or elderly family members who may have trouble reaching under the sink to manually clean the sprayers.

Pipe threading 

Kitchen sinks sometimes require flexible pipe threading, especially in areas where water conditions are hard (for example when there's well water use). A good indicator is whether connectors come preinstalled for the flexible pipe. Some faucets have the threading built-in, while others require an optional adapter.

What is the best kitchen faucet?

The best kitchen faucet depends on the budget and uses you have for it, but generally what most people want to know is what brand of kitchen faucet is the best. 

Personal choice of brand is generally based on the experience with that particular brand. Some brands just last better than others do. So if the person has had a problem-free faucet for 10 years, they are likely to recommend what type of kitchen faucet they have and why.

Faucets from each manufacturer come in different styles as well as models so again personal preference will play a part in your final decision. 

Which faucet is the best in terms of design?

The best kitchen faucet for design also depends on the person to whom you are talking. Most people don't take into consideration that different styles of faucets come in various colors so what may look great in one color and style may not be as appealing in a different finish/color.

Which is more important: looks or performance?

The better quality faucets will be able to provide both good looks and performance, but some cheaper models will deliver less than satisfactory results when it comes to performance.

So the question really should be which is more important to you? If it just looks, you can go with a lower grade model and save quite a bit of money. If it is more about how well the faucet is going to work, maybe you should consider a higher grade model.

What are the best features of a kitchen faucet? 

Adequate water pressure, ease of use, and reliability are important factors that make or break any kitchen faucet. Other things like finish, warranty, etc. also come into play when deciding which is the most suitable form your particular home needs at any given point in time.      

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Final thoughts on How to identify kitchen faucet brand

In conclusion, the best kitchen faucet is one that fits your needs and requirements, is within your budget, will give you years of trouble-free service and any other considerations that are important to you.

Since most people don't buy a kitchen faucet every day, shopping for one can be confusing and frustrating. Not only do you need to choose the right type of faucet for your kitchen but it also has to look good in terms of design as well as work effectively enough without being overly complicated or fragile.

As such, keeping these above tips in mind when choosing your new faucet is important and can save you a lot of frustration down the line.


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