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Granite is a pretty standard kitchen countertop material in many people's dream kitchen design. However, have you ever thought about the edge profile you want for your granite countertop?

The edge of your kitchen countertops can have a large impact on the aesthetic and how easy to clean your kitchen is. It's also important to consider if you've got children that could hurt themselves on sharp countertop edges. 

So, which granite countertop edge profile is best?

Here we look at the 8 most common types of granite countertop edges and answer your FAQs. Let's get to it!

What are the Different Types of Granite Edges?

There are many different granite countertop edge styles to choose from depending on the style of your kitchen and what practical concerns you have with cooking, young children, space, pets, and other lifestyle factors.

These are the most common granite countertop edge styles:

  • Full Bullnose Edge
  • Half Bullnose Edge
  • Ogee Edge
  • Beveled Edge
  • Straight Edge
  • Eased Edge
  • Waterfall Edge
  • Pencil Edge

But which profile should you cut into your granite slabs? Below we discuss the design, style, and pros and cons for each chiseled edge in your countertop.

Granite Countertop Edge Profile Pros and Cons

Full Bullnose Edge

Full Bullnose Edges basically curve all the way around, producing curves on both the top and bottom of the protruding part of your granite countertop. The style is very safe for children as there are no sharp corners to run into.

Bullnose edges fit well into many different kitchens in various styles!

However, the curved shape of these full bullnose edges means that when you wipe crumbs or spilled liquids off your countertop, they often travel underneath the edge and go into your cabinets. So practically, this can be annoying to clean.


  • Suits both classic & modern kitchen styles
  • Safe for kids
  • Great in small kitchens


  • Not easy to clean
  • Crumbs/liquids tend to slide underneath
  • May cause spills into cabinets

Half Bullnose

This countertop edge style is similar to the full version but it slopes down into a 90-degree angle straight to the floor. This makes it easy to clean and wipe spills away, as they tend to drop straight down onto the floor instead of going inside your cabinetry.


While this countertop edge style is cheap, modern, and looks great for granite countertops, it's not as kid-friendly due to the sharper edge on the bottom. It's also a little simple and boring for some homeowners' tastes.


  • Easier to clean
  • Looks good in granite, marble, quartz countertops
  • Cheap & modern look


  • Not as child-friendly
  • A little drab for some homeowners

Ogee Edge

One of the fancier granite countertop edges, you'll often see ogee edges (or double ogee edges) gracing the kitchen or bathroom of a fancy hotel or .

This type of edge has long been associated with luxury and opulence – this S-shape edge profile is timeless and stylish, especially in a stone such as granite or marble.

However, the ogee edge is awkward to clean due to the S-shaped details and it can look a little over-the-top if you use it too much in kitchens that don't call for it. If you're thinking of a granite ogee edge in your kitchen or bathroom, consult a designer about the look first!


  • Unique S-shaped design
  • Opulent & timeless kitchen decor
  • Great for kitchen islands


  • Can look over-the-top
  • Doesn't always suit modern-look kitchens
  • Expensive design

Ogee Edge in Kitchen Countertops

Beveled Edge

A beveled or bevel edge is another profile that can fit into many different aesthetics, boasting a unique 45-degree angle slant that drops into a right angle. A bevel edge makes it easy to clean and care for your granite countertopsclean and care for your granite countertops and your cabinets because the spilled liquids run onto the floor instead of your cabinets, which is ideal.

However, bevel edge counters are not child-safe due to their sharp edges and they often divide opinion among homeowners – some love them, some hate them. We personally think it's more interesting than a basic rounded edge, but everyone is different.


  • Modern or classic design
  • Unique 45-degrees angle
  • Things spill onto the floor, not cabinets


  • Not child-safe
  • One of the more controversial edge options

Straight Edge (Square Edge)

When it comes to kitchen countertop edge options, it doesn't get much simpler than the fresh 90-degree right angle cut of the straight edge. This style uses a simple, sharp, modern aesthetic that is cheap to cut and easy to keep clean.

It also suits basically any space.

However, these edges are dangerous for kids due to the sharp corners, and for some buyers, they're just too minimal. Still, if you're going for a minimal aesthetic with your granite countertops, then this is the best choice over something like an ogee edge.


  • Simple & modern
  • Minimal feel
  • Simple cleaning


  • Dangerous for kids
  • Too minimal for some people
straight edge granite countertop
Image credit: Kitchen Infinity Photo

Eased Edge

An eased edge is just how it sounds – a soft rounded edge profile that gently eases toward the floor. This common granite countertop edges style is perfect for small spaces and kitchens with young kids or pets.

Eased edges slide into many kitchen themes with ease, but it's because they're just a little boring. This is probably the “safest” of all countertop edge options, which is a good or bad thing depending on who you ask.


  • Simple & common edge profile
  • Rounded for child safety
  • Great for small kitchens


  • Boring design
  • Top edge curves more than the bottom one
eased edge granite countertop
Image credit: Kitchen Infinity Photo

Waterfall Edge

A relatively new version of chiseled edge, the waterfall edge is basically a straight square edge that carries on down to the floor as part of the unit. The idea is that the granite countertop runs to the floor like a waterfall cascading down a cliff.

Waterfall edges are very popular in kitchen islands, turning your granite slab into a neat focal point.

While the design of these countertops is nice and seamless, it has sharp corners that can be a problem in tight spaces or with kids around. It's also an expensive granite edge style and it's very design-dependent.


  • Add tons of value to your home
  • Seamless style (great with granite & quartz countertops)
  • Easy to keep clean


  • Sharp corners
  • Expensive
  • Doesn't work for every home

Pencil Edges

Sometimes called a round edge, a pencil edge has a small rounded section around the area of a pencil on the top corner, making it safer to accidentally bump into. This tends to be the case for both the top and bottom corners, but sometimes it's just the top.

It depends on the manufacturer.

These kitchen countertops are safe and a little boring, so use them wisely. They can also cause crumbs to slide underneath the countertop edges when cleaning, which can be irritating if practicality is the main concern for you.


  • Rounded countertop edges
  • Safe for kids & small spaces
  • One of the safest edge profiles


  • Crumbs tend to slide under the edge
  • Just a bit boring

What is the Most Popular Edge For Granite Countertops?

The most popular granite edge style is actually the half bullnose, which is seen in many traditional and modern styles of kitchen.

It's easy to keep the counters clean and stops spills from seeping into your cabinets below, though it's not ideal for kids and smaller spaces, so make sure you keep that in mind.

How Much Should the Overhang Be On a Granite Countertop?

The overhang on a granite edge countertop is usually between 1-2 inches depending on the style of the countertops.

If the edge protrudes any more than that, it could be a hazard (especially in a tight space).

Are Waterfall Islands Going Out Of Style?

Waterfall islands are not going out of style in 2021 as far as we've seen.

However, styles are always coming and going, so try to use a nice piece of granite stone for your waterfall island and keep up its condition to help it look stylish years into the future.

Granite Countertop Edges – Which Edge Profile Is Right For You?

Granite edge profiles come in various shapes and sizes, each of which has unique pros and cons in terms of practicality, look, and how safe they are.

Hopefully reviewing all of these countertop edge profiles has helped you! No matter which you choose, we hope you find the right counter edge for your needs, aesthetic, and family!

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