When it comes to interior design, “black” and “kitchen” are not two words you might normally put together. However, done correctly, kitchens with cabinets in black can actually look really striking, unique, and modern.

You don’t always need an all-white kitchen!

Black kitchen cabinets are popping up everywhere in 2020, especially in modern and transitional style kitchens. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, black isn’t necessarily the best choice for every space, but with the right interior design, this enticing color can add tons of dimensions to the kitchen.

So, are dark cabinets right for your kitchen? What should you consider before installing black cabinets for kitchen spaces?

Continue reading to find out!

4 Common Kitchen Cabinets In Black

While there are no strict rules in interior design, you’re definitely more likely to see black kitchen cabinets in certain styles of kitchen cabinet. Here are 4 common kitchen cabinet styles where you’re likely to see black as a main color:

Shaker Cabinets

A timeless classic that suits both classic and farmhouse kitchen styles, Shaker cabinets are simple recessed panel wooden cabinets that will never go out of style.

In recent times, we’re seeing a lot of transitional style homes using black shaker cabinets paired with brass or gold fittings and handles to give across a sense of timeless opulence. Black and brass is a very popular color combination recently, especially with shaker cabinets.

It’s like the Versace color scheme, but toned down.

Done well, black shaker cabinets can make your space look like it just fell from the pages of an interior design magazine.

Island Cabinets

A kitchen with black cabinets will very often feature these unique elements on the island. If you want to incorporate some darkness into your space but the idea of black kitchen wall cabinets is too much to bear, then why not try painting the base cabinets of your island black?

It’s a simple solution.

This is an especially good idea if the black island is paired with white kitchen cabinets on the walls, creating a nice subtle contrast between the two.

If you’re struggling to find black and blue kitchen cabinet ideas that work for your space, this could be a great solution that’s often used by interior designers in a wide range of kitchen styles.

Glossy Modern Cabinets

You’ll usually see black kitchen cabinets in flat matte black, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd, why not try high-gloss black cabinets in a modern kitchen? This look can sometimes give the appeal of luxury kitchen cabinets.

While this aesthetic isn’t for everyone, this forward-thinking futuristic feel can look really impressive in a modern kitchen space, especially if you’re consistent with the interior design throughout the room.

You should try it!

We would definitely suggest working with an interior design expert if you’re thinking about black glossy cabinets, as you need to pair them with the right accent colors to prevent them from being too overpowering.

Still, the high-gloss finish means that the black still reflects some light around the room, helping to brighten up the space more than matte black cabinets would.

Rustic Cabinets

Although black cabinets tend to be associated with more forward-thinking interior design, it is certainly possible to get rustic country-style black cabinets too.

If you like the traditional farmhouse country cottage kitchen style but you like the idea of introducing some darkness into the space, distressed black cabinets are a great way to do this.

However, it’s not easy.

Many homeowners love the aesthetic of country-style wooden custom kitchen cabinets that have been painted black (usually eggshell or matte black) and then sanded down to leave a distressed “rustic” feel to the cabinetry. Some interior designers like to do this so that the natural wood color is poking out underneath the black paint, making the cabinetry feel naturally aged.

Though black isn’t super common for rustic kitchen cabinets, it can definitely be incorporated into the space if you desire.

Do Black Cabinets Make a Kitchen Look Smaller?

The short answer to this is yes – black cabinets do indeed make a kitchen space look smaller. However, that’s only if you use too much black (and other dark colors) in your design.

There’s a 2020 trend for dark kitchens that feature tons of black and dark colors throughout their design. While that might work for some people, it will make the space feel smaller and it’s just not a particularly uplifting color scheme to be surrounded by.

Most interior designers pair black kitchen cabinets with lighter colors to create contrast and stop the space from feeling confined and claustrophobic.

Here are some ways to help prevent black cabinetry from shrinking a small kitchen:

1.    Use Lighter Colors Elsewhere – It’s the obvious solution, but try incorporating lighter colors such as white marble countertops, light oak shelving, a white backsplash, and other high-contrast or colorful elements into the space.

2.    Undercabinet Lighting – If you’re looking for black kitchen cabinets, undercabinet lighting is your best friend. Best suited to more modern kitchen styles, underlighting can help to bring some much-needed light back into the space.

3.    Try Glass-Fronted Cabinets – You’ll often see glass-fronted cabinets and open-face cabinets painted in black, as this helps to break up the darkness and stop it from feeling overpowering.

4.    Set Up Mirrors – If you’ve got some empty wall space, it’s a good idea to set up some large mirrors in the room. Mirrors are known for their ability to make a room feel bigger than it is, which might be perfect if you’ve got black everywhere.

What Kitchens Do Black Cabinets Look Good In?

Okay, truth be told, you can have a kitchen with black cabinets in many different styles – it just depends on how you incorporate the black kitchen cabinets into the space at large.

There are no set rules here!

There are 3 main types of kitchen style (speaking very loosely) – classic, transitional, and modern. Classic is the old-school farmhouse country kitchen style, modern is ultra-glossy futuristic chic, and transitional is a common style that takes elements of both modern and traditional decor to find something in the middle.

Here’s how black cabinetry can be incorporated into each style:

Classic Kitchens

Black isn’t super common in classic kitchens. In fact, traditional-style kitchens are where you’ll see black kitchen cabinets the least. Nonetheless, you can still incorporate darkness into the design.

The main way to do this is with black rustic cabinets. By painting old-school wooden kitchen cabinetry in matte black paint and then sanding them down afterward, you create the effect of “aged” cabinets with the natural wood color poking through, also creating a mixture of black and dark brown hues.

However, just beware that a traditional kitchen with black cabinets can become overwhelmingly dark, as these kitchens tend to use medium and darker shades of wood for their flooring and furniture, as well as darker colors throughout their general design.

Still, if you don’t mind a dark-feeling kitchen, then go for it.

Transitional Kitchens

It’s very, very common to see black kitchen cabinets in transitional styles. In fact, black cabinets are actually a huge trend in 2020 and seem to be going nowhere.

Lots of interior designers like to use black kitchen cabinet sets paired with brass handles and brass kitchen fittings to create an opulent feel without being too over-the-top.

Sounds good!

In this style of kitchen, you’ll often see a kitchen with black cabinets and white subway tile, light marble countertops, and light oak-colored shelving or furniture elsewhere in the room. This keeps the space feeling light and airy while maintaining the uniquely chic aesthetic of the black and brass cabinets.

If you’re really interested in having a black (or partially black) kitchen without things getting too dark and depressing, transitional style is the way to go for sure.

Modern Kitchens

If you’re all about modern and contemporary kitchen cabinets, then black cabinets can actually work pretty well for this style.

Lots of modern kitchens use semi-gloss or high-gloss black kitchen cabinets to great effect, usually paired with high-contrast white marble countertops or white flooring to stop the space from feeling too dark.

Makes sense!

You’ll usually see modern black cabinets with long stainless steel (or chrome) pull bars and minimal detailing, keeping the space nice and minimal with simple colors and designs. You’ll also often see black and white features paired with a striking accent color such as a strong red or cobalt blue.

Color isn’t always the enemy.

If you’re looking at black wall cabinets for your modern kitchen, you should strongly consider undercabinet lighting too. This is a great way to carry on the forward-thinking futuristic feel and add some extra light into the space to compensate for the lack of color.

It’s common to see black and white kitchen elements with modern styles, so why not try coming over to the dark side?

Are Black Cabinets In Style 2020?

Yes, black cabinets are very much in style for 2020. In fact, it looks like black kitchen cabinets are going to be in style for quite a long time.

As well as the fact that they look striking and fashionable, there are many reasons that you might want to choose black cabinets for your kitchen remodel in 2020. For example:

  • They can make your home feel very chic
  • They can add to your property’s resale value
  • They don’t show dirt as much as white cabinets
  • You can still have them around children and pets
  • They can add dimension to a room and create contrast with lighter colors

Kitchen trends are always coming and going, so it’s important to focus on the trends that speak to you personally. However, if you believe that black cabinets will elevate your kitchen, then they’re certainly a great design choice in 2020 and beyond.

Are Black Cabinets A Good Idea?

Yes, black cabinets are a good idea, especially if you’re going for a modern or transitional kitchen style.

We’re used to be being bombarded with white kitchen designs, so it’s good to see interior designers and homeowners introducing more black into their kitchen spaces.

However, be aware that too much black that be a little overpowering and may suck the life out of the room, so you need to balance out the black cabinets with features like brass or silver handles and then lighter colors elsewhere in the space.

We’re making a kitchen, not a cave.

For example, try pairing black cabinetry with light oak shelving, a white subway tile backsplash, and a light marble or granite countertop to keep some sense of light and contrast in the kitchen.

But yes, in general, black cabinets are a good idea for your kitchen if you know how to do them right. Done correctly, black cabinets can feel incredibly chic and striking.

Whether you go for kitchen cabinet sets in black, white, or any other color, we wish you good luck on your kitchen remodeling journey!

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