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Kitchen Scraps To Feed Birds

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Birds are a joy to watch, and they can be attracted to your yard by feeding them kitchen scraps.

By feeding birds the right kind of food, you can help them stay healthy and safe. They will also bring a nice variety to your yard as they munch on the food you leave out for them.

In this article, we will describe what kind of kitchen scraps you can feed to birds, how to feed these scraps to birds, and the benefits of feeding kitchen scraps to birds. We also provide helpful tips for safe and effective feeding Keep reading to find out more. 

What Kitchen Scraps Can I Feed To My Birds?

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What Kind Of Kitchen Scraps Can Be Fed To Birds?

Here is a list of some healthy kitchen scraps your birds would love:

  • Bread and other whole grains (cracked corn, wheat, barley, oats)
  • Grains (wild rice, quinoa, couscous)
  • Fruits and Vegetables (apples, pears, apricots peaches, berries [fresh or dried], peas, green beans [unwaxed] carrots [chopped fine]) 
  • Seeds (sunflower seeds [without the shell], safflower seeds )    
  • Pasta    
  • Oatmeal           
  • Kale        

These scraps can be fed to birds in one of three ways:

  1. Leftovers – Birds love it when you leave out food scraps for them. You can make them happy by saving your leftovers and feeding them to the birds the next day (or even later that night).
  2. Homemade food scraps – Make your bird treats by combining some of these healthy kitchen scraps. For example, combine bread, pasta, fruit, and vegetables into balls or patties, roll in seeds or breadcrumbs, then bake until crispy.
  3. Store-bought bird feeders – There are many store-bought bird feeders available where you buy birdseed. These feeders may include a mixture of ingredients such as cracked corn, sunflower seed, safflower seed, peanuts, dried fruit, and more.

How Do You Feed Kitchen Scraps To Birds?

There are different ways you can feed kitchen scraps to birds. You may choose one or mix them up for some variety.

Here are the most common feeding methods:

  1. Ground Feeding Station – This is similar to a bird feeder but on the ground. It works best if your space allows it. You can make your station by placing food scrap in an open container on the ground or platform or purchase one of many commercially available stations.
  2. Platform Feeder – If you feed on a platform, place the food scraps on an open container or tray and place it on top of a platform so that birds can eat from all angles. Enclose the scraps in a mesh bag to prevent squirrels from reaching them.
  3. Window Feeder – Attach some food scraps to the window with suction cups or tapes such as sunflower seed or fruit/vegetable medley (place in a mesh bag first). Make sure it is securely attached so that larger birds cannot knock it off and smaller birds cannot fly away with the food.
  4. Bird Bath – Chop up some fruits and vegetables and place them in the birdbath (be sure to clean them frequently). Birds will come and enjoy a refreshing bath and a healthy meal.

Benefits Of Feeding Kitchen Scraps To Birds

Here are some benefits of feeding the birds:

  1. Attracts new species – Since they come for food, you can attract new types of birds such as wrens, titmice, towhees, or orioles by leaving out different kinds of food scraps.    
  2. Healthy eaters – Feeding birds scraps instead of only bird seed helps them get more variety in their diet.
  3. Safe feeding – We often think of kitchen scraps as dirty but if you safely feed them to birds, there is no problem. The key to keeping birds safe while eating is to provide clean food that has not expired or spoiled, place the food stations away from dog and cat areas and water sources, and check for pests such as ants and beetles. 

What kitchen scraps can birds eat (with 9 food ideas) - Wildlifeful

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Caring For Baby Birds  

If you find a baby bird, here are some things to keep in mind to care for it in the best way possible:

  1. If the bird is young and has feathers, it is probably fine and just got separated from its parents. Make sure to place the bird in an open area away from cats and dogs, put out food and water and they will usually come back for their babies within a few hours.
  2. If the bird has no feathers or fluff and cannot stand, it is a baby and may need assistance. Try to find an animal rehabilitation specialist near you (make sure they handle birds). They will know what to do.    
  3. Never try to catch or pick up baby birds unless necessary because they are difficult for parents to recognize as their own.    

Caring for baby birds is not the only way to help. If you find a bird on the ground with feathers, see if it can stand and fly so that it can safely climb back up into its nest. If not, place some food and water out for them near where they are. 

You can also make or purchase feeding stations to give birds more space and protection from predators.

Final Thoughts On Kitchen Scraps To Feed Birds

In conclusion, giving kitchen scraps to birds is a great way to give them extra variety in their diet, attract new types of birds, and from a personal point of view, will allow you to connect with these animals in nature.

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Kevin Farrugia

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