Luxury Kitchen Cabinets


When you’re looking at fancy kitchens and luxury kitchens for design inspiration, you’ll often see granite countertops, clever color schemes, and appliances laid out in a custom design that works for the space.

But what about the cabinets?

Here we look at luxury kitchen cabinets that can take your high-end kitchen design to the next level.

What are luxury kitchen cabinets?

A luxurious kitchen normally uses its countertops, lighting, and paint to make the biggest effect and bring about a sense of opulence. It’s not really the sleekness obtained from either white kitchen cabinets or black kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are usually somewhat of an afterthought.

Nonetheless, there are many ways that a design team can use a specific style of cabinetry to add luxurious detail to your space and make your overall vision/look for the kitchen come to life:

Common luxury cabinet styles

  • Cherry Wood – Cherry wood is the most expensive and high-end hardwood you can use for luxury cabinet doors. It varies in color from reds to blonde tones, so differently styles can be incorporated into different kitchen design ideas.
  • High-pressure Laminate – High-end laminate cabinets are becoming very common in kitchens where the home owners are using a lot of materials like granite or marble for their countertops and they want to continue to motif across their kitchen cabinets. High-pressure laminate cabinetry can be designed to resemble these high-end counters, though it’s not the most robust cabinet style in the world.
  • Luxury handles and fittings – When it comes to luxury cabinets, it’s easy to make cabinetry feel “fancy” by keeping the doors simple but adorning them with high-end fittings and handles that match the vision of the home. Used correctly, handles made from materials like Brush Satin Nickel and Antique Brass can really elevate the aesthetic.

How much does luxury cabinetry cost?

Ironically, “luxury cabinets” don’t actually cost that much – it’s things like marble and granite countertops that are going to set you back.

  • Cherry Wood cabinetry can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 for your average US kitchen
  • High-pressure durable laminate cabinetry could cost $3,000 or more (though it’s not super durable)
  • Luxury handles and fittings are very cheap (usually less than $50 each) unless they’re made from gold etc.

Are luxury cabinets right for me?

So, should you splash out on high-end cabinetry? Well, the devil is in the details – it all depends on the design process and whether they match your overall design.

There is no one way to make a kitchen “luxury” – make sure your high-end custom cabinetry matches the theme of the kitchen overall and supports the higher-end aspects of the space without becoming “too much”.


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