Modern Kitchen Cabinets


It’s hard to define “modern cabinets” because kitchen design trends are always changing. Nonetheless, there are some overarching features that bring modern kitchen cabinets together.

To understand modern kitchen cabinets, we need to look at how they differ from transitional and classic kitchen cabinet styles:

  • Modern Kitchen – tends to use glossy surfaces, high-contrast colors, simple handles, minimal look, a lot of white with pops of color
  • Classic Kitchen – tends to use warm colors and natural wood, often with matte finishes and reclaimed or distressed wood cabinets
  • Transitional Kitchen – incorporates elements of both modern and classic kitchen designs, such as matte wood cabinets paired with glossy white countertops or stainless steel

While many modern kitchen cabinets will be part of transitional designs that lie somewhere in the middle of old and new aesthetics, “modern kitchen cabinets” usually refers to a futuristic, minimal, glossy look.

Key Features of Modern Kitchen Cabinets

You’ll find a lot of white when it comes to modern kitchen cabinet designs, especially high-gloss or semi-gloss white cabinets that reflect light to make the space feel bigger. Similar to custom kitchen cabinets, usually the white cabinets will be paired with appliances or countertops that add a pop of color to stop the white kitchen space feeling too clinical.

In terms of material, wood is fairly common, but you might see a lot of laminate too. Laminate is a thin plastic-like material that coats wood cabinets to give them a unique and easy-to-change design. It’s also easy to make shiny and glossy, unlike many types of wood.

However, it’s not very durable. So bear that in mind.

When it comes to handles and fittings, they’ll usually be minimal. It’s common to see simple bar-pulls on modern kitchen cabinets that don’t draw the eye too much – they’re meant to be functional. Undercabinet lighting is also very common in modern kitchens, giving the space a unique futuristic glow.

To sum up, key features of modern kitchen cabinets include:

  • White, high-gloss or semi-gloss paint
  • Simple wood or laminate materials
  • Understated handles such as bar-pulls
  • Under-cabinet lighting

2022 Trends for Modern Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, modern design trends are always changing. Here are some recent trends for kitchen modern cabinet styles in 2022:

  1. Colorful Appliances – to contrast all the white of a modern kitchen, some designers are using colorful appliances and products against the cabinets for a high-contrast look. For example, a bright red food mixer or a cobalt blue stove stands out against the white beautifully.
  2. Undercabinet Lighting – undercabinet lighting has always been a part of modern cabinetry, but it’s especially popular this year.
  3. Cabinets All The Way Up – kitchen cabinetry often stops before it reaches the ceiling of your room, but recently it’s become popular to extend your kitchen cabinets all the way up to your ceiling. Though the upper sections may be hard to reach, they’re ideal for storing occasional things you might need, such as holiday plates.

Pros and Cons of Modern Kitchen Cabinetry

If you’re debating what style of kitchen cabinet to go for, here are some pros and cons to consider before you go checking out the retailer sites:


  • Modern, sleek finish
  • Usually make the kitchen feel larger than it is
  • Reflect more light and make the space feel brighter
  • Simple hardware is great for drawing attention to other focal points
  • Go well with granite countertops


  • Fashions and styles change all the time
  • Harder to clean and white shows dirt easily
  • May be expensive
  • Not ideal if you live with children/pets
  • Often made from less-durable woods

Should You Buy Contemporary Cabinets For Your Kitchen?

So, should you buy modern kitchen cabinetry? Well it’s down to you and your preferences. If you’re able to handle the fact that contemporary cabinets tend to be expensive and harder to clean than their traditional counterparts, then modern cabinet styles could be perfect for you.

However, if you’re looking for something more rustic and durable, consider looking at classic cabinets or trying transitional cabinets to combine aspects of the two. Or if you’re seeking one style you might also be interested in rustic kitchen cabinets.


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