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Best Ranges

Best Overall
Best Compact
Summit Appliance 24-Inch Wide Electric Range
Best Budget
Summit 20-Inch Wide Gas Range

A range is a kitchen appliance that combines an oven and a stovetop. The primary purpose of a range is to cook foods, either by boiling, frying, steaming, grilling, baking, or heating.

The best range can be determined by the following: dual-oven, cleaning features, cooking modes, remote integration, dual-fuel options, warming drawer, warning lights, convection settings,  brand, and price.The different uses of a range include boiling, frying, steaming, grilling, baking, and heating.

One way to choose is by going with the top-rated ranges through range reviews and ratings, which are typically a good indicator of their quality, performance, and features. The most reliable range brands include Samsung, GE, LG, and Cafe.

Our Top Range Picks

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1. Summit 20-Inch Wide Gas Range


SUMMIT’s line of compact gas ranges made in North America brings high quality and value to even the tightest kitchen spaces. This gas range comes in 20-inch width, perfect for simple installation in even smaller spaces.

It is designed with electronic ignition, broiler pan and compartment, sealed burners, high back guard, push–to–turn knobs, and an anti-tip bracket.


2. Cookology Electric Single Fan Oven in Stainless Steel with Programmable Timer & Digital Clock | COF605SS


This Cookology Built-in Electric Oven delivers premium functions like dishwasher-safe filters, energy-efficient LED lights and a quiet but powerful motor that gets rid of grease and smoke. Supported by an industry-exclusive lifetime warranty on motors, this Cookology Oven dual fuel range is an integral part of any kitchen—professional and residential alike.


3. Frigidaire 30-inch Electric Freestanding Range


With the Frigidaire 30-inch Front Control Freestanding Electric Range, you have the advantage of the Quick Boil Element. Get the finest meals on the table by prepping with the powerful 3,000W cooking element, taking on the look and feel of a built-in electric range. This Front Control Range easily fits the space in your existing 30-inch range. 

This unit comes with a SpaceWise Expandable Element that expands from 6 to 9 inches, providing greater cooktop flexibility for small and large cookware.


4. Cosmo 36-inch Dual Fuel Range with 5 Gas Burners


Cosmo uses a professional-style gas range well-suited to the standard set by stainless-steel ranges. This unit has a dual fuel range, which uses a cooktop fueled by natural gas and an electric oven. Its dual-fuel range provides the speed and precision of 5 powerful and efficient gas burners with the convenience of an electric convection oven.


Boasting eight various functions and Turbo True European Convection technology, this dual fuel range has the workspace and power to address all of your cooking needs. Its five high-performance gas burners range from 5,000 to 18,000 BTU, making it possible to cook various dishes—from boiling, searing, and frying to simmering the most delicate sauces.

A convenient drawer under the oven provides valuable storage space for pots and pans, so they are hidden from view yet within easy reach.


5. Summit Appliance 24-Inch Wide Electric Range


This unit also has a white finish with a lower storage compartment, four temperature zones, indicator lights, an oven light, a backsplash, and an oven window.


This US-made model has a 220V electric range intended for 24-inch wide spaces. One 8-inch and three 6-inch coil burners come with removable chrome drip pans that facilitate ease of cleaning. For added security, coils, in turn, are equipped with sensors that use overheat protection to detect unsafe flashpoint temperatures and automatically shut down to prevent electric shocks.



6. Samsung 30-Inch Freestanding Gas Range


This unit comes in 5.8 Cu. Ft. convection cooking capacity and total power of 56,000 BTU. 




7. Frigidaire 30-Inch Freestanding Gas Range With 5-Sealed Burner Cooktop


This unit comes with a SpaceWise Expandable Element that expands from 6 to 9 inches. This extends the type of cookware that can be used on the cooktop.


With the Frigidaire 30-inch Front Control Freestanding Electric Range, you have the Quick Boil function. Cook an excellent meal with the 3,000W cooking component, looking like a built-in electric range with the Front Control Freestanding Range. This Front Control Freestanding Range can be easily incorporated into your 30-inch range.



8. Thor Kitchen 30-inch Professional Electric Range


The THOR Kitchen 30 Inch Professional Electric Range is a stainless-steel device that features powerful and user-friendly functionality. It boasts a smooth glass top and five heating element zones that let you quickly cook multiple dishes.



9. Verona Prestige Series 36-inch All Gas Range


Verona is a highly popular brand of ranges, cooktops, and ovens found in upmarket kitchens throughout the European market since 1958. Each Verona product is painstakingly manufactured by skilled artisans in Venice, Italy, known for its durability and beautiful design. Verona products meet among the highest standards in the industry.




10. Premium Levella 20-inch Electric Range


This premium’s 20 in. 2.2 cu. Ft. Electric range offers everything your kitchen needs. There are upper and lower heating elements and an in-door window and oven light so users can check on their food while it is cooking. You also get two adjustable wire racks.

A removable drawer is perfect for keeping flat pots and pans, such as sheet trays and cupcake pans. By making the drawer removable, you can clean easily around it and underneath the cooktop. Its compact size allows it to save space and supply all of the functionality you need to prepare healthy meals at home.


11. Kucht LP-W Gas Range, White


This impressive 30 in. element is packed with standard ovens, including a 22,000-BTU convection oven with a 10,000-BTU burner broiler. When you need to cook, use the 9,000 and 15,000-BTU burners in your brand new PRO-Style range.

The primary feature of this series is the ability of the cooktop drawer and the kickplate to change the color of your cooking environment. It is possible to buy new color plates and change the look of the knobs whenever you want at a meager price.


12. Avanti ERU240P1B Black 24 Inch Electric Freestanding Range


This 24″ freestanding electric range offers all the advantages of a conventional range and more. It has an automatic light mechanism that illuminates the oven, enabling visual control by dimly turning it on or off. The thermostat can be rotated clockwise to change the oven’s temperature more precisely.


What are the best types of ranges?

There are four types of ranges on the market: electric, gas, induction, and freestanding range.

  1. An electric range is a range powered by electricity. It is an easy-to-use, adjustable, dependable, and long-lasting kitchen appliance that has been in use for decades. It provides an easier way of food preparation as it allows you to cook with less supervision than a gas range which requires constant attention as the flame intensity changes from high to low while cooking. 
  2. A gas range is powered by gas. It is usually a coil range to heat pots, pans, or the inner oven. A kitchen with a gas range typically has at least four burners – two small ones, called “burners” and two big ones, known as “griddles.” 
  3. An induction range is an electric range that transfers heat differently, often heating the pots and pans faster than an electric range. They use electromagnetic fields to heat pots and pans. An induction range is typically more expensive than an electric and gas range. Unlike traditional ovens that burn hot air to cook food evenly throughout the kitchen, induction cooking has no requirement. This means an induction range does not heat the entire kitchen.
  4. A freestanding range is a range that is a slide-in or drop-in oven range. It can be powered by electric, gas, or induction heating. This range is perfect for those who want to have their cooktop flush against the wall. The flat surface provides an elegant look while also easy to use with burner controls, rear control panel, or back console standing 5 inches from the cooktop. The freestanding range is typically installed with its back against a wall, sometimes in between two countertops or one on either side.

What are the best electric ranges?

The best electric ranges are the Frigidaire 30-inch Electric Freestanding Range, Summit Appliance 24-Inch Wide Electric Range, Thor Kitchen 30-inch Professional Electric Range, and Premium Levella 20-inch Electric Range. They are energy-efficient, have multifunctional burners, and ample storage space.

What are the best gas ranges?

The best gas ranges are the Summit 20-Inch Wide Gas Range, ZLINE Dual Fuel Range with Gas Stove and Electric Oven, Cosmo 36-inch Dual Fuel Range with 5 Gas Burners, Samsung 30-Inch Freestanding Gas Range, Frigidaire 30-Inch Freestanding Gas Range With 5-Sealed Burner Cooktop, Verona Prestige Series 36-inch All Gas Range, and Kucht LP-W Gas Range. They are premium and high-quality and present a variety of sizes that can fit any kitchen space.

What are the best induction ranges?

The best induction range is the Verona Designer Series VDFSIE365SS 36 Inch 5 cu. ft Induction Range Oven. It is freestanding, has a 5-element smooth cooktop, and has stainless steel. All these premium features and designs come at a hefty price tag.

What are the best freestanding ranges?

The best freestanding ranges are the Frigidaire 30-inch Electric Freestanding Range, Samsung 30-Inch Freestanding Gas Range, Frigidaire 30-Inch Freestanding Gas Range With 5-Sealed Burner Cooktop, and Avanti ERU240P1B Black 24 Inch Electric Freestanding Range.  These models allow flexibility in setting it up among other appliances in the kitchen and can be moved according to the layout of the space.

What functionality should you expect from a range?

The functionalities you should expect from a range include boiling, frying, steaming, grilling, baking, and heating.

What should you know before buying a range?

When buying a range, you need to consider things and pick the best one based on its dual-oven, cleaning features, cooking modes, remote integration, dual-fuel options, warming drawer, warning lights, convection settings,  brand, and price.

Your budget. The price of ranges varies according to the type and brand. Recognized brands are known for quality and reliability but are on the higher end of the price range. 

Fuel type. You can pick among electric, gas, induction, and dual-fuel range. Check the volt outlet and gas hookup in your kitchen, and you’ll find out which type is most suitable. For instance, a 240-volt outlet allows you to choose between an electric and induction. A 110-volt outlet plus a gas hookup means you can only get a gas range, while a 240-volt outlet with a gas hookup can give you the best of both worlds with a duel-fuel range.

Your kitchen space. Check your kitchen space and determine whether the width of your preferred range would fit it.

The finish. What is your preferred style—stainless steel (timeless), black stainless (sleek and modern), classic black or white (easy to match with other appliances), or colored?

Burner type. The electric coil is the least expensive. Smoothtop is easy to clean and sleek but is not scratch-proof. Gas gives you excellent temperature control. Induction provides efficiency in heating and a wide range of temperatures.

Additional features include steam cookers, warming drawer, dual ovens, and wireless connections/smart features.

How you will dispose of the old range. Most manufacturers and retailers can take it for a small fee but be sure to find out.

What is the average price range for the best ranges?

The average price for a range varies between $2,00-$10,000. 

Ranges made with plastic materials are likely on the lower end of the range, whereas ranges with extra burners or ovens may cost even more.

best range

What is the main difference between a range and a microwave?

The difference between a range and microwave is that a range offers a variety of cooking methods, including frying, grilling, baking, and heating. A microwave only provides one way of cooking, which involves re-heating foods.

Another difference between a range and a microwave is the foods you can make using each appliance. A range is capable of cooking raw foods, like chicken or steak. A microwave can only re-heat foods.

What range type is considered superior?

The range type that is considered superior is the 

What are the common mistakes in using a range?

Here are some of the common mistakes for using a range:

  • Not cleaning it regularly. Clean the burners and crumb trays as often as possible to avoid expensive maintenance and upkeep costs. Wipe off grease spills immediately as they can deteriorate and saturate the oven’s insulation.
  • Thinking yellow flame is fine. If you only see yellow flame instead of white and blue flame, it’s a clear signal for you to start deep cleaning the gas valves with a service expert. The clogging of the air shutters causes the yellow flame in the gas valves to the burners, which doesn’t allow enough air into the gas or air mixture.
  • Not using the right burner for your cooking needs. If you’re using large stockpots and other cookware, avoid putting them on top of all the burners. This won’t cook your dishes efficiently as the heat cannot escape around the pan and makes the knobs hard to adjust, which is dangerous.

Knowing how to use a range carefully and adequately will ensure durability and make it last longer for your household. 

What criteria define the best range?

Here are eight criteria of a good range:

Dual-oven. A dual-oven allows you to bake two items at one time.

Self-cleaning. A self-cleaning feature cleans your oven for you automatically.

Cooking modes. Today, some ranges come with pre-programmed cooking modes, like the ability to slow cook or proof bread.

Remote integration. Higher-end ranges allow you to remotely connect to them with the ability to control settings via an app.

Dual-fuel. Some ranges have dual-fuel options, meaning you can choose an electric cooktop and a gas oven.

Warming drawer. A range with a warming drawer helps you cook larger meals by keeping items warm.

Warning lights. Warning lights let you and other household members know that the cooktop is still hot.

Convection settings. Convection settings allow you to cook foods in the oven using convection heating.

What type of reviews do the best ranges have?

Reviews on the best ranges range from positive to negative. Some people are satisfied with the sizes, style, temperature control, and heating efficiency. Others are frustrated with faulty parts, installation issues, and durability issues. 

Here are some of the typical reviews about each type of range:

Electric range. Many users are satisfied with the performance and how it fits nicely into their kitchen.