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If you want a natural solution that’s unique to you, granite countertops are a perfect choice. Each piece tells a unique story, just like your family. Kitchen Infinity’s Tri-State area store features selectively-sourced slabs that can turn a space from dreary to dazzling.

Our granite comes from the highest quality quarries and is backed by our lifetime warranty which gives you peace of mind.

Kitchen countertops made of stone create a stunning look in your home. You can get a show-room look right in your house. If you like the look of a quartz countertop but want a more natural stone option, these countertops are perfect. You can also learn more about kitchen countertop replacement without replacing your cabinets and saving some money while also giving your kitchen a facelift! You can also check the best granite colors for your kitchen! Speaking of design and aesthetic, check out our guide on the best countertop and floor combinations work and look good.

If you have no interest in solid surface or laminate countertops, it can be difficult to choose between granite, marble, and quartz countertops. But for many homeowners, granite reigns supreme.

Kitchen Infinity Select Granite- Natural Elegance For Your Home.

The Kitchen Infinity granite countertop collection has been hand-picked to meet the highest standards of quality. Our highly-skilled installation technicians know how to care for granite and get careful training to treat your piece with care. Their experience and expertise allow you to enjoy a smooth installation process.

They complete the job on time and with excellence. Our crew will explain the maintenance of your new stone top so that you are comfortable with the care of the granite. Once your countertops are in place, you can expect them to last a lifetime. We believe so strongly in the quality of our pieces that each slab has the backing of our limited lifetime warranty. 

A Sealer You Can Trust

Your investment deserves protection. Our team seals every granite countertop from Kitchen Infinity with the highest-quality sealant on the market, providing you with a decade of protection.  Sealers absorb into the stone and clog the pores. This protection keeps your granite in beautiful shape for years.

Selective Standards

We are very picky about the granite we use in our projects. We use only granite-certified pieces, and each slab undergoes an on-site inspection to ensure your purchase is flawless and ready for your busy lifestyle. You aren’t choosing a quartz counter, you’re choosing granite. So we make sure you are getting the best.

Variety For Any Home

A trip to Kitchen Infinity provides you with stylish options following industry trends, giving you an evolving collection of colors and choices. You can be confident that you’re getting the biggest selection of the highest quality stone. We highly recommend you take samples home to see how it shines in the light of your own home.  

Schedule a Complimentary Design Consultation In Your Home With Our Granite Countertop Experts.

The Perks of Granite

There are many perks to this surface, let’s go over what they are. If you’re still struggling with all the options, you can check out different countertop colors as inspiration.


Granite countertops can last a lifetime and they are heat resistant so hot pans can sit on your countertops without worry. Granite also scores a seven on the Moh’s hardness scale which means it’s very difficult to scratch. You can cut on it but it may dull your knives so it’s not recommended.

Granite is also chemical resistant so you will not damage it with chemicals or cleaners. In areas where hot, heavy, or sharp materials are common, a hard surface that can withstand your busy lifestyle is a smart decision. If you need a long-lasting option for your kitchen countertops, this is one of the top products on the market.

Low Maintenance

Granite countertops are considered to be a low-maintenance countertop. It is very unlikely you will ever have to repair or resurface your granite. Our kitchen countertop installation is meant to last a lifetime. Sealers can last years before needing replacement, and the homeowner can do it themselves.

You can do much of the cleaning with a damp microfiber cloth. Stone cleaners or soap and water generally do the trick when it comes to keeping your countertops in top shape.


Granite is considered THE standard for quality in countertops. Its pristine look and hard, durable make-up combine to make it the most sought-after material for remodels. It is the ideal solution for creating a kitchen you will love. You may find that cooking is no longer a chore when you’re surrounded by so much beauty.


Each piece is unique, with its own dazzling radiance. No two pieces are alike. Bringing granite into your house is like welcoming a one-of-a-kind artistic masterpiece into the kitchen. The polished stone gives your space the feeling of luxury. And with colors ranging from white to black, you are sure to find a piece that you like.

Green Option

Granite does not contain any synthetic materials or chemicals. And it doesn’t emit radiation or gasses. Granite is a natural stone quarried from the ground for an eco-friendly solution to your renovation needs. Bringing a piece of nature into your space is the perfect solution if you have children at home or are worried about chemicals and emissions. 


When properly treated, granite is a stain-resistant countertop surface. Whether you spill wine or coffee, granite can handle it all. Simply wipe up spills as soon as possible with a wet cloth. The stone’s ability to resist staining is one of its most prized qualities.

A Solid Investment

A choice to add granite countertops to your space is a choice to increase your home’s value. Granite is the most sought-after countertop material for its natural beauty and association with quality and luxury. Home sellers can expect a 100% return on their investment in granite when they need to sell their property.

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