Is Triexta Better Than Nylon?

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You want to add some new carpeting to your home, but you're not sure which material is best. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing new carpeting for your home- the cost, the style, the color, and most importantly, the material. 

Triexta and nylon are two of the most common materials put into home carpeting. But which one should you choose between the two? Here are the differences and similarities you should consider before making a decision. Read on!


Triexta is a synthetic carpet fiber made from polytrimethylene terephthalate, which is similar to polyester. Triexta features good resilience and excellent inherent stain resistance, although it's susceptible to dry and oily soil substances. Currently, Mohawk industries are the largest manufacturer of triexta, which sells Sonora triexta carpets under the brand name SmartStrand.

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Nylon Fibers

Nylon is a synthetic carpet fiber that is extremely durable. Nylon is a flat, firm fiber well suited for high traffic areas. However, nylon needs to be treated for stain resistance. It's an excellent choice for homes with pets that may have occasional accidents or for spill-prone humans.

Nylon Fibers
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Due to its durability, resilience, and low cost, nylon is currently the most popular carpe5 fiber. So if longevity is your concern, then nylon may be a good choice for you.

Comparisons Between Triexta and Nylon

Quality and Durability

Both nylon and triexta are available in carpets of many different materials. Therefore, carpets made with one fiber won't be unilaterally better than carpets made with the other fiber. When it comes to durability between nylon carpet and triexta carpet, there is a slight overall difference.

Nylon is more resilient than triexta, meaning that it bounces back from compaction more quickly. According to Mohawk industries, triexta is as strong as nylon, meaning it will perform as well as or better than a nylon carpet of equivalent quality. Also, nylon has been in the market since the mid-1950s, making it more durable, while triexta became available in 2009, making it relatively newcomer. Nylon carpet is the current king of durability.


In terms of warranties between these two types of fibers, triexta emerges as the winner. Warranties vary depending on the quality of carpet and the manufacturer. But overall, triexta warranties are generally longer and more comprehensive than nylon warranties on carpets of similar quality.

Stain Resistance

Stain resistance is an important aspect of any carpet. Although triexta is more stain resistant, the stain resistance of nylon can be improved with a quality cleaning and care program. The triexta fiber can often be cleaned with just water, which could benefit the environment. So when

So if you want a carpet that will resist stains, then it may be a good idea to choose a triexta or nylon carpet that has been treated with Scotchgard for stain protection. Better go for triexta if stain resistance is the prime requirement. Also, when it comes to the question of how to clean a carpet, you can never go wrong with triexta fiber.


In terms of price, triexta is a better option. Mohawk Industries reports that triexta costs about the same as nylon to produce and distribute because it requires no special equipment or technology to process. Nylon has been around for a while, so more patents and facilities are in place to produce it, which means higher expenses for suppliers and manufacturers.

Triexta also tends to be higher quality, so it lasts longer, meaning fewer replacements are needed. Also, because the nylon fiber is more costly to produce than the triexta fiber, a given nylon carpet will be more expensive than a triexta carpet of equivalent quality.


Nylon is less eco-friendly than triexta. Nylon products come from petroleum products and emit carbon dioxide when produced, incinerated, or landfilled after their useful life. Triexta carpets can be upcycled into new materials, such as furniture components and clothing.

Additionally, triexta features rapidly renewable corn glucose in place of petroleum. This not only benefits the outside environment but also your indoor environment, as there will be fewer Volatile Organic Compounds released from the carpet.

On the other hand, nylon doesn't have renewable resources, but some nylon carpets are made with recycled content, beneficial to the environment. Also, more and more nylon carpets can now be recycled back into the carpet, thereby reducing waste in landfills.

This makes both nylon and triexta environmentally up to a point, although each is unique in the way in which it benefits the environment. So if you're concerned about environmentally friendliness, consider buying a carpet made of natural fiber.


The resilience of triexta may be disadvantageous in high-traffic areas. Triexta is also more susceptible to wear and tear, leading to premature wear and replacement of the carpet. On the other hand, nylon carpets are very resilient because they are synthetic fibers.

With the exception of eco-friendly carpets, it is usually better to go for nylon rather than triexta carpeting due to its advantages, like high resilience and added stain resistance.

Triexta or Nylon? Which One Should You Buy?

As you can see, triexta has overall advantages over nylon, but nylon is better for high traffic areas. On the other hand, the warp and weft of triexta are very different from nylon. With its monofilament construction, nylon has a more uniform look, whereas triexta has a multidimensional contrast between fiber bundles held together by interfiber connections. So if you’re wondering how to buy carpet and can’t decide between the two, just think about what you want to achieve.

Triexta or Nylon?
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FAQs on Triexta and Nylon Carpet Covering

What is the most durable carpet fiber between nylon and triexta?

Nylon fiber is the most durable fiber because it has a strong tensile strength to withstand high traffic areas. Nylon is also very tolerant against chemicals like oil and fats, making it suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

What is better between nylon and triexta?

Triexta (PET) has more advantages over nylon in stain resistance, durability, and aesthetics. Triexta also has a softer feel than nylon.

Are triexta carpets better than polyester?

Yes, triexta is considered more durable than polyester because it has higher abrasion resistance, stain resistance, and durability. It also feels soft to touch and has a better aesthetic value than polyester.

Final Thought on if Triexta is Better than Nylon

As you can see, both nylon and triexta have their pros and cons. Triexta has better aesthetics and is resistant to stains compared to nylon carpets. Nylon is more affordable, soft underfoot, and durable under heavily trafficked or high traffic areas, making it the best carpet for the basement.

Triexta or PET fibers are expected to grow rapidly in the coming years due to their superior physical properties over conventional nylon fibers, which are already considered premium quality. However, as of now, nylon is still the top choice for high quality carpets.



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