White Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you’re looking at traditional or modern home decor, you’re likely to come across white kitchen cabinets pretty often. Whites are pretty timeless colors, so it should be no surprise that white cabinet doors have endured throughout the decades when other color options have faded in and out of style.

White kitchen cabinets may be popular, but are they right for your kitchen?

If you’re not careful, a kitchen with cabinets in all-white could look cold and clinical, so it’s essential to strike the right balance for your space and choose paint color options to maximize its potential. Here we look at common white kitchen cabinet styles and give you some general information about when to try a kitchen cabinet in white.

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Common Kitchen Cabinets In White

Of course, you could have basically any kitchen cabinets in white, but there are some styles that are more commonly found in this color than others.

Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are a classic of both classic and transitional kitchens, with their trademark recessed wood evoking a simpler time. You’ll often find white shaker cabinets in classic home decor, especially when paired with countertops that have natural dark wood tones.

Contemporary Home Styles

Going for an ultra-modern look? Then white kitchen cabinets could be perfect for you, especially if you want the space to feel clean and futuristic. Kitchens going for a very modern design often use high-gloss white kitchen cabinets paired with striking colors like reds and blues, whether the accents are expressed in the walls, countertops, or kitchen products.

Country Home Style

In more farmhouse classic country home styles, you’ll often find white kitchen cabinets paired with dark wooden countertops to give a high-contrast aesthetic that still feels very old-school. A white kitchen can be classic too, if designed in the right way.

Glass-Fronted Cabinets

Glass-fronted cabinets are a great way to make a small kitchen space look much larger, similar to open-door cabinets where you can see the dishes and appliances inside. They also encourage you to keep your kitchen clean and organized.

Though glass-fronted cabinets have different paint and style options, white is the most common color you’ll usually see.

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What Kitchens Do White Cabinets Look Good In?

Generally speaking, white kitchen cabinets are very versatile and can look good in various different styles of kitchen, from classic to transitional to modern. It all depends on the type of cabinet door you’re using and the style of paint you use:

Classic kitchens

In a classic white kitchen, you’ll want to use matte or eggshell white paint on simple doors, usually in a recessed panel shaker style. Pair this with dark wooden tones in the rest of the room to maintain the old-school vibe you’re going for and keep an interesting high-contrast aesthetic.

Transitional kitchens

Transitional kitchens take elements of both modern and classic designs and play around with them, so there’s a lot you could do with white paint here. You might want to try modern cabinet doors with matte white paint or perhaps a traditional shaker cabinet door with a high-gloss or semi-gloss white. It’s very dependent on your overall vision.

Modern kitchens

Modern kitchens will usually use high-gloss whites to give them a sleek, futuristic quality. Done correctly, high-gloss white can make a space look much bigger than it is.

Are White Cabinets a Bad Idea?

Though a white kitchen is at the top of many people’s priority lists, there is some information to consider — whether you go custom made cabinets or not — before settling on white kitchen cabinets for your home.

White kitchen cabinets can look clinical

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, white can look very clinical, especially if you’ve got a lot of white in your kitchen already. You might like the cold, clinical look, but most people want their home to feel warm and inviting.

Are white cabinets hard to keep clean?

The main downside to white kitchen cabinets is that they’re hard to clean and keep looking presentable. This is especially true for semi-gloss and high-gloss paints, which easily show scratches, smudges, and dirt. These luxury style cabinets are popular in the hamptons and wealthy pockets in the Tri-state area.

If you live with children, pets, or you’re just a messy cook, then white kitchen cabinets aren’t ideal.

White kitchen cabinets can age badly

Because white will naturally get dirty and show dirt more than other colors, you must bear in mind that it might age your kitchen more quickly than darker colors.

Are White Cabinets Still in Style 2020?

In our opinion, white kitchen cabinets will never go out of fashion – they’re too good at making kitchen spaces appear large and open.

While white cabinet doors are a top choice for many homeowners, consider speaking to professional kitchen designers and see what they think will best suit your space. If you’re into these cabinets or looking in another direction, then perhaps you might be into rustic kitchen cabinets.