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Best Vacuum Sealers

Best Overall
FoodSaver FM2435 Vacuum Sealer Machine
Space Saver
FoodSaver VS0150 PowerVac Compact Vacuum Sealing Machine
Best Professional
Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer Machine

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Vacuum sealers do more than keep foods airtight.

They help to keep foods fresh by preventing microorganisms from growing into foods. By eliminating air from the plastic bags used with the vacuum sealer, food is kept fresh and can be preserved for much longer than with other food preservation methods.

In this article, we’ll show you the best vacuum sealers that’ll keep your food fresh, delicious, and safe. Some are handheld and portable while others are larger and use external compressors to seal large quantities of ingredients.

Without further ado, let’s know them.

1. FoodSaver FM2435 Vacuum Sealer Machine

The FoodSaver FM2435 is the perfect balance of affordable and high-tech.

It has all the key features desired in an advanced vacuum sealer while weighing under eight pounds.

This vacuum sealer will fit easily on most kitchen counter spaces. In addition to being space-efficient, it is very easy to use, as there is built-in roll storage and a cutter for vacuum sealer bags.

FoodSaver designed this product to be incredibly durable, as you are able to perform 60 consecutive seals before needing to let the device cool down. Finally, you can be assured that you are buying a versatile product, as the product is capable of sealing wet and dry items.



2. Anova Culinary Precision Port Handheld Vacuum Sealer

ANOVA is known for manufacturing best-in-class sous-vide products. Accordingly, their Precision Vacuum Sealer is an excellent choice for vacuum-sealing foods before sous-vide cooking. The product designers at ANOVA understand how to design their products to trap moisture and thus ensure maximum flavor retention.

What we love about this vacuum sealer is that it is highly portable and incredibly lightweight, weighing just over 2 pounds.

Even though the product is small, it packs a punch and can perform up to 150 seals off of one charge. When it runs out of battery, you can just recharge the product as it is constructed with a rechargeable, long-lasting lithium-ion battery.

ANOVA provides 10 pre-cut vacuum sealer bags so it’s easy for users to get started vacuum sealing.

If you’re looking for good customer service, look no further than ANOVA, as they offer an industry-leading 2-year warranty on this product and provide their customers with thousands of free sous-vide recipes in their app making the vacuum sealing and sous-vide processes even simpler.



3. Nesco Deluxe VS-12 

This vacuum sealer by Nesco caught our eye because of its versatility. It can handle small and large food items and has three sealing settings: one for dry foods, one for moist foods, and a double seal option.

In our research, we found that people encounter few if any difficulties using this vacuum sealer, as the digital display indicates the amount of time left on a given sealing.


The double heat seal function on this vacuum sealer is excellent if you wish to vacuum seal liquid-based foods, providing extra strength and security on the seal for safe food storage.

This vacuum sealer is capable of performing extra tight double pressure seals and also has a “gentle” option to vacuum seal more delicate and soft foods. There is no doubt that this vacuum sealer can get the job done, as two sizes of rolls are provided and the built-in bag cutter allows users to cut bags to their desired size. Overall, we believe this is a well-designed product that can handle the more difficult, moist vacuum sealing jobs that other vacuum sealers may not easily accommodate.


4. FoodSaver VS0150 PowerVac Compact Vacuum Sealing Machine

Consumers who value space efficiency will love this Vacuum Sealer by FoodSaver, one of the most respected manufacturers of vacuum sealers. It stands vertically, allowing users to free up counter space when not using the vacuum sealer.

You can’t go wrong with FoodSaver’s PowerVac technology, which keeps food fresh in freezers for up to 5x longer than regular storage methods. This technology also helps to prevent freezer burn, meaning that a food item’s quality is not compromised when sealed with this product.


What we love about this particular model is that FoodSaver put extra care into its design to maximize product efficiency. Compared to previous FoodSaver vacuum sealers, this one seals with 35% less bag waste, allowing users to get the most out of any single FoodSaver bag.

Some vacuum sealers can be complex and have a steep learning curve, but this simple and compact device can be operated with just one touch, making it very easy to use. The combination of simplicity and compactness makes this vacuum sealer an excellent purchase.



5. FoodSaver VS3150 Multi-Use Vacuum Sealing & Food Preservation System

The FoodSaver VS3150 is one of the most multifaceted vacuum sealers available for under $200. It is a top-of-the-line consumer vacuum sealer that makes the process of food preservation easy and precise.

Consumers can’t go wrong with this vacuum sealer; it is capable of sealing any type of food whether it be crumbly baked goods, dense grains, or moist chicken breasts.



Many vacuum sealers offer two custom settings: one for moist foods and one for dry foods. This vacuum sealer offers its users four custom settings, as it is equipped with the common moist and dry settings as well as “pulse” and “marinate” settings. The pulse setting allows users to pulse air out of the bag in controlled spurts to seal delicate foods without damaging them. The marinate setting uses vacuum power to marinate food directly and efficiently as if the food was a sponge.

Furthermore, we love that this device includes a handheld vacuum sealer, as it allows you to seal foods in zipper bags, which may be more convenient if you are looking for a looser seal. You can be assured that you will receive quality customer service if you have any problems with your vacuum sealer, as FoodSaver has detailed resources online and a responsive customer service hotline to help you troubleshoot and fix your products.



6. Hamilton Beach NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer Machine

Reducing food waste was at the core of Hamilton Beach’s philosophy when designing the NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer. American households can save over $2000 per year by reducing food waste with this vacuum sealer. If you’re looking for a built-in bag cutter, look no further than this product, as you can create any size bag up to 12 inches wide with this vacuum sealer.

Cleaning this product is no problem as the touchpad controls are designed for easy cleaning. The range of foods that can be preserved is also extensive, as with the adjustable settings, you can achieve perfect vacuum sealing results for moist or delicate foods.

The low vacuum seal settings offer you control over the process and the extended heat seal option works great for sealing moist foods to store in the freezer.

Whether it be reducing food waste or perfectly cutting bags to reduce plastic waste, this vacuum sealer is an excellent choice for consumers who are ec0-friendly.


7. ZWILLING Fresh & Save Vacuum Sealer Machine Starter Set

Handheld vacuum sealers are a great option for those looking to save money while still preserving foods with vacuum power. This product by Zwilling is designed ergonomically so it feels comfortable in the hand even when used repeatedly to vacuum seal foods.


We like that product comes as a set that includes 1 large vacuum food storage container, 2 small and 2 medium vacuum sealer bags, and the rechargeable vacuum sealer machine.

Product quality is no issue with this product, and users can be assured of product safety as the included glass storage container is BPA-free.

What is most impressive about this product is the tech. Zwilling has a phone app that works with this vacuum sealer to prevent you from wasting food. Users of this product can scan the bag or container through the app, input the food type, date, and storage method and the app will send notifications to help users stay on top of the expiration date.



8. Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer Machine

If you’re looking for a professional-grade vacuum sealer capable of sealing whole fish, racks of lamb, or whole chickens, look no further than Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer Machine.

This Vacuum Sealer is a powerhouse, operating at 935 watts of power. It has a built-in fan to cool the motor which allows it to be used repetitively without overheating. It also has a 16″ extra-long seal bar, which creates a very strong seal and allows many different sized bags to be used for sealing.

We love that even though it is a commercial-grade product, it is very easy to use and runs on a simple, one-touch operation. Furthermore, after being used, it is easy to clean as the housing is entirely stainless steel.

The manual seal mode allows you to control the amount of vacuum pressure, so soft and delicate foods can be sealed just as easily as moist and dense meat products.

If you’re looking for a vacuum sealer with commercial-level power at a reasonable price, then this is the best choice available.


9. Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer Starter Kitc

If you’re worried about over vacuuming foods, no need, as the unit has a piston pump with a seal-only switch to prevent over vacuuming. This means that you can vacuum seal delicate foods with ease.

Dealing with pesky cords is another issue buyers of this vacuum sealer do not have to worry about since there is a built-in cord storage area at the bottom of the appliance.

For those who value ease of use, this is the perfect vacuum sealer, and since it comes as a starter kit, consumers can start using this product within minutes of taking it out of the box.

Furthermore, with the built-in bag storage roll and cutter, the perfect size bag can be cut for each individual vacuum seal. We like that Nesco provides two 7. 9″ x 9. 8′ rolls, five 8. 6″ x 11. 8″ quart-sized bags, and five 11″ x 15. 75″ gallon-sized bags.




best vacuum sealers in market

Types Of Vacuum Sealers Based On Function

Vacuum sealers come in various shapes and sizes, but at the basic level, there are 4 types. Let’s get to know what they are.

Handheld Vacuum Sealer

A handheld vacuum sealer is a small portable vacuum sealer that automatically or manually seals ingredients.

Because of their build, they are easier to store than traditional vacuum sealers that usually live on kitchen countertops.

If you have limited counter space or don’t want to spend much money on a large vacuum sealer, then handheld a vacuum sealer is a great option.

Manual Vacuum Sealer

A manual vacuum sealer is a small vacuum sealer that requires manual use with each item.

They are the most common type of vacuum sealer seen in home kitchens, so if you are looking to preserve medium to large food items with vacuum power, these are the vacuum sealers for you.

Nozzle Vacuum Sealer

A nozzle vacuum sealer uses an external compressor or nozzle to seal a larger quantity of ingredients.

They are very expensive and because they don’t have chambers, the range of items that can be sealed with this type of vacuum sealer is very large. Most home vacuum sealers are used for preserving food, but nozzle vacuum sealers are often used for manufacturing, food, and pharmaceutical purposes.

Since these machines are used in industrial settings, they are much more expensive than manual or handheld vacuum sealers.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

A chamber vacuum sealer is an external vacuum sealer that uses embossed pouches to seal ingredients.

When using a chamber vacuum sealer, food is placed in a pouch that is subsequently placed inside of a chamber. These sealers evacuate air from the chamber, so the pressure inside and outside of the pouch stays the same. This means that liquids can be secured safely in the pouches without the risk of vacuuming out moisture from any moist food being sealed.

These machines are far more advanced than manual vacuum sealers, so they are understandably expensive and thus more fitting for use in restaurants or commercial settings.

Most Effective Vacuum Sealer Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Buying One

If you want an effective vacuum sealer that you can use to properly seal and secure food items that will last long, you should consider these factors when buying one.

Combination vacuum sealers

A combination vacuum sealer is typically a manual vacuum sealer that has a handheld vacuum sealer attachment. It is great for consumers who want flexibility, as the handheld sealer may be better for sealing smaller and dryer food items to be stored in the fridge or pantry. There are other uses of a vacuum sealer and different models will enable the different uses. It is important to compare the functionality of different models so you can become aware of the range of the different uses of vacuum sealers.

Ease of use

Vacuum sealing can be difficult, especially when doing it the first time. It is important to select a vacuum sealer that is easy to use. The build of the vacuum sealer will play a role in how easy it is to operate. Vacuum sealers that have indicator lights and make audible sounds to alert users when the seal is done will make the vacuum sealing process easier.


Some vacuum sealers come as kits that include storage bags and containers to store the foods you wish to vacuum seal. These options are great if you are a first-time buyer, as it makes learning how to use a vacuum sealer much easier.

Wi-fi connectivity

Some vacuum sealers have wi-fi connectivity, which helps you keep track of the status of foods that you vacuum seal. For example, some handheld vacuum sealers have mobile apps in which users can enter the type of bag they are using, the food being sealed, how it is being stored, and the date. These apps will then provide you with notifications about the expiration status of any foods logged in the app.

Vacuum sealer vs. Impulse sealer

The main difference between a vacuum sealer and an impulse sealer is the use case. A vacuum sealer uses suction power to remove air from plastic food-safe bags to extend the shelf-life of food. Impulse sealers seal plastic packaging bags by using an impulse of electricity. This electrical impulse heats up a metal wire that melts one layer of plastic to another, thereby sealing the packaging. Impulse sealing is typically not used to seal food.

Customer service

Good customer service is critical when choosing to buy any new kitchen product, and vacuum sealers are no exception. Companies like FoodSaver and Anova have been making sous-vide and vacuum sealer products for years, so they have well-established resources and channels of customer service to help customers resolve issues they might have with their vacuum sealer.

Design Style

The design of a particular vacuum sealer can make or break the long-term experience you have with the product so it is important to consider multiple design elements before choosing a vacuum sealer.

Cord storage

Some vacuum sealers have compartments to store the cord. This is a helpful design feature since dangly cords are undesirable and can present hazards in kitchens.

Housing material

The housing of a vacuum sealer is a good indication of the quality of the overall product. Vacuum sealers with plastic housing are not as durable as ones with stainless steel housing.

Sizing and storage

Sizing is a critical factor to consider when choosing the best vacuum sealer. If you have limited counter space, then choosing a vacuum sealer that is very bulky or one that can’t be stored vertically may not be the best option. In those cases, a handheld vacuum sealer may be a better option.

Some vacuum sealers are also heavy, so if you lack the storage space to keep the vacuum sealer away from the kitchen counter after using it, then a lighter vacuum sealer would be the best option.

Vacuum sealer price

Powerful vacuum sealers don’t come cheap. You should expect to spend anywhere around $150-$400 for a good one. So look for one with the features you seek that fits your budget and run away with it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Vacuum Sealers

The best brands of vacuum sealer depend on your needs and want in a vacuum sealer. However, a few of our favorite top vacuum sealers come from brands like FoodSaver, Anova, Weston Brand, and Nesco. We also like vacuum sealers that come from the top, popular brands like Hamilton Beach and Zwilling.

A vacuum sealer with a stainless steel housing tends to be the most durable type of vacuum sealer. Handheld vacuum sealers are often made of plastic parts and tend not to last as long as manual vacuum sealers. Nozzle and chamber vacuum sealers are more durable than handheld and manual vacuum sealers, as they are made for use in professional and commercial settings.

A combination vacuum sealer can be a great option for those who value versatility. Since combination vacuum sealers come with attached handheld vacuum sealers, the number of use cases with this type of vacuum sealer is greater. If you are willing to spend a bit more to buy a combination vacuum sealer, then it is a worthwhile purchase.

A vacuum sealer machine will typically last between 3-5 years. Vacuum sealers of high build quality, meaning they have all-metal or mostly metal compositions, will last longer than vacuum sealers with lots of plastic parts.

The amount you spend on a vacuum sealer will vary, depending on the features and materials that you want. Vacuum sealers may range in price, anywhere from $30 for a small, handheld vacuum sealer to a few hundred, with an average of $120. Some of the top vacuum sealers may cost even more. Consider the material, features, and use cases most important to you when setting your budget.

Vacuum sealers will stainless steel housing are the easiest to clean.

Whether or not a handheld vacuum sealer will be sufficient to store your food depends on what you are looking to store and for how long. Handheld vacuum sealers will not be the best option for sealing moist foods, such as meats, that are meant to be stored in the freezer. They are better for sealing smaller foods to be stored in the fridge or pantry. Some models of hand vacuum sealers also only work with one type of sealing bag, which can be a problem when trying to seal certain food items.

Commercial-grade vacuum sealers are a worthwhile investment if you are looking to vacuum seal meats for storage in the freezer. They are especially important if you are looking to seal large cuts of meat, as these machines are typically large and can accommodate larger bag sizes.

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