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Misen Knife Review

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If you’re in the market for a high-quality knife that is also durable, then this Misen knife review is for you. We have tested some of the best home cooking knives in the market and Misen products are worth checking out.

Keep reading to learn about some of Misen’s top-rated knives. You can also use the guide below to learn the most important features when shopping for the right knives.

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Top Misen Knives of 2021

Here are a few different types of Misen knives to consider:

1. Misen Chef's Knife

The Misen Chef's Knife comes with the following features:

Misen Chef’s Knife is a favorite for many reasons. This 8-inch chef’s knife features a Japanese-style design with a sharp edge and durable thinner knife blade.

It is made with top-quality Japanese materials. The handle is designed with thermoplastic elastic molecules, (TPE) that come with a lifetime guarantee. The handle is sturdy and has a nice grip.

The blade itself is made with steel materials from its tip to butt, making it extra sharp. It also has a curved blade design which is best suited for a push cut. It features a 15-degree angle in sharpness with a 50/50 symmetrical grind. It is also sleek and modern looking, fitting in with most kitchen designs.

2. Misen Utility Knife

FeaturesThe Misen Utility Knife comes with the following features:

The Misen Utility Knife is a perfect size, fitting in between a chef’s knife and a paring knife. It is designed with premium AUS-10 materials that are long-lasting and durable. The 15-inch blade angle is what you need for serious eats or cooking with more difficult ingredients.

The Misen Utility Knife also comes with a uniquely sloped bolster design, which allows you to do a pinch grip for better functionality. This Japanese knife is a versatile tool you will come to rely on in the kitchen.

3. Misen Santoku Knife

The Misen Santoku Knife offers the following features:

The Misen Santoku Knife is an all-purpose knife made with a rounded down tip and flatter edge. It is a top kitchen knife because of its ability to cut most ingredients while staying sharp and maintaining good edge retention. This everyday knife is a must for avid home cooks.

4. Misen Short Chef's Knife

The Misen Short Chef's Knife has the following features:

Misen’s Short Chef’s Knife is ideal for those who want a smaller handle or greater control without giving up blade sharpness or durability. This knife is comparable with the Chef’s Knife but is smaller in size.

5. Misen Paring Knife

The Misen Paring Knife offers the following features:

The Misen Paring Knife goes along perfectly with the Misen Chef’s Knife. It is ideal for precision cutting and fine details. Its small size doesn’t give up quality, still offering an efficient chop.

6. Misen Serrated Essentials Knife

The Misen Serrated Essentials Knife offers the following features:

The Misen Serrated Essentials Knife is also referred to as a bread knife. It features Japanese stainless steel materials, making it another of our favorite high-quality knives. It has 32 pointed tips for precision tasks that go beyond that of cutting bread.

7. Misen Steak Knife


The Misen Steak Knife is ideal for cutting meat without shredding it. It features a razor-sharp edge that is serrated for optimal comfort. It also is made with stainless steel materials with a slim design. A perfect pair with your best non stick pans.

This knife also perfectly combines the advantages of both a Japanese and Western-style knife, giving you the best of both. This steak knife has an eight-inch sharp blade, making it a versatile kitchen knife that can easily handle all your cooking tasks, including butternut squash ingredients.

8. Misen Essentials Knife Set

Can’t decide? Choose the Misen Essentials Knife Set. If you can’t choose one of Misen’s top knives, consider the Misen Essentials Knife Set. This set comes in either a three or five-piece set. Each of the knives in the set is made with high-carbon stainless steel.

The three-piece set comes with the Misen Chef’s Knife, Serrated Knife, and Paring knife. The five-piece set comes with the above three knives, as well as the Santoku and Utility Knife.

Knife Buying Guide- What to Look For

Choosing the best knives for your household requires you to consider a few features:


Consider your cooking needs when choosing the right type of knives. When it comes to high-end kitchen knives, you only need ones that accommodate your cooking style.

For example, you may go with an 8-inch chef’s knife if you want something that is both durable and versatile. Paring knives are ideal if you want a finer cut. The best knives offer much more than a sharp knife, so considering your needs in a good chef’s knife is a good start.


While price isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing the best chef’s knife, we know that it is an important consideration. Misen is one of the best values when it comes to choosing a good knife. They can easily compete with some of the best and most expensive knife products in the market. Yet, they all come at an affordable price using a direct-to-consumer model.

In fact, most of Misen’s chef’s knives are under $100. They also have knife sets at $200 or less. They are affordable without sacrificing quality.


Performance is an important indicator of a great knife. You want a shart knife that can effectively chop up the toughest of ingredients. Consider the type of cooking you most often do and what ingredients you most often work with. Choose a knife that is capable of slicing and cutting these items. Consider some of the most common ingredients of home cooks.


Many top-quality knives have a full tang design, like the Misen Chef’s Knife. You will also find that a lot of the best chef’s knives come with a synthetic handle. These are only a few design types you may consider when choosing a knife.

Another common distinction to consider when considering the design is the country of origin. The two biggest types of chef’s knives are Japanese or German. Japanese style chef’s knives are usually harder and lightweight, best for precision cutting. German knives are thicker and have a unique curve, which is suited for rocking motions. Rocking motions can help with cutting certain ingredients. Japanese-style knives are also lighter in weight. You can read more about the best japanese chef knife under 100.

Choosing between the two is usually a matter of personal preference.

Knives also come in all different materials. Stainless steel is one of our favorite materials because it is durable and looks modern. Also, when a blade is made with stainless steel, it is easier to clean.


Durability refers to the blade’s hardness. You want a knife that easily cuts and chops your most-used ingredients. Full tang is a premium and durable design featured in many Misen products.

You can learn a lot from a knife review as to how long a kitchen knife holds up, but you can also take advantage of Misen offers. These offers not only get you accessibility to the 8-inch chef’s knife but also offer a free return and lifetime warranty. Lower quality knife sets may do a good job at slicing and cutting, but they are unlikely to offer warranties that promise to sharpen or repair your knife’s blade free of charge to you.

Other Things to Consider When Knife Shopping

Here are a few other things you might consider when knife shopping:

  • Lifetime Warranty: All Misen knives come with a lifetime warranty. Misen will replace your quality knife at no cost to you. They also offer Lifetime Sharpening. This means if your knife blade dulls, they will sharpen it at no cost to you. You simply send your high-end kitchen knife into Misen and they will return it in about two weeks.
  • Return Policy: Misen will also allow you to return your Misen kitchen knives within 60-days of purchase, with no questions asked.

These additions can make it easier when choosing the right knife. With warranties and a good return policy, you don’t have to worry about wasting your money on a bad-quality knife.

About Misen

Misen is a relatively new company that is designed for all levels of chefs. Whether you are a beginner, learning which cooking knives are best, or you are an avid chef, looking for the best kitchen knives to make a part of your collection and take your skill to the next level, Misen is worth it. Their products also pair well with other kitchen products.

Misen was first founded in 2018 after a successful Kickstarter in which the chef first introduced his premium 8-inch chef’s knife. Their popularity has only increased with the release of additional utility knives and cooking items.

While Misen started with the Chef’s Knife, it has since become a recognized leader with its full lineup of Misen knife products.

You can often find Misen offers online, making their products even more affordable. However, even if there are no current offers available, Misen is an affordable brand. You won’t find it easy to find another brand with as high-quality materials as Misen that also comes at a good price. While they are certainly not perfect, comparable products are usually in a much higher price range.

With free returns and warranties that protect the steel materials and slicing capabilities of your knives, there really is no reason to try any other product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Knives

You might wonder why you need a chef’s knife. Why can’t you just use the kitchen knives you already have in your kitchen?

Chef knives offer a few benefits, including:

  • The ability to cut difficult ingredients, like lemongrass or garlic
  • The ability to cut tougher meats without shredding them
  • Made with higher-quality materials that last longer
  • Look more professional, which may or may not be important to you

Chef’s knives give you superior control. Misen Chef’s Knife stays sharp, even after frequent use, making it worth the purchase.

Everyone’s favorite chef, Gordon Ramsay, is known for being loyal to the Wüsthof brand. While Wüsthof is also a leader in kitchen knives, they usually cost much more than Misen. Misen products are a good entry-level kitchen knife that will exceed the quality of your current knives.

Other professional chefs tend to prefer versatile knives so they don’t have to frequently swap between other knives for different ingredients. That’s why when you hear chef’s knife, it typically refers to one knife that can handle a lot of tasks. A chef’s knife is the perfect balance of fine-tune cutting paired with heavy-duty chopping.

Using this information, you should have a good idea of the type of kitchen knife you need based on your cooking type. Whether you need a good chef’s knife or utility knife, consider Misen as your next premium knife purchase.

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