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If you're looking for a brand new toilet you might have heard of these three brands: Kohler, American Standard, and Toto. They are three of the best brands that are currently available in the market. However, which one is the best? 

In this article, we're going to compare the Kohler, American Standard, and Toto toilets in terms of quality, price, and value. 

Which one will win? Let's get right into it.

Comparing the Dual Flush Toilets: Toto vs Kohler Toilets

Firstly, let's compare the toilets by quality. In terms of flushing capability, Kohler and Toto have a Class 6 flush which means that it can push down 200 grams per liter. For American Standard though, they only have a Class 4 flush which means that it can only push down 140 grams per liter. This makes Kohler and Toto more superior than American Standard in terms of flushing capabilities. 

Toto vs. Kohler vs. American Standard
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In addition to this, when you're comparing their resistance against clogs, Kohler has .8 gallons per flush whereas Toto has 1 gallon per flush while American Standard only manages to achieve .9 gallon per flush; making them the third-best among the three brands.  

Due to this reason, when it comes to the hardness of water, Kohler and Toto will have an advantage over American Standard. The reason for this is because their flushing capabilities are more superior whereas American Standard has a lower amount of flush per gallon which means that they're less advantageous against clogs when compared to the other two brands.

Automatic Flushing Bidet Toilets: Kohler vs. Toto vs. American Standard Toilet

When comparing the quality of these three toilets, you'll find out that American Standard has a flapper valve while Kohler and Toto both have siphon jet valves.

When choosing your toilet's flushing system, we recommend opting for a siphon jet valve because it cleans thoroughly as well as rinses out the bowl.

In addition to this, siphon jet valves are also quieter than flapper valves. When it comes to Kohler vs Toto vs American Standard, Kohler has a sound rating of 4 and Toto has a sound rating of 3 while American Standard only manages to achieve 2; making Kohler and Toto more superior when it comes to flushing noise levels.

Price comparison-Toto toilets vs Kohler vs American Standard

When you're comparing toilet prices, Kohler toilets tend to be on the expensive side whereas the other two brands are all affordable alternatives. For example, when it comes to Toto, you'll get their top-notch models for less than $500 so you're getting something really good for the price you're paying. On the other hand, Kohler toilets are way more expensive than Toto which makes Toto and American Standard a much better option if budget is your priority. Don't forget to check our guide for the best Toto toilets in the market!

Toto toilet bowl efficiency

When it comes to flushing effectiveness, you wouldn't find any difference between Kohler vs American Standard however there will be some difference when comparing them to Toto due to their flushing capability being higher than .9 gallon per flush.

Due to this reason, when it comes to how effectively they cleanse the bowel; both Kohler and Toto outshine American Standard, making them the first and second best when it comes to bowl cleaning.  On the other hand, Kohler toilets are way more expensive than the other, which makes Toto and American Standard a much better option if budget is your priority.

Toto vs. American Standard: Which Toilet Brand Is Better?
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When you're comparing American Standard vs Kohler, they both have a smaller seat than Toto which means that when they were installed, 2 flappers were needed for each toilet. However, due to its powerful flush feature along with the siphon jet guide, Toto can be used using just 1 flapper; making it superior in this regard. 

Kohler and American Standard will require more parts so if you want to save some money on your installation costs, then opt for Toto or Kohler since they don't need additional parts compared to other brands like American Standard. 

Is the Toto toilet better than the American standard?

When it comes to choosing toilet brands, you have a lot of options available in the market due to different manufacturers making their models. However, when it comes to Kohler vs American Standard vs Toto, Toto is considered to be one of the best since they are known for their durability and high-quality flushing system that leaves no water behind in the bowl unlike other brands like American Standard.  You can also check out our American Standard toilets reviews and buying guide before making any final decision on this brand of toilets.

Why are Toto toilets so expensive?

Toto toilets can be pricey due to their many features and advantages.

Toilet Seat

They come with a heated toilet seat, toilet innovations engineered with high quality like bidet functions for rear wash and cleanse, as well as a thorough air purifier that kills any nasty odors in the surrounding. Toto toilets virtually eliminate any need for toilet paper and are more eco-friendly. The toilet bowl lid can also lift and close automatically in some models. Learn more about Toto washlet cost.

Is American standard a good brand for toilets?

When it comes to comparing American Standard and Toto, you'll get the top-notch american standard toilet model number for less than $500 so you're getting something really good for the price you're paying. 

American Standard is also known for its quality products but when it comes to comparing them vs Toto and American standard vs Kohler; they are popularly known in the industry as one of the best flushing technology systems around since it gets rid of everything that's inside the bowl without leaving any residue behind.

Final thoughts on Kohler vs. American standard vs Toto toilets

In summary, when it comes to these three brands; American Standard and Toto are the best choices if you're looking for a toilet that is guaranteed to last while Kohler is also great but tends to be more expensive. If you want to look for American standard toilet review  we got that covered as well.

Whether you're looking for a toilet with partial flush or a self-cleaning toilet, both will have the perfect product. Browse collections to see for yourself that the Toto toilet is designed with a flush valve that gives you a sparkling clean bowl with the option to save water.

However, if are looking for something more your style, browse collections that the other two brands offer.

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