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There are four types of outdoor pizza ovens: wood, gas, coal, and stainless steel outdoor pizza oven.

Understanding each type’s features, kitchen usability, installation needs, and sizes will clearly understand which type to buy.

For instance, you may prefer to get other types of outdoor pizza ovens versus an indoor kitchen oven based on the location of each appliance. An outdoor pizza oven is designed for use outside, whereas an oven cooks foods inside.

Another difference between an outdoor pizza oven and an indoor kitchen oven is the temperature capabilities. An indoor oven is used for cooking foods up to 450-degrees Fahrenheit. An outdoor pizza oven can achieve a temperature of up to 900-degrees Fahrenheit, which can cook faster.

Knowing the different outdoor pizza ovens available in the market, including their strengths and weaknesses, can help you determine the type to choose for your kitchen. 

What are the different types available for outdoor pizza ovens?

The different types of outdoor pizza ovens are wood, gas, coal, and stainless steel outdoor pizza ovens.

The following list includes the different types of outdoor pizza ovens available in the market:

  • Wood outdoor pizza oven

A wood-fired or wood-burning outdoor pizza oven uses wood to heat pizza. 

There are two types of wood outdoor pizza ovens: conventional wood-fired oven and modern wood-fired oven.

The traditional wood outdoor pizza oven consists of a dome with a wood-burning fire placed at the bottom. A modern wood outdoor pizza ovens work with an electric ignition system.

Wood logs are placed at the bottom of the firebox once a specific temperature has been reached, after which they burn slowly and produce a steady flow of heat circulated the food with a fan or bellow.

There are wood-burning outdoor pizza ovens fueled by wood chips, sawdust, or charcoal briquettes, which don't need preheating time before baking pizzas.

  • Gas outdoor pizza oven

A gas outdoor pizza oven is powered by gas. 

Gas outdoor pizza ovens give you more control over your cooking temperatures. They may be enclosed in brick or stone materials, depending on if you want a modern or contemporary look. 

People purchase gas outdoor pizza ovens because they heat up quickly and cook pizzas within 2 minutes. Other advantages include portability, durability, and ease of use. They make cooking pizzas outdoors possible rather than in ovens, limiting the number of pizzas you can make at once.

  • Coal outdoor pizza oven

A coal outdoor pizza oven is slower to cook than a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven but gives you a crispier crust. Coal outdoor pizza ovens are designed to cook pizzas for about 10 minutes at 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

The oven can be cooled off when not in use by raking out all ashes and coals into a metal pan. Any embers or sparks can then be disposed of quickly. A final sweeping with a wire brush will ensure that no combustible material remains within the chamber before it is closed up once more. It can then be stored away like any other piece of backyard patio furniture.

The exterior walls are lined with heat-proof fire brick. Black steel sheets are used for all inside surfaces, including the oven floor, ceiling, and cooking surface. A stainless steel flap near the bottom front allows access to the fired chamber. This mobile stainless steel door can be opened several inches to light more charcoal or add wood chips or fresh herbs for flavoring the interior air during cooking processes. The oven is fitted with sturdy, welded inside handles to pull it out of the fire chamber quickly.

The size varies, but the most common ones are large enough to cook four 12-inch pizzas at once.

  • Stainless steel outdoor pizza oven

A stainless steel pizza oven is a stylish choice that uses the durability and flexibility of steel to cook the pizza in your backyard.

Stainless steel outdoor pizza ovens remain popular among all other types since it is less expensive. Another reason people prefer this type is that they come with easy installation and maintenance features that don't require much effort on the user's part. 

What are the different ways to use an outdoor pizza oven?

The different ways to use an outdoor pizza oven include the following: 

  • Baking pizzas
  • Baking bread
  • Roasting vegetables
  • Slow cooking meats
  • Grilling meat

Bake pizzas. The primary purpose of an outdoor pizza oven is baking that perfectly-made pizza!

Bake bread. You can use the residual heat of the outdoor pizza oven for baking loaves of bread.

Roast vegetables. You can also roast vegetables using an outdoor pizza oven—some like eggplant, potatoes, and sweet potatoes are great cooked in a wood-fired oven. In contrast, veggies like broccoli and carrots are best cooked with residual heat.

Slow cook meats. Get some rich and smoky flavored beef bourguignon by slow-cooking it in an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven.

Grill meats. Sear for a juicy, tender dinner steak in just a couple of minutes! Leverage the extreme heat from your outdoor pizza oven to cook the perfect steak or fish.  

While there are many uses of an outdoor pizza oven, this kitchen appliance requires thoughtful operation and extra care to make it last longer.

What sizes do the outdoor pizza ovens come in?

Outdoor pizza ovens are designed in various sizes that range from 32” X 36” to 42” in diameter. 

The ideal size of an outdoor pizza oven depends on your outdoor space and how many people you have in your household. Smaller pizza ovens can accommodate one pizza at a time. Larger pizza ovens may be able to cook 2-4 pizzas at one time, which may be preferred if you have more people in your household or entertain frequently.

If you have a small household with 1-2 people, an outdoor pizza oven around 32” X 36” is sufficient. If you have a large family with 4-6 people, you may want an outdoor pizza oven up to 42” in diameter.

Where you plan to place your outdoor pizza oven also makes a difference when choosing the best size. A portable outdoor pizza oven can easily be moved around the outdoor space. A built-in outdoor pizza oven needs an area with a built-in vent. People who choose a built-in outdoor pizza oven may choose a larger one to accommodate changing needs.

Here are the approximate sizes of each type of outdoor pizza oven in exterior dimensions:

Wood outdoor pizza oven: 95 cm W x 105 cm H to 140 cm W x 150 cm H

Gas outdoor pizza oven: 58 cm W x 150 cm H

Coal outdoor pizza oven: 49 cm W x 79 cm H

Stainless steel outdoor pizza oven: 95 cm W x 105 cm H to 140 cm W x 150 cm H

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What foods can be cooked in different outdoor pizza ovens?

The foods that can be put into different outdoor pizza ovens include:

  • Pizzas
  • Bread
  • Vegetables
  • Meats such as steak and fish
  • Potato chips

What determines the best outdoor pizza oven type? 

The best outdoor pizza oven type can be determined by the following: size, heat settings, programmable features, timer, exterior design, remote capabilities, ease of cleaning, brand, and price.

Cooking style. Consider your preferred pizza cooking style when choosing the best outdoor pizza oven. Both stone and wood outdoor pizza ovens have different flavors.

Design. Think about the creation of the outdoor pizza oven. Outdoor pizza ovens come in different designs, including modern or contemporary ovens.

Size. You want to choose an outdoor pizza oven that is large enough for your space and large enough for your household size.

Integrated thermometer. Temperature affects pizza taste, meaning you may want an integrated thermometer. This allows you to check the temperature of your pizza quickly.

Brand and price. The price of outdoor pizza ovens varies according to the type and brand. Recognized brands are known for quality and reliability but are on the higher end of the price range. Consider your budget and whether you'll use outdoor pizza ovens regularly or sparingly. 

Are gas outdoor pizza ovens safe?

Gas outdoor pizza ovens are generally safe. 

However, it is essential to watch out for the temperature and be cautious of the fire. High temperatures can cause cracking. Outdoor pizza ovens should also never be left unattended; keeping children and pets away is crucial. Ensure that it is properly installed and placed on an even, level surface.

Ensure that the gas cylinders are turned off when the oven is not in use. Check for wear–and–tear to avoid any gas leaks.  

What is the average price for an outdoor pizza oven?

The average price for an outdoor pizza oven range between $400-$5,000. 

Portable, metal outdoor pizza ovens are on the lower end of the range, whereas a larger, built-in pizza oven made with high-quality stone or wood materials is on the higher end of the spectrum. A commercial-sized outdoor pizza oven may cost even more.

What is the lifespan of different outdoor pizza ovens? 

The average lifespan of an outdoor pizza oven is unlimited. 

A high-quality outdoor pizza oven made with durable materials can last a lifetime. However, the outdoor pizza oven's frequency of use and maintenance affects its longevity. Having routine maintenance is an integral part of owning an outdoor pizza oven.

The factors that affect the lifespan of an outdoor pizza oven include:

Frequency of use. How frequently you use your outdoor pizza oven affects how long it lasts. This is because the frequent heating of coal or wood can wear it out faster.

Maintenance and upkeep. Maintenance and care can help prolong the life of your outdoor pizza oven. This includes removing burned soot from the oven frequently.

Initial material. Your outdoor pizza oven's initial material and quality determine how long it lasts. Metal, electric outdoor pizza ovens may not last as long as a built-in outdoor pizza oven.

Installation. The installation of an outdoor pizza oven affects how long it lasts. A built-in outdoor pizza oven should be securely attached to the outdoor space with a proper vent.

How does the outdoor pizza oven type affect the heating process?

The heating process changes depending on the outdoor pizza oven type.

Wood outdoor pizza ovens are capable of high temperatures, up to 900-degrees Fahrenheit, and can cook a pizza in as little as 60-90 seconds, making them efficient for home use and commercial purposes.

Gas outdoor pizza ovens give you more control over your cooking temperatures. They may be enclosed in brick or stone materials, depending on if you want a modern or contemporary look. People purchase gas outdoor pizza ovens because they heat up quickly and cook pizzas within 2 minutes. 

Coal outdoor pizza ovens are fired by charcoal for 15 and 20 minutes before cooking begins. As the heat builds up inside the oven, temperatures usually start at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes about an hour for this heat to reach 700 degrees Fahrenheit, after which food can be placed inside for baking. Pizzas are typically cooked in six minutes.

A good advantage of using this type is that it can withstand high temperatures without deforming itself, getting cracked or rusted due to changes in weather conditions.

What effect does outdoor pizza oven type have on taste?

Outdoor pizza oven types vary in their effects on taste. 

Wood gives pizzas a unique flavor, characterized by the traditional Neapolitan style. Wood-fired pizzas usually take on the smoky flavor of the wood used. They have a thin center, puffy edges, and a char with leopard spots. They are also softer, more delicate, and have crispier toppings than those cooked in other types of pizza ovens. They also have a crust that has a light golden brown color with deeper browning on some parts.

Gas pizza ovens produce pizzas with a crust that is more equally cooked. When rotated evenly on all sides, gas ovens also result in pizzas similar to wood-fired ones.

Stainless steel pizza ovens result in a rich, chewy crust, brown underneath and lighter on its edge.

The traditional New York-style flavor characterizes pizzas cooked using coal ovens. They have a crisper, smoky, thin-crust than wood-fired pizza and have a chewy interior.  

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Is it better to use wood or gas outdoor pizza ovens in the kitchen?

Deciding whether it's better to use wood or gas outdoor pizza ovens in the kitchen boils down to kitchen space and functionality. 

Kitchen usability is considered when deciding between the two outdoor pizza ovens. It refers to the function and structure of kitchen appliances that make them easier to use. 

While these pizza ovens are situated outdoors, wood and gas differ significantly in terms of size. Wood outdoor pizza ovens are extensive and typically require considerable space. They also need a separate duct and fan system independent from other cooking equipment. Not many homes, pizzerias, and restaurants have enough room for this.

Gas outdoor pizza ovens are smaller than wood, offering more kitchen usability.


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