An affordable solution to enhance your kitchen’s radiance are laminate countertops. These countertops are a perfect mix of affordability and beauty. If you’d love a new look for your space, but don’t want to break the bank that comes with natural stone, laminate is a great solution. Popular for painting cabinets as well, you can learn more about how to paint laminate cabinets for your kitchen. 

If you are installing new laminate countertops, be sure to check the standard counter height for your kitchen before beginning.

Available in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures, laminate can be unique or mimic stone, stainless steel, or wood. Kitchen Infinity has a wide range of laminate counter color options and high end laminate countertops ,reach out any time.

Laminate Offers Unmatched Value

What draws homeowners to consider a laminate countertop in their kitchen? There are many reasons, let’s dive into them.

A Perfect Match In Low Cost

Laminate counters can mimic stone perfectly and are affordable for any budget. Laminate allows you to have the look of Granite, wood, tile, Quartz, or marble in many colors.

Laminate is half the price of Granite, making it a smart choice for your remodel.

Quick Installation And Easy Maintenance

Switching out your old countertops for laminate is a simple, quick process that keeps your labor costs low. Kitchen Infinity laminate countertop installation is fast and painless.

Laminate comes with no special requirements for cleaning or maintenance. Once our laminate countertop installation specialists install your counters, you can go about your life without having to worry about resealing or annual upkeep which keeps your kitchen low-maintenance.  


Today’s laminates are stain and heat-resistant. Their nonporous composition means bacteria and mold cannot thrive on them. They are more impact resistant than any stone, because they will not chip or crack. Hospitals and commercial kitchens choose laminate due to its antimicrobial protection. 

Limitless Options

With hundreds of product and design choices to choose from, laminate provides you with a palette of colors and designs to match any space. If you’re looking to reinvent the heart of your home, Kitchen Infinity has a piece of laminate to match your vision. If you’re interested in this material you might also be interested in solid surface countertops

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We Compared Marble, Granite, Laminate, Solid Surface and Quartz Countertops!

Formica – Experts in Craftsmanship and Service

Wilsonart HD- Innovative Impersonators

Many companies manufacture laminate countertops, but with over 100 years of industry experience, Formica’s expertise is unmatched. Formica has over 200 styles, giving you a choice for any renovation project.

Endless Kitchen Possibilities:

If you can imagine it, Formica can produce it. With over 200 style’s to choose from, you’re sure to find something to match anything you can dream up. You can even mix and match designs and finishes to create a custom piece for your space.

Speaking of design and aesthetic, check out our guide on the best countertop and floor combinations work and look good.

Environmentally Responsible:

When you hear laminate, green may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but Formica is committed to sustainability. It is the first kitchen laminate countertop product to be awarded the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction label and uses several pre and post-consumer recycled materials. You also always have the option to install your Formica with low-VOC adhesives. Formica meets the GREENGUARD Children and Schools standard for indoor air quality. 

Beautiful Edges:

A laminate countertop has a reputation for unsightly edges. However, Formica has come a long way. Gone are the days of flat edges and exposed brown lines. Now your laminate can have an upscale look and feel with specialty edges. Formica’s Ideal Edge™ option gives you a beautiful finished edge for your space.

Simple and Quick Installation:

Formica countertops come with minimal installation time and require virtually no upkeep, making them a simple choice for your busy lifestyle.

Wilsonart High Definition laminate looks and feels incredible. A world-leading surface company with a huge variety of options to match your space, Wilsonart HD countertops are as elegant as natural stone, with durability and affordability. 


Wilsonart frequently evaluates the market and brings new countertop designs to their clients. Wilsonart uses advanced technology to produce a kitchen surface with an uncanny resemblance to natural materials. You can add a touchless kitchen faucet with this countertop material and it'll blend superbly. 

Easy Maintenance:

Wilsonart laminate countertops are stain-resistant. Soap and water is all you need for cleaning.


There are thousands of countertop color, countertop patterns  and design choices available. If you’re looking for a unique color or pattern, Wilsonart may be the best fit for your project.


Achieve the look of wood, stone, or butcher block, without the high price tag. 


All Wilsonart HD Countertops come with a patented AEON technology, giving your countertops a scuff and scratch-resistant surface to last a lifetime.

Built-In Protection:

Antimicrobial protection is built into Wilsonart’s HD laminate materials, giving you a safe mold and mildew resistant surface for your food preparation needs. 

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