12 Uses of Cookware | Different Uses of Cookware

With so many different types of pots and pans in the market, delivered by some of the best brands, it can be quite confusing figuring out the uses of different cookware. Luckily for you, we are here to guide you on the uses of cookware and what different pots and pans can be used for. 

Before you consider purchasing cookware for your kitchen, you need to know exactly what types of pots and pans are part of a cookware set and what each is used for. If you lack this basic knowledge, you may end up spending too much or too little on the wrong cookware.

We have previously discussed what is cookware and the difference between cookware and bakeware, but in this article we will explain the different uses of cookware other than just cooking your food. These will include different methods of cooking, baking, as well as other interesting tasks. Let’s begin!

1. Decoration Items

If you have empty pans and pots lying around that are either too worn out or simply too big or small for your use, then you can use them for your next DIY art project and turn them into intriguing and creative decoration items for your home. You can paint designs and different patterns over the base, or even glue beads of different kinds to create a unique piece. You can customize the designs to your heart’s content and even hang these new decor items from the walls to give your living space a whole new, rustic look. 

2. Cake Decoration Supply Caddy

A great way to make the best use of your cookware is by designing your very own DIY cake decoration supply caddy. This is especially handy if you have old pots and pans just waiting to be disposed of. Instead, attack those old pots or cake pans together with a dowel and arrange your decoration and baking items inside so you can reach for them when needed. 

You can find such items on Amazon or even Etsy for a whole lot of money. Why not make your own and recycle (or upcycle) your old cookware? It’s cheaper and the labor is truly fun and worth it!

3. Washer for Accessories

A great way to utilize old pots or skillets is by using them as small tubs or washing pots for spoons, knives, small kitchen equipment and accessories. This can be quite handy when you’re trying to scrub off impurities or grease from your smaller kitchen gadgets and accessories. 

You can even use old pots and pans as storage for your spoons, bits and bobs, and other items instead of leaving them scattered in drawers or cabinets. There is no need to purchase separators or more kitchenware to store your smaller items when you can make do with your old cookware.

4. Funky Lamp Shades

There are no limits to creativity when it comes to DIY projects. A great way to use your cookware that is just lying around without any use is to make it into funky lamps. Bakeware can also be great for this DIY art project. Bundt cake pans, stockpots, etc., can be used atop a lamp base to create a shade. Don’t forget to paint it or decorate it with cloth, beads, and other items to give it a unique appearance.

5. DIY Cake Stands

If you have a pie or an old quiche pan, with just a little bit of creativity and some handy tools, you can transform it into a rustic cake stand that could complement modern interior, as well as traditional holiday cottage look. 

Add a base to your pan and viola! Use it to keep cake knives, napkins, honey pots, salt and pepper shakers, etc. You can even use it to keep fruit or cupcakes. Place it on one of the countertops, in the center of the table, or even by the window to truly enjoy a stunning, rustic look.

6. Wall Hangings

If you have old nonstick, Teflon skillets or pans lying around, why not turn them into fun wall hangings? You can even use them as chalk boards for the little ones to give them reminders, or keep track of their chores and other errand lists. Simply clean and scrub away the Teflon flakes from the base of the pan and paint it with chalkboard paint. Hang it from the handle and add a little bow, or other decorative designs to give your kitchen a traditional farmhouse look.

7. Garden Decorations

A splendid way to get the kiddos involved in a creative, fun project is by getting them to help with old cookware and turning it into stunning garden decorations. 

Turn stock pots into snails, ladybirds, or crabs! The possibilities are endless. All you need is a little paint and a whole lot of creativity. Turn them upside down and paint away! You can even decorate these using beads and other items and attach two or three pans together to create the silhouette of a cat, mouse, lion, mushroom, or anything else your heart desires!

8. Plant Pots

Large pots, sauce pans, etc., can be used as funky looking plant pots that create a fun and fresh look in your garden. Paint them all over and add decorative items if you please. 

You can plant all kinds of flora and fauna, as well as herbs, fruits, and vegetables like basil, cilantro, mint, cherry tomatoes, chillies, lemons, etc. The mismatched design and sizes give it a splendid, homey look.

9. Holiday Decorations

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but it can also be the most creative time as well! Use your old cookware as holiday decorations. Grab a bundt pan, paint it and decorate it with flowers and leaves to create your very own DIY wreath! 

You can use old pans and skillets to create spooky looks like a witch’s cabin on Halloween. Decorate them with fake spider webs or draw ghostly pictures on them. There is no limit to what you can achieve with old cookware and a little bit of imagination.

10. Bird Baths and Feeders

Your old cookware is also a great option to use as a bird bath or feeder. If you have old sheet pans lying around, you can paint it and hang it on a tree or if you are up for a more ambitious project, you can even turn it into a small water fountain and place it in the center of your garden for little hummingbirds to enjoy. 

You can use old saucepans as bird feeds. Simply decorate them and hang them on trees with bird food inside and watch all kinds of lovely birds and other animal friends come and go.

11. DIY Musical Instruments

Yes, you read that right! You can turn your handy pots and pans into fun little instruments for you and your kids to enjoy any day. Attach a few guitar strings to your skillet along with a wooden holder and you’ve got a homemade guitar or ukulele! 

You can even use old pots and turn them into a small drum set for your kiddos!

12. Picture Frames

Simply clean up your old tart or quiche pans and use them to paint stunning pictures inside or laminate family photos to keep them safe from scratches or dust. You can hand them on the wall in no particular order, using different shaped pans and enjoy a splendid rustic decor to your home.

FAQs About Using Old Cookware

Can you use cooking spoons for DIY art projects?

Yes, you can use your old cooking spoons like ladles and spatulas as cute wall hangings for your kitchen or other decorative item. It depends entirely on your imagination and creativity. Any kind of cookware or accessory can be used as a fun decoration or art project.

Are DIY cookware projects expensive?

No, DIY cookware projects are very affordable. You can create an assortment of new kitchen accessories like cake pans, or storageware, etc., which would otherwise cose over $50 on Amazon or Etsy. Depending on what your project is, you may have to spend a few extra bucks, but it is still more convenient, not to mention, easier on the wallet, than purchasing new accessories and items online.

Does it matter what type of cookware you are using during a DIY project?

Not really. Whether it’s nonstick Teflon, stainless steel, copper core, cast iron, etc., you can use any old cookware for a fun DIY project. You can use it as plant pots, storage, and for a variety of other purposes.

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