How to Use a Electric Kettle? Helpful Electric Kettle Instructions & Directions

tips to use an electric kettle

Using an electric kettle involves the following steps – filling the kettle with water, making sure it’s plugged in, turning it on, waiting for the water to boil, and pouring the water into a cup or bowl. Now you know how to use an electric kettle.

Electric kettles are a quick and easy way to boil water and can bring water to a boil 10 times faster than a stovetop kettle can.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of how to work an electric kettle, refer to our electric kettle manual below. Our manual contains easy-to-follow instructions for electric kettle.

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1. Fill Kettle With Water

The first step to using an electric kettle is to fill it up with water. The more water the kettle contains the longer it will take to boil. An average 1200 watt electric kettle can boil 5 cups of water in 160 seconds. 

Most electric kettles come with a total capacity of 1.7 liters (roughly 60 fluid oz) which is enough to produce 5 cups of tea. Some models have double the capacity of up to 100 fluid oz. When this amount of water is added, it can take the electric kettle up to 250 seconds to bring the water to a boil.

2. Make Sure The Kettle Is Plugged and In Place

Electric kettles must be plugged in to work. Make sure the power cord is plugged into an outlet before turning the unit on. 

Some electric kettles come in two pieces – a pitcher that holds the water and a heating element that the pitcher sits on. Other electric kettles come as a single unit. If you have the first type, make sure the pitcher is properly connected to the heating element before switching it on.

3. Turn Kettle On

The next step is to turn the electric kettle on. Most electric kettles have only a single setting. When turned on, the kettle will heat water until it reaches a strong boil. Some electric kettles have temperature controls that allow you to choose a temperature to heat the water too.

Temperature control settings make electric kettles more versatile. Say you want to make hot chocolate but don’t want boiling hot water. Temperature controls allow you to set the kettle to a burn-free temperature of 140 degrees or less, making the hot chocolate easier to drink.

3. Wait For Water To Boil

Once the kettle is filled with water, has been properly placed in position, and any temperature settings have been chosen, turn the kettle on.

Depending on the amount of water in the kettle, most models will take anywhere from 160 – 300 seconds to bring water to a boil.

4. Serve Hot Water

Electric kettles come with an automatic shut-off feature, meaning you don’t have to worry about turning the kettle off once the water is brought to a boil.

When the kettle shuts off, it means the boiling process is complete and the water is ready to be used. Because certain parts of the electric kettle can become hot during the process, always grab the kettle by the handle.

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What Should I Know Before Using An Electric Kettle?

What is an electric kettle? An electric kettle is a small appliance that’s used to rapidly heat water. Electric kettles are a more efficient alternative to stovetop kettles. 

The standard electric kettle comes with a total volume of 1.7 liters (60 fl oz). Most stand 12 – 20 inches tall and can be six to eight inches wide, depending on the design and type.

Most electric kettles are made out of a mix of heat-resistant plastic, glass, metal, and rubber. Some electric kettles have transparent glass bodies while others are solid plastic. 

It’s common for electric kettles to come with a way to measure how much water is inside. On some kettles, this can be a set of markings on the side of the pitcher similar to a coffee pot. Other electric kettles may use a small volume gauge that looks like a thermometer.

Advantages of using an electric kettle include:

  • Can bring water to a boil in under 2 minutes
  • Comes with an auto switch-off feature
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • No open flame – very safe

Electric kettles require very little maintenance and when treated with care can last for over 5 years. Electric kettles should not be put in the dishwasher and any washing should be done by hand.

It is recommended that electric kettles be used with purified water. Tap water contains salts and minerals that can build up at the bottom of the electric kettle after several years.

What Are The Stages of Using An Electric Kettle?

Using an electric kettle can be broken down into three main steps:

  1. Fill the electric kettle with the desired amount of water
  2. Choose the temperature setting and turn the kettle on. Not all electric kettles have temperature settings.
  3. Wait for the electric kettle to finish the boiling process.

Does The Electric Kettle Types Affect The Usage Stages?

No, the type of electric kettle does not affect the usage stages. The only minor difference is between single unit kettles and those that are separated into a pitcher and heating plate. When using the latter, you will have to make sure the pitcher is secured in place on the pad before turning the unit on.

The best electric kettles may have temperature controls on them that will require an extra step, but this is only a minor difference.

Is Using An Electric Kettle For Tea Better Than Using A Stovetop Kettle?

Yes, using an electric kettle for tea is better than using a stovetop kettle. Electric kettles can bring 5 cups of water in just under 2 minutes. By contrast, stovetop kettles can require up to 8 minutes to bring water to a boil. 

Other advantages of using an electric kettle over a stovetop kettle include:

  1. Safety: Because electric kettles don’t use an open flame (like most stovetops do) they are significantly safer to use.
  2. Auto Shut Off: Unlike a stovetop which will keep running until it’s turned off, electric kettles have an auto shut off feature that turns the kettle off once the water has reached the desired temperature.
  3. Temperature Control: Some models come with temperature control settings, allowing you to heat water anywhere from 155 – 250 degrees. Accomplishing the same with stovetop kettles is difficult.
  4. More Energy Efficient: When an open flame is used on a stovetop, a good portion of the heat energy is lost to the environment. Electric kettles don’t have this issue as all generated heat goes to heating the water.

When it comes to the question of electric kettle vs. stovetop kettle for making tea and other hot beverages, the electric kettle is the clear winner.

Is An Electric Kettle For Hot Chocolate Better Than Using A Microwave?

Yes, using an electric kettle for hot chocolate is better than using a microwave. While both options work, electric kettles can bring water to a boil much faster than a microwave. Moreover, while microwaves can heat water, they aren’t recommended for boiling water.

The only advantage to a microwave is it gives some control over how hot you want the water. However, some types of electric kettles have temperature control settings that allow you to heat water anywhere from 155 – 250 degrees.

How To Use A Kettle For Other Uses Besides Making Teas

Besides making tea, electric kettles can be used for a variety of other functions. Some common uses of electric kettles include boiling eggs, steaming vegetables, and even as an air humidifier. You can check for furnace mounted humidifier covered in our blog.

If you would like to learn more about the different uses of an electric kettle, take a moment to read the following sections.

How To Use An Electric Kettle As A Humidifier

To use an electric kettle as a humidifier, fill the kettle with water and turn it on. This process may need to be repeated several times to achieve the desired effect. Because electric kettles can boil water and release water vapor into the air, it’s possible to use an electric kettle as a humidifier. 

Humidity can be thought of as the amount of water in the air. The more water the air contains, the more humid it is. When dew starts to appear, the air contains 100% of the water it can hold.

Increasing the level of humidity in a room can be done by increasing the amount of water the air holds. The best way to do this is by releasing water into the air in the form of vapor, which can be achieved by boiling water. 

How To Use An Electric Kettle As A Steamer

Because electric kettles have an auto shut-off feature, they can’t be used as a steamer. That said, electric kettles can help in the steaming process.

To steam vegetables, people place raw vegetables on a steaming rack that is placed on top of a pot that contains boiling water. As the steam from the boiling water rises, it slowly cooks the vegetables.

However, bringing water to a boil in a pot of water can take over 10 minutes. Instead, boil water in an electric kettle then pour it into the pot. Once in the pot, turn the corresponding element to high. Doing this can save you over 10 minutes.

How To Use An Electric Kettle As An Egg Boiler

To use an electric kettle to hard or soft boil eggsplace one or two eggs into the kettle with water. Once the eggs are inside, turn the kettle on and wait for the process to finish. Depending on the size of the egg, it may take two cycles to fully boil the egg.

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