Corian® Solid Surface Countertops

Corian® solid surface countertops were introduced to the market over fifty years ago as a product that could have the beautiful look of stone with the benefits that come from a nonporous surface. A solid surface countertop, often referred to as a Corian®  countertop, is a great mid-range solution with endless color options and finishes to choose from. This makes it an ideal candidate for those wanting a truly individualized look for their space. 

Solid Stone is very durable. While stone can crack and break, solid surface materials are built to withstand cracking because they are more sturdy than your basic laminate countertop. Whatever your countertop need, Kitchen Infinity’s team of experts can help you find a solid surface to fit your needs. 

Corian solid surface

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Advantages of Solid Surface Material

There are many advantages of a Corian ®  solid surface. From design and colors to strong materials and being able to create what you want, Corian is a client favorite.


Solid surface counters come in a large range of colors and designs, making them a good choice when you need to customize your kitchen. With over 100 design options to select from, the choices are limitless. Solid stone designs are virtually seamless, giving you a very clean and polished look across your Corian®  counter.


A solid surface’s extremely low porosity provides you with a sanitary countertop ideal for food preparation without the concerns of mold or bacteria growing on your surfaces.

Touch and Feel

The make-up of solid stone means you don’t get that stone-cold effect that can come with granite and quartz products. It is warm, smooth, and solid.


As opposed to tile or other laminate surfaces, solid surface materials are consistent all the way through. This enables it to hold up well under impact such as a dropped pot or pan. 

Ease of Repair

Solid surface products will scratch if you try to cut on them, but it is the only material you can directly sand down after accidents. Because they are consistent throughout, the top layer is the same as the bottom, which is ideal for the longevity of your space.


Cheaper than stone products with the same look, solid surface provides a more affordable option to consider, especially if renovating a large space. 

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Kitchen Infinity features Corian Solid Surface Products in Our Partner Showrooms

The Corian®  brand is known as the original solid surface manufacturer. Their company has been in business for over four decades. Their beautiful Corian®  counters are made of solid surface material which are derived from natural minerals, pigments, and acrylic by the DuPont company. Per square foot using Corian® for countertops is a strong choice. Kitchen Infinity is proud to work through an extensive network that feature them in our showrooms. So why Corian®?


Corian® solid stone surfaces have a beautifully consistent finish that will never fade or wear away. Their designs come in over 100 finishes and colors. The options are limitless to create a customized kitchen with Corian®. Corian® is also easy to cut, meaning it can be adapted to any configuration.


Corian® is the perfect choice if you’re concerned about wear and tear. If it gets scratched, a quick sanding will reveal just as much luster at the inner layers. Corian® is also resistant to impact damage. 

No Seams and Nonporous

With no visible seams, dirt and food cannot get trapped on Corians surfaces like they can with tile and other seamed products. An advantage to Corian® over a wood or granite surface is its nonporous nature. This means they’re resistant to bacteria, stains, and mold. This makes Corian® ideal for your food preparation needs. 

Low Maintenance

There is no sealing or painting needed with Corian®. And unlike marble countertops, their no-finish coat means you can repair knicks and scratches with a simple sanding rather than resurfacing or painting your countertops when accidents occur.

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