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Kitchen Infinity Acquisition Announcement: acquired by Kitchen Infinity

February 05, 2021

The website was formerly owned by Perlick Home. Since 1917, Perlick Home has been one of the leading forces in undercounter refrigeration and beverage dispensing technology. For over 100 years, their innovative products have graced the likes of bars, restaurants, hotels, homes, and many other establishments. When it comes to forward-thinking kitchen appliances, Perlick Home is a thought leader in its space.

As a rapidly developing kitchen remodeling company, we here at Kitchen Infinity have acquired the former Perlick Home domain ( and are looking forward to integrating this historic business domain into our flourishing company. The combination of Kitchen Infinity’s home remodeling skills and Perlick Home’s high-end culinary products is the beginning of an amazing story for both of our companies. You can check out the Perlick wine cooler reviews on our site.

By acquiring the former Perlick Home website, we here at Kitchen Infinity hope to extend our service offerings even further, giving our kitchen remodeling customers more appliances and advanced technology to peruse when designing their dream new kitchen. With Perlick Home’s undercounter refrigeration and beverage disposal equipment, the sky truly is the limit for homeowners.

As well as bringing Kitchen Infinity to new markets, we hope to expand the reach and potential of Perlick Home further than ever before. With our team at the helm, Perlick Home will be expanding into multiple new markets, growing our collective customer base and enjoying the continued growth of both companies in the coming years.

Kitchen Infinity has been the leading name in kitchen remodeling around the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) for many years now, earning a name for ourselves as a stellar top-rated service for homeowners. With this new domain acquisition of Perlick Home, we seek to bring Perlick’s excellence and innovation to the tri-state area, increasing our potential service offerings exponentially.

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**Kitchen Infinity did not acquire the company or brand Perlick Home — only the former website We look forward to what this new acquisition brings Kitchen Infinity in the years ahead. As we combine the websites of these two legendary sites, Kitchen Infinity and Perlick Home will continue driving growth in the world of quality refrigeration. For more questions about the acquisitions please contact head of business development:


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