Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets


Contemporary cabinets (aka modern kitchens cabinets) are relentlessly popular, especially in the US and Europe. If you’re a fan of Scandinavian minimalism (think IKEA) then modern cabinets for kitchen spaces might be right up your street.

But what do contemporary cabinets actually look like? And where can you find them? We answer your questions in this quick guide to modern kitchen cabinets.

What are Contemporary Cabinets?

Though different designers and brands have different ideas of what constitutes a contemporary kitchen, modern kitchen cabinet designs usually have a few defining characteristics that join them all together:

  • Clean lines
  • Minimal design style
  • Subtle fittings and handles
  • Geometric shapes
  • High-contrast colors
  • Polished surfaces

If you’re trying to create a sense of elegance in your kitchen space design, then modern cabinetry with clean lines and polished finishes could be just what your kitchen design needs.

This style looks effortlessly chic and fancy, but it’s not about “bling” – it’s about creating a sense of chic style in your home without being over the top and tacky.

How Does Modern Cabinetry Work In A Room?

Modern kitchen cabinetry tends to look best in open spaces and forward-thinking kitchen design styles with lots of natural light. The glossy surface of a modern cabinet is great for reflecting light back in the space, helping the kitchen to look and feel bigger than it is.

Contemporary cabinetry is a unique design style that needs to match the design of the kitchen it’s in. In general, a kitchen with contemporary custom cabinetry should feature:

  • Clean lines in the appliances, countertops, backsplash, etc.
  • A light and airy feel
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Lots of natural light
  • Few wooden tones

Contemporary kitchen cabinetry might also work in more transitional styles that make use of old and new design elements. However, these old-meets-new kitchens usually feature classic-style cabinet sets painted with modern colors. If you enjoy this style you might also enjoy grey kitchen cabinets and black kitchen cabinets.

Generally speaking, contemporary cabinet sets only work in fully modern kitchens. The team at Kitchen Infinity will help you source contemporary kitchen cabinetry from some of the largest suppliers at great prices. 

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