When it comes to kitchen design, there are very few components that are more important than the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets will be one of the largest expenditures for your entire project. 

It is important that you have a good grasp of how cabinets fit into your overall decor. This will assist you in making decisions you will be happy with for years to come. You can alter, change, or repaint your kitchen cabinets if you are worried about the costs of getting new ones entirely. Learn more about the difference between cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing on our blog!

The experts at Kitchen Infinity will walk you through the process so that you can enjoy your new space and feel good about your cabinets.

Considerations When Planning Kitchen Cabinets

When you plan for your kitchen cabinets, you need them to serve you well. So there are many things to keep in mind when it comes to cabinetry:

  • Storage
  • Layout
  • Style
  • Price
  • Functionality
  • Accessibility
  • Quality
  • Material
  • Hardware
  • Color
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Custom, Stock, or Semi-Stock

And on top of all of these considerations, you have to select someone for the installation. For most homeowners, installing kitchen cabinets is not in their DIY comfort zone like installing backsplash and tile flooring. One wrong measurement at the beginning of the project can mean disaster later in the process. Having the wrong size of cabinets arrive at your house due to an incorrect measurement is devastating. There is a large learning curve so it’s great to lean on experts to help guide you through this complex process.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Understand Your Kitchen Layout

Whether you are tackling new construction or a remodel, the layout of your overall kitchen (like countertops and walls for instance) will help determine your cabinet choices. Here are the standard floor plans for home kitchens:

  1. Galley – This efficient kitchen layout is typical in narrow spaces. It has two work areas on opposite walls, with room for traffic in between.
  2. L-Shaped – This is one of the most popular kitchen designs. It can work in any size of kitchen and often opens onto another room for entertaining. 
  3. U-Shaped – This versatile arrangement surrounds the cook with ample workspace. A kitchen with a lot of room can enjoy this design.
  4. G-Shaped – Some kitchens extend the U-shape with the addition of a short peninsula or partial wall. 
  5. One Wall – In small homes, you may find this layout. It uses space efficiently and generally places the sink between the stove and refrigerator. Apartments, condos, and tiny homes often have a one-wall kitchen plan.
  6. Island – Adding an island to your kitchen gives you a lot of flexibility to be creative with that space. It can have additional storage solutions, an extra sink, or a range top.

Cabinetry Options

When it comes to the centerpiece of your kitchen space, you have a lot of choices. 

Do you want wood kitchen cabinets? If so, what type of wood do you prefer? Are you hoping for glass doors? Do you want your cabinets painted or stained? I just heard about cabinet refacing, but what the heck is it? What style of panel do you like for the doors? Is there a specific finish you want for the hardware? Or maybe you prefer custom made kitchen cabinets

These are all questions to think about as you plan your cabinetry. The Kitchen Infinity professionals can help you walk through all of the decisions you will need to make. 

Overlays and Treatments

In addition to considering colors, materials, and configuration for your cabinetry, you have a few more choices to make. Overlays and treatments are critical pieces of the design plan for your kitchen cabinets. 

Overlays refer to how much of the cabinet is visible. There are three typical styles to consider:

  • Inset Cabinets – In this type of design, the door is set completely within the frame of the cupboard. You must have doorknobs or pulls to open this kind of door. Inset doors are the most expensive style.
  • Full Overlay – With this style, you cannot see the cabinet frame because the door covers it entirely. This type of overlay is perfect for those who are seeking a modern look. It is simple and streamlined and fits that decor well.
  • Partial Overlay – This is the least expensive option. The doors partially cover the frames, leaving about a one-inch gap between fronts. Because of the gap, this style does not require hardware for opening the doors.

Treatments generally refer to finishing touches, such as beveled edges or molding. The level of intricacy in your treatments will depend on your overall design. For example, Tuscan decor would require more detail than a minimalist one. Regardless of how simple or ornate they are, these special touches pull together the look of your new kitchen cabinets.

And Then the Hardware

One of the last decisions for your kitchen cabinets is about the hardware. Do you like knobs or pulls? Do you prefer metal or wood? Do you want hinges exposed or not? 

The hardware on your cabinets creates the finishing touch in the look and feel of your kitchen. Good design choices here will make all the difference. You will be looking at and using these pieces for years, so take the time to get just what you want.

Although all of these selections in the kitchen cabinet world can feel overwhelming, Kitchen Infinity is on your side. Our design and build experts are at your service to make the process go smoothly. With professional expertise, we ensure you have the kitchen cabinets of your dreams. 

Hire a Kitchen Cabinetry Specialist

Given the nature of kitchen remodels, it is best to hire someone with an extensive kitchen cabinet and remodel experience. Their job is to help you with all the aspects of planning and implementing the cabinet project. 

The first priority of good design is to ensure continuity. It is common for homeowners to have ideas that just do not fit with the rest of the house. So your Kitchen Infinity specialist is available to help you settle on a vision that flows with your home’s overall look.

And an expert kitchen remodeling team also makes sure you avoid costly errors. There are sooo many cabinet door options, it can be confusing! Any misstep along the way could delay your project and result in having to repurchase cabinets. Work with a professional service to be sure you protect your financial investment. For the time being you can enjoy Kitchen Infinity’s cool gallery of kitchen doors to start exploring options.

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