Kitchen: History, Materials, Domestic Planning, Region

What kitchen? You may be wondering. A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation in a dwelling or in a commercial establishment. It's also called “domestic kitchen” to distinguish it from industrial kitchens used, for instance, in large restaurants. The term kitchen comes from the Latin word coquus meaning cook, which was later shortened to cooq.

A modern middle-class residential kitchen is typically equipped with a stove, sink with hot and cold running water, refrigerator, worktops and kitchen cabinets arranged according to modular design principles; many households have microwave ovens, dishwashers etc., but they are not considered “essential”.

Kitchen Tools

The main kitchen tools are kitchen appliances and kitchen utensils. Appliances include ovens, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators. Utensils include kitchen knives, cutting boards, whisks, measuring cups and spoons, tongs etc.

Some people may consider kitchen tools to be essential for the modern kitchen. They are needed for cooking food and completing related tasks such as dish.


Kitchen appliances are kitchen tools that are electrically powered. They can be stand-alone units or built into a kitchen countertop with an electrical outlet, and usually come with their own set of kitchen utensils.

Stand-alone appliances are large machines typically placed on the floor or bottom counters for convenience purposes, but they also take up space in kitchen cabinets.


Kitchen utensils are kitchen tools such as spoons, knives and peelers.

They are used for kitchen tasks such as stirring or mixing food while cooking; spreading butter on bread; slicing cheese; chopping vegetables; draining the grease off of cooked foods like bacon and hamburgers.

History of Kitchen

The kitchen has been an important room in the home since ancient times. The first kitchens were made of mud and sticks, with roofs thatched with straw or animal hides. Over time, kitchen design evolved to include stone countertops and fireplaces for cooking, as well as windows and ventilation systems to allow smoke to escape.

Middle Age Kitchens

Medieval kitchens were slightly different than the ones we are used to in modern day. They were typically located in the basement of the home and consisted of a large, central open hearth where all the cooking took place. The smoke from the fire rose through an opening in the roof, which also allowed for ventilation. There was no kitchen sink- dishes were washed by hand in a basin that was set outside near the door. And there

Colonial American Kitchens

In Colonial American, especially in the New England area, kitchen were often built separate from the home, due to space constraints.

A modern middle-class kitchen is typically equipped with four or more electric appliances such as an oven, stove top burners (or gas burners), dishwasher and refrigerator; sink with hot and cold running water

Modern Kitchens

In today's society, a modern kitchen is typically equipped with a stove, a sink with hot and cold running water, a refrigerator, and worktops and kitchen cabinets arranged according to a modular design. Many households have microwave ovens, dishwashers etc., but they are not considered “essential”.

The kitchen has come to play an important role in our lives – it is not just.

Kitchens in America

Kitchens in the United States of America vary in size and design, depending on the region of the country. The kitchen is often considered the most important room in a house because it is where food is prepared.

The Northeast United States has smaller kitchens because of the lack of space. New Englanders make use of their small kitchen by using efficient appliances and storage solutions like wall cabinets.

Popular Kitchen Materials

There are many options when renovating your kitchen. Today, kitchen designs are influenced by all types of materials especially when thinking about your kitchen planning considerations. Read more on Venetian Plaster Kitchen.

When designing a kitchen or renovating an existing one, it's important to consider the items you use on a daily basis – and how your current layout works for them. A popular kitchen design style is open concept because it allows appliances to be used more.

For kitchen material example, you can use wood for your cabinets and granite, quartz or marble for your countertops.

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