Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors


If you are planning a new kitchen or a remodel and upgrade, you will be spending time thinking about your cabinets. Specifically, you’ll probably be thinking about wood kitchen cabinet doors. These are the go-to choice when preparing for a custom cabinet installation.

The gold standard in tradition and custom cabinet building, wood doors show the world that you love beautiful things. And Kitchen Infinity is excited to partner with you on your lovely new space with new cabinet doors.

For generations, wood cabinets and doors were the only options for kitchens. Now, however, homeowners have other choices, too. Stainless steel, laminate, and glass doors have come on the home decorating scene.

But many homeowners still prefer the look and feel and value of real wood cabinets, doors, and drawers. If that describes you, then you’re in the right place. Kitchen Infinity offers masterful craftsmanship in its custom wood cabinets.

Types of Wood for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Often when homeowners start a kitchen remodel, they tell us that they want wood doors for their cabinets. What they may not realize, however, is how many types of wood are available for this project. So the first step is selecting the kind of wood you want in your kitchen.

Here is a guide to the typical choices you have when purchasing kitchen cabinet doors.

This wood is a strong hardwood with an even, uniform grain. It is generally white or creamy in color, making it perfect for a light color palette. Maple makes for smooth cabinet doors that are simple to paint or stain.

This distinctive wood has been standard in furniture and home building for generations. It is sturdy and beautiful, with intricate details and coloring. Many slabs of oak include grain with arches and points, adding stunning visual interest to your cabinet doors. Light finishes allow the grain to show through more prominently. Oak is one of the most frequently-used choices for solid wood doors for cabinets.

The deep, rich color of cherry gives it an air of luxury and old-world charm. It is gorgeous in traditional home design that favors warm colors. Cherry offers uniform texture and a tight grain pattern, so it accepts paint and stain with ease. A unique attribute to this beautiful wood is that it darkens with age. This aging patina makes it highly valuable to homeowners.

The natural color of birch is white or creamy yellow. But its smooth, tight grain makes it the champion for accepting stain, polish, or paint. Birch is a hardwood but is not as dense as oak or maple.

Pecan is a stunning wood. With straight-lined grain and dramatic color variations, it is beautiful in kitchen cabinet doors. It is a very strong type of wood and will add incredible value to your cupboards.

One of the softer wood varieties, alder requires a little more care when handling and using as a cabinet door. It is usually a light-brown color with some hints of red. Rustic varieties of alder have lovely knots and wormholes that look wonderful in a home with a farmhouse feel. Alder is easy to stain or paint when you want to update your cabinet doors.

Hickory is one of the most visually interesting choices for kitchen cabinet doors. Because the sapwood and heartwood can have drastically different colors, the door and drawer fronts are beautiful. You may see variations from nearly white to reddish-brown in one piece.

This warm-toned wood generally has yellow and brown undertones and relatively straight grain. It tends to lighten as it ages and is a superb choice for your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Walnut looks terrific in a recessed panel door style, but it can work for any type of cabinet door you prefer.

Homeowners who are looking to create a rustic design often choose pine for their cabinets. The distinctive knots in the wood instantly set the country feel in your space. Pine is generally light in color but is straightforward to stain or paint for a darker look. Coming in as one of the most affordable options, pine is popular with people on a tight budget. It is a fairly soft wood, so it isn’t as durable as some of the other cabinet door choices.

Why Choose Wood Cabinet Doors?

With so many products and materials on the market now, you may wonder why wood kitchen doors are still the top choice. Here are the primary reasons homeowners opt for real wood much of the time:

  • Longevity – Wood cabinets and doors can last for decades. If you’ve ever had the chance to visit an old farmhouse, you may see cupboards that are well past 60 years old. With proper maintenance, some types of wood will last for generation after generation. If you want a cabinet choice that will be around for years, then wood is the best choice.
  • Beauty – Many home design styles depend on having natural elements in the house. Mid-century modern and traditional decor heavily rely on wood and other nature-inspired materials. A machine can’t duplicate the intricacies of the grain in real wood. For long-lasting loveliness, wood is the real deal.
  • Versatility – When you live in a home for years, you are bound to make updates and changes to your space. Your entire aesthetic may morph over time. With wood cabinet doors, you can paint or stain them for a whole new look.
  • Value – Home buyers like real wood when they are house hunting. When the time comes to sell, or even just refinance, wood cabinet doors significantly increase the property’s worth.


If cared for correctly, your custom wood cabinets will last for decades without problems. Once the installation is complete, wipe your cupboards with a soft cloth. Coat them with a high-quality polish that does not contain wax or silicone. The polish will nourish and protect your new cabinet doors.

Every couple of weeks, use warm water with a bit of dish soap to clean off the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. This method will help stop grease buildup that is common on kitchen cupboards. 

For heavier grime or stains, you can use a thin paste of water and baking soda. Gently rub the area on cabinet doors until it is clean. A vinegar and water mixture is also a great choice for cleaning grease and dirt.

To avoid damaging your wood cabinet doors, don’t use any of the following items:

  • Petroleum-Based Products
  • Bleach
  • Solvents
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Strong Detergents 
  • Paint Thinners
  • Ammonia
  • Plastic or Metal Brushes
  • Steel Wool
  • Scouring Pads

General best practices for wood kitchen cabinets are to avoid excessive heat and moisture. Be sure to use fans or open windows for ventilation to prevent warping, damage, and grease buildup on cabinet doors. Have window coverings to help avoid significant direct sunlight on your new cabinet doors as well.

The Kitchen Infinity team of experts will show you just how to clean and maintain your beautiful cabinet installation. With the right care, solid wood doors can last you a lifetime.

Long-Term Value

Homeowners want to live in a beautiful and functional space. But they also want to protect the value of their home. After all, your house is likely your most significant investment and asset. And even if you don’t plan to sell any time soon, you want to guard this valuable property.

Whenever it is time to consider updates or remodeling projects, most people want the best items possible. And when it comes to kitchen upgrades, you don’t want to skimp. High-quality kitchen remodels routinely bring a significant return on investment for the owners.

When setting your remodel budget, the cabinets are a large factor. In most homes, the cabinetry takes up about 30% of the kitchen real estate. With that in mind, it’s crucial to get durable, high-functioning, and stunning cabinets. You will see and use them day in and day out for years. So they might as well be exactly what you want.

Wood kitchen cabinet doors from Kitchen Infinity are a worthwhile investment in your house. They immediately boost the visual appeal and the monetary value of your home. Whether you plan to sell or hope to leave the house to your children someday, this value is critical to consider as you look at your options.

Consider Your Budget

Not all wood cabinet doors come with the same price tag. So even if you are working with a smaller budget, you still can have real wood for your kitchen cabinets and doors. The cabinet door style and which solid wood you choose will dictate the cost.

And if you are refacing your cupboards rather than replacing them, you may have more room in your budget for costlier wood doors and drawer fronts. In this process, your cabinet shells remain in place so that you only need to purchase new doors and drawer fronts.

Talk with your Kitchen Infinity specialist to determine the best fit for your budget. They will be able to offer several options for you to consider during your design consultation.

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