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Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

Best Overall
ROCCBOX Gozney Portable
Best Value for Money
Ooni Frya 12 Wood Fired
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outdoor pizza ovens

The best outdoor pizza ovens are distinguished by performance characteristics such as maximum temperature, portability, and ease of use. An outdoor pizza oven’s core function is to heat and cook pizza dough. The best outdoor pizza oven is one that heats pizza dough quickly and thoroughly, at a reasonable cost, and without using too many additional resources. One of the most common use cases of outdoor pizza ovens include heating pizza dough to make pizza and making bread. 

One way to choose is by going with the best-rated outdoor pizza oven. Outdoor pizza oven reviews and ratings are a good indicator of what you can expect when you buy it. The best outdoor pizza oven brand names include Ooni, Gozney, BakerStone, Camp Chef, Alfa, and Fontana Forni.

Our Top Outdoor Pizza Oven Picks

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1. ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven


The ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven is powerful, it can reach a maximum temperature of over 932 degrees fahrenheit and cook a pizza in 60 seconds.  It is also very portable, since the legs are retractable and the fuel burners are detachable.



This pizza oven stands out for its versatility, as users can power it with gas or wood through an optional, detachable wood burner accessory. The outer body is also lined with silicone, which makes it safer than ovens with stainless steel surfaces that may create a burn risk to the user when the oven is fired.  


2. Ooni Frya 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven


The Ooni Frya 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven is very easy to maintain, as it is powered by hardwood pellets. The maximum temperature is 950 degrees fahrenheit and pizzas can be cooked in this oven in under one minute. It is very light, only weighing 22 pounds, which adds to its portability. 


Ooni has an incredible reputation when it comes to customer service. Purchasers of this oven will benefit from the one year warranty that comes with all Ooni products and this warranty can be extended to three years if the customer decides to register their oven with the company. 


3. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Everything Bundle


This outdoor pizza oven is very versatile, as it offers users the ability to power the oven with charcoal, gas, or wood. It is also very sleek, built with a matte black stainless steel finish. 




This purchasing kit is good for consumers who want flexibility, as it comes with a separate gas burner, pizza peel, wood tray, cover, and thermometer. This means that any consumer will have all the necessary equipment upon purchase of this oven to make pizzas. The 12.5” wide and 13.5” deep body of the oven accommodates pizzas sizable enough to meet home cooking needs. 


4. BIG HORN OUTDOORS 12 Inch Wood Pellet Burning Pizza Oven


The Big Horn Outdoors 12 Inch Wood Pellet Burning Pizza Oven is compact and sleek. Users do not have to sacrifice on power for size, as the oven can reach maximum temperatures of 860 degrees fahrenheit. It can achieve cooked pizzas in under 2 minutes of cooking time, so it is perfect for pizza parties. 

This oven is very portable, weighing only 28.3 pounds and equipped with folding legs. The compact design and easy assembly also makes this oven easy to clean. At a price of only $200, it is one of the most affordable outdoor pizza ovens on the market.  



5. Cuisinart CPO-600 Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven


The Cuisinart CPO-600 Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven is both compact and powerful. It utilizes convection, conduction, and reflected heat to generate high temperatures. With a max heat capability of 15,000 BTUs, this oven can cook pizzas quickly and evenly in just 5 minutes. It is very portable and easy to assemble, as the oven can come together in 10 minutes or less.  



There are other features that make this oven convenient; it comes equipped with a 12” pizza peel and an integrated smoker cup. These additions make the pizza cooking process easy and increase the flavor of the finished pizza. 


6. U-MAX Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Fire with Waterproof Cover


This outdoor pizza oven is a great addition to any backyard. It is sturdy, made from high grade steel that heats the oven evenly and its surface is powder-coated which reduces corrosion risk in the long-term. Within 20-30 minutes, this oven can reach temperatures of over 700 degrees fahrenheit and can be used to bake pizzas, breads, and meats safely and quickly. 



The U-MAX Outdoor Pizza Oven is fueled by fire wood, and can be moved around easily as it is equipped with two big wheels and a thermoresistant handle. U-MAX customers can be confident in their purchases due to the company’s customer service team, which has a strong response time of less than 24 hours and can provide replacement parts if any parts of the oven arrive defective. 


7. Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven


The Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven is a powerful oven in the Ooni pizza oven product family. It heats up very quickly as pizza can be fired in the oven after 15 minutes of heating and then cooked to completion in under 1 minute. It is also very easy to use and assemble, as the product comes ready-to-use right out of the box. 


It is ultra-portable, as the legs unfold and the body is designed for efficient storage. The powder coated carbon steel shell allows this oven to retain heat very well, and the instant gas ignition means that the end-to-end process of pizza making takes less than 20 minutes with this oven. 


8. BIG HORN OUTDOORS Gas Pizza Oven, Portable Propane Pizza Oven


The Big Horn Outdoors Gas Pizza Oven is very powerful, as it can reach 662 degrees fahrenheit in 5-7 minutes and an overall maximum temperature of 1180 degrees fahrenheit. It is designed with an arc-shaped chamber that allows for maximum heat circulation and is durable, made of high-quality stainless steel. The max heat capacity of 23000 BTU makes this propane powered oven one of the most powerful pizza ovens available. 



In addition to being powerful, this oven is portable, as the parts can be taken apart easily for cleaning and storage. The anti skid foot construction allows it to sit comfortably on any surface and the built-in thermometer makes it easy for users of this oven to regulate the cooking process with a clear read on the oven’s internal temperature. 


9. Stoke Gas Pizza Oven - Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven


The Stoke Gas Pizza Oven Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven, 16 Inch Gas Powered Backyard Pizza maker is designed to be smokeless. It is portable, fitting into a travel sized weather-proof carrying bag so it can be taken on camping or road trips. 


The 16” interior of the oven makes it great for people who want to make larger pies, and the combination of gas and wood fired options allows users to adjust the smokiness and flavor of their final products, whether that be pizza, meat, or roasted vegetables. This oven is also built for user safety, as it is constructed with a heat-resistant carbon steel shell to minimize the risk of contact burns during the cooking process. 



10. Pellethead Smokin' Po Boy Charcoal and Pellet Pizza Oven


This design of this outdoor pizza oven allows users to manipulate fire to cook the best possible pizza. The pellethead heat retention technology lets flames guide the cooking process and the pizza oven comes with a flame blower to help users achieve hot cooking temperatures more quickly. 

The telescoping chimney keeps smoke away from the eyes and controls the draft generated in the cooking process. The legs fold away and the chimney is removable, so the oven is portable. The combination of a stainless steel body and wood-coated handles gives this oven a vintage design. 


11. GYBER Fremont Trunk-shape Portable Pizza Oven 12” Outdoor Wood, Charcoal & Pellets Pizza Maker


The GYBER Fremont Trunk-shape Portable Pizza oven is designed for easy storage and transport, as the trunk-shape fits into many different types of storage corridors. It is powerful, as it can be heated to 900 degrees fahrenheit and cook pizzas within 3-4 minutes. 



The smoky wood hardwood pellets give a unique taste to dishes that are cooked in this oven. It also has the benefit of being easy to clean as the chimney pipe, oven body, door handle, firebox, and pizza stone are all detachable. Each of these components can be washed easily. 


12. BakerStone 9152403 Portable Gas Pizza Oven, Black


The BakerStone 9152403 Portable Gas Pizza Oven is small and powerful. It has an impressive maximum heat capacity of 25,000 BTU burner system that can reach over 800 degrees fahrenheit. 



The portability of this oven is unmatched, as the legs are foldable and the oven itself is removable and when these are removed, optional accessories can be attached such as a full griddle and grill grates making this oven very versatile. 


best outdoor pizza oven

What are the best types of outdoor pizza ovens?

There are at least 4 outdoor pizza ovens on the market. Their features characterize these. 

  1. Wood outdoor pizza oven: A wood-fired or wood-burning outdoor pizza oven uses wood to heat pizza. Wood outdoor pizza ovens are capable of high temperatures, up to 900-degrees Fahrenheit, and can cook a pizza in as little as 60 seconds. Wood gives pizzas a unique flavor, usually taking on the smoky flavor of the wood used.
  2. Gas outdoor pizza oven: A gas outdoor pizza oven is powered by gas. Gas outdoor pizza ovens give you more control over your cooking temperatures. A gas outdoor pizza oven may be enclosed in brick or stone materials, depending on if you want a modern or contemporary look. Gas outdoor pizza ovens may be more efficient.
  3. Coal outdoor pizza oven: A coal outdoor pizza oven is slower to cook than a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven but gives you a crispier crust.
  4. Stainless steel outdoor pizza oven: A stainless steel pizza oven is a modern choice that uses the durability and flexibility of steel to cook the pizza in your backyard.

It is worth noting that outdoor pizza ovens are not confined to one type. They can have a number of these features.

What are the best wood outdoor pizza ovens?

The best wood outdoor pizza ovens are the Ooni Frya 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven and the ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven. They are both incredibly powerful, capable of reaching over 900 degrees fahrenheit which allows pizzas to be cooked in under 1 minute. 

What are the best gas outdoor pizza ovens?

The Bighorn outdoors gas pizza oven and the Stoke gas pizza oven are some of the best gas outdoor pizza ovens available on the market. They both have large oven interiors allowing users to cook large pizzas and roast large quantities of meat and vegetables at any given time. 

What are the coal outdoor pizza ovens?

The Pellethead Smokin’ Po Boy Charcoal and Pellet Pizza Oven is one of the best coal outdoor pizza ovens available on the market. It has a removable telescoping chimney that helps control the draft generated by the cooking process. 

What are the best stainless steel pizza ovens?

The Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven is one of the best stainless steel outdoor pizza ovens on the market. It has a matte black stainless steel body and can be powered by gas, coal, or wood pellets. 

What functionality should you expect from an outdoor pizza oven?

The functionality that you should expect from an outdoor pizza oven includes fast heating, even heating, removable parts for easy cleaning and transport, and features such as a thermometer to help users regulate temperature. Good heat control will increase the likelihood of a good finished pizza. Wood pellets, gas, and coal all heat up slightly differently and the heating element that an outdoor pizza oven is equipped with makes an impact on the finished pizza. Some outdoor pizza ovens can be powered by different types of heat sources and others will only work with one. 

What should you know before buying an outdoor pizza oven?

There are several things to consider when buying an outdoor pizza oven. The most important thing to look at is the type of outdoor pizza oven being purchased. This is important because different ovens are better suited for different tasks. A wood outdoor pizza oven will be better for making pizzas with a smoky aroma. A stainless steel outdoor pizza ovens will help replicate the style of industrial pizza ovens. Gas outdoor pizza ovens may become hotter faster than coal outdoor pizza ovens. 

The overall price is another factor to consider. No matter the price point, finding a good balance between cost and features assures you value for money. This does not necessarily mean going for the priciest or cheapest option available. 

Heat control is a major factor when using an outdoor pizza oven. Different home cooks will want to cook pizza to different levels of doneness, and may want to make pizzas at a fast pace. As such, it is important to consider the range of ovens available and see which ones heat up the fastest. Some ovens will take only 15 minutes to heat up, and will cook pizzas to completion in under 1 minute. Others will take up to 25 minutes to heat up, and may cook pizzas to completion in anywhere between 2 and 7 minutes. The rate at which an outdoor pizza oven heats up and the maximum temperature it is able to maintain will affect the pace at which pizzas can be cooked in that particular oven. 

It is also important to select an oven that is adequate for your use cases. Some usage and style cases to be mindful of are whether you can carry the oven to different locations with ease and whether the size of the oven is large enough to make pizzas of adequate size for each person. Do you need all of the different uses of an outdoor pizza oven?

Convenience features such as a built-in thermometer also come in handy. The possibility of the body of the oven being too hot to the touch is undesirable. 

What is the average price range for the best outdoor pizza ovens?

The best outdoor pizza ovens come at a price range of $150-$600. Outdoor pizza ovens that heat up quickly and have built-in thermometers tend to be more expensive than outdoor pizza ovens that lack these features. Gas-powered outdoor pizza ovens tend to be slightly less expensive than ovens that are fueled by wood pellets. The material of the oven is also factored in the price. Outdoor pizza ovens with carbon steel finishes are more expensive than those with regular steel finishes. 

What is the main difference between an outdoor pizza oven and an indoor  pizza oven?

The main difference between an outdoor pizza oven and an indoor pizza are their respective use cases. Outdoor pizza ovens are typically made of stainless steel and are not very large. They are only meant for use outdoors. Indoor ovens are built into kitchens, are often made of brick, and are exclusively meant for use indoors. They have ventilation systems specifically integrated into the kitchen into which they are built. Indoor pizza ovens are also often built in commercial pizzerias and are designed to generate steam which helps the pizza cooking process. 

What outdoor pizza oven is considered superior?

Stainless steel outdoor pizza ovens are considered to be superior for most home cooks due to their durability and heat retention. Their design allows for quick heating and high temperatures leading to quick cook times. They are also capable of being made with removable or detachable parts, which makes them portable and easy to store when not being used. The versatility and portability offered with stainless steel pizza ovens distinguishes them from clay outdoor pizza ovens, which are often harder to move and do not have detachable parts. However, clay outdoor pizza ovens are expensive compared to stainless steel pizza ovens, as they are often custom made.

What are the common mistakes of using an outdoor pizza oven?

The common mistakes you can make when using an outdoor pizza oven include putting the pizza in the oven before the oven has been fully heated. All outdoor pizza ovens need a specified amount of time to heat up before using them for cooking and users of these ovens must wait for that time period to pass before cooking pizzas in their ovens. Other mistakes include trying to make pizzas that are too large for an individual’s oven. The size of the oven should dictate the size of the pizza being cooked inside that oven. Temperature control is another issue people may have when using their outdoor pizza oven. Even if an oven advertises a specific maximum temperature, the oven may not always reach that temperature, as there are multiple factors that contribute to reaching that maximum temperature. That is why it is best to closely watch the thermometer of the oven while making pizzas if there is a built-in thermometer, and if not to use a separe thermometer gun to keep track of oven temperatures while cooking. Using outdoor pizza ovens properly gets easier as you learn how to use outdoor pizza ovens

What criteria define the best outdoor pizza oven?

The criteria for the best outdoor pizza ovens include maximum temperature, portability, and total cooking time. There are several things to consider when selecting the outdoor pizza oven. The most important question to answer is, “How hot will this oven get?” This may be difficult to determine without trying the range of devices available. Functionality and reliability can be established by leaning on the experiences of other users.

You can do this by reading customer reviews. This will also help you gauge the lifespan of

an outdoor pizza oven. These are some of the things we considered when choosing outdoor pizza ovens.

What type of reviews do the best outdoor pizza ovens have?

Outdoor pizza ovens will have a varied range of reviews from excited and disgruntled customers alike. Complaints and praise are often tied to the core features of each type of outdoor pizza ovens.

The most common praise that wood outdoor pizza ovens will receive is how evenly they heat pizzas. The most common complaints include that they generate a lot of smoke and not all cooks may not know how to control the smoke when making pizzas. 

The most common praise that gas outdoor pizza ovens receive is how quickly they heat up. The most common complaints include that having to carry a propane tank can make portability an issue. 

The most common praise for coal outdoor pizza ovens is that the fire generated by the coal helps with applying localized heat to pizzas. Common complaints include the cleanup involved with using coal-fired ovens. 

The most common praise for stainless steel outdoor pizza ovens is how durable they are.  Common criticism for stainless steel outdoor pizza ovens comes from users who feel that the outer surface of these ovens may get too hot when cooking and that the high surface heat can become a burn risk. 

What are the best kitchen tool brands?

Below are some of the best kitchen tool brands that also make outdoor pizza ovens. 

  1. Ooni: Ooni is known for their highly portable, compact outdoor pizza ovens. Other kitchen tools that they produce include pizza stones, cooking thermometers, oven fuel, and oven covers.
  2. Gozney: They are known for making pizza ovens both for home cooks and commercial kitchens. In addition to producing pizza ovens, other kitchen tools that they produce include pizza peels and wood burners.
  3. Thor: They have an excellent range of heavy-duty kitchen appliances and offer high quality, large outdoor pizza ovens. They mainly make kitchen tools that include ovens, ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers. 
  4. Cuisinart: They have a very popular portable pizza oven available for sale. Other kitchen tools that they produce include air fryers, food processors, toasters, and bread machines.

How long do the top outdoor pizza ovens last?

The lifespan of the top outdoor pizza ovens will vary depending on what they are made of and how they are used. A moderately used outdoor pizza oven made of a sturdy material such as stainless steel will have a lifespan of at least fifteen years. This can be stretched to twenty five years or longer with some care.

Usually, most outdoor pizza ovens will have similar life spans, and the difference generally comes down to how well they are maintained. 

Where to buy an outdoor pizza oven?

Nowadays, outdoor pizza ovens are widely available both online and in stores. These are some

of the best places to buy them:

Walmart: Average Prices range between $169.99 and $399.95. Delivers in 1-3


Amazon: Average Prices range between $206.99 and $499.00. Delivers in 1-2


The Home Depot: Average Price ranges around $199.99 and $1299.00. Delivers in 5-10 days.

Lowe’s: Average Price ranges between $250.00 to $1245.00. Delivers in 2-5 days.

You can also buy them directly from most manufacturers.

What are the other best kitchen tools?

We have covered plenty of outdoor pizza ovens in this post. There are other kitchen tools that you can use together with your outdoor pizza ovens. These include:

  • Pizza peels
  • Infrared thermometers 

Pizza oven accessories can be purchased to make pizza ovens easier to use. Such accessories include pizza peels and infrared thermometers. Ooni sells both outdoor pizza ovens and the listed pizza oven accessories.


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