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Kitchen Infinity is your New Jersey team of professional  kitchen remodeling contractors. In short, we love renovating kitchens! We specialize in cabinet refacing, countertop installation, custom made cabinets, backsplash and more! Kitchen Infinity would love to help make your dream kitchen a reality! Our team of seasons pros will help guide you through all of the important steps of remodeling a kitchen. Learn more below. And don’t forget to schedule an absolutely free kitchen consultation with our team.

Custom Cabinetry

Sometimes refacing isn’t the right fit for your home. In those instances, custom cabinet installation is the way to go. Your NJ kitchen renovation may require custom cabinets in the following situations:

  • Existing cabinets are structurally unsound.
  • You don’t like the current design or layout of your kitchen cabinetry.
  • You would like to upgrade to solid wood construction
  • It is new kitchen construction.

The Kitchen Infinity home renovation and kitchen remodeling services offer you experience, expertise, and excellence. Your home remodeling job doesn’t have to feel scary or overwhelming when you have the right people on the job. When you are ready for a highly-valuable property upgrade, our team is here to help. Your kitchen remodel in NJ will look phenomenal once we finish your custom cabinets.
Cabinetry takes up more than a quarter of the space in a typical kitchen. So with that information in mind, it can feel terrifying to choose the perfect type of cabinetry.
But Kitchen Infinity is standing by to help. We have helped with the kitchen remodels in hundreds of NJ homes (from Southern New Jersey to northern New Jersey), and we are ready to serve you for any of your cabinet selection and cabinet installation needs! If you are confused about the design ideas, feel free to visit our design center and our home improvement specialists will walk you through product selection process and material costs.

Custom Cabinet Steps

Custom cabinet design for your New Jersey kitchen remodeling process has a few steps:

  1. Meet with our project managers to discuss your wishes and goals. They take preliminary measurements and prepare an estimate for you.
  2. The design staff works with you to plan your kitchen cabinet style, color, and configuration. They also help you select the knobs, pulls, and hinges you will need for your finishing touches.
  3. Installers take final, precise measurements and order the products. It can take a minimum of two months for custom pieces to arrive. So the cabinet selection is always the first major step in kitchen remodeling. Other work can then continue, and the cabinets can arrive in time for installation.
  4. Once everything is on-site, the Kitchen Infinity professionals install your cabinetry.
  5. You celebrate your glorious space!

Our kitchen renovation contractors will guide you through all the available options, glass cabinetry, wood cabinetry and modern cabinetry. The outcome and kitchen remodeling prices will depend on the project type, material and quantity of cabinets you choose.

Kitchen Renovations Contractors for New Jersey Houses, Apartments & Condos

Anyone living in a state steeped in history like New Jersey understands something about old homes. Kitchen remodeling and design in The Garden State must span the old and the new. From historic Victorian homes to modern and contemporary lofts, New Jersey has it all.
When starting any home improvement project, you need to choose an excellent contractor. They must have experience and expertise in addressing the unique needs of your house. Kitchen remodeling, in particular, demands a careful hand. After all, the kitchen is often the focal point in modern homes. Whether your house is new or old, the kitchen deserves to shine.
Kitchen Infinity is proud to be part of the New Jersey community. It’s an honor to work on the beautiful properties that our neighbors call home. When you need new construction or remodeling services, reach out to our top-of-the-line crew.
For premier kitchen remodeling, New Jersey-style, trust our team of highly-qualified professionals. Our craftsmen have the experience to handle any size kitchen remodel project. And we can work with any style of home, including:

  • Victorian
  • Colonial
  • Tudor
  • Ranch
  • Contemporary
  • Condominium
  • Single-Family Dwelling

Our NJ design team works with the integrity of your home’s aesthetic in mind and designs your New Jersey kitchen accordingly. We honor the historic and the modern and everything in between, as needed to update your kitchen.

Cabinet Refacing

Many old New Jersey homes boast unmatched structural integrity. The beauty and artisanship in these properties are sights to behold. And because the original builders worked with such precision and expertise, many of these houses have kitchen cabinets that are still in excellent shape, structurally.
If you are ready for new kitchen updates, your cabinets could be candidates for refacing. In a refacing project, the shell of the cupboard remains intact. Rather than tearing them out and replacing them, cabinets get a new surface and new doors and drawer fronts.
Resurfacing is an excellent way to upgrade your NJ kitchen cabinets with less time and money. One of the great home improvement projects is when you manage to stick to a suitable budget. If the cabinetry is still functional and sound, refacing is the perfect option. Kitchen cabinet refacing is ideal when you don’t need to change design ideas and the layout of your space.

Although we do provide bathroom remodeling and generic home improvements but our strength plays out when we are remodeling the kitchen.

Resurfacing Process

Here is a brief guide to the resurfacing process:

  1. Our estimator meets with you in an initial consultation to go over the scope of your project and take initial measurements. Then they generate a proposal for your remodel.
  2. A Kitchen Infinity design specialist will help you choose the color and style of drawer fronts and doors for your cabinets. They work with you to decide on a product that fits your budget and aesthetic. From solid wood to glass to laminate, you have many excellent choices. The design expert also assists you in selecting the hardware for your new kitchen cabinets.
  3. The cabinet resurfacing installers take precise measurements and place your order.
  4. Once the materials arrive, the Kitchen Infinity installation team begins the prep work. They remove doors, drawer fronts, hardware, and hinges. They prepare the cabinet “bones” for their new laminate skin.
  5. The crew applies the laminate covering and installs the updated doors and hardware.
  6. You get to enjoy a beautifully upgraded look!

Cabinet refacing is one of the most straightforward kitchen renovation projects you can do. A simple refacing will immediately up our kitchen or bathroom remodel and will add value to your home quickly and for less money.

Beautiful Homes and Stunning Kitchens. Highlights About The Garden State

Nestled between Pennsylvania and New York, The Garden State holds its own, thank you very much. And as one of the 13 American colonies, it is rich in American history. Hundreds of famous people hailed from New Jersey, spanning a broad range of years and personalities. Some of the most notable include:

  • Walt Whitman
  • Gloria Gaynor
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Lou Costello
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Meryl Streep
  • Jack Nicholson

New Jersey offers its residents and visitors an incredible array of outdoor activities. With more than 120 miles of Atlantic coastline, the Jersey shore is something remarkable, indeed. And throughout the state are 28 state parks to enjoy. From camping to golfing to skiing, there is something for everyone.
Homes in the beautiful state of New Jersey straddle the old and the new with grace. Farmhouse kitchens abound, but so do houses with sleek, modern designs. As your NJ kitchen remodeling experts, Kitchen Infinity is proud to serve you and your home. If you are ready for a kitchen renovation, let Kitchen Infinity provide the design services you need.

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Countertop Installation

It’s rare for a kitchen remodeling in New Jersey not to include upgraded countertops. After all, if you have fresh cabinets to enjoy, wouldn’t you like an updated kitchen workspace, too? Kitchen Infinity has the best contractors for your NJ remodeling project. From overall kitchen design to intricate finishing touches, we are proud to offer excellent kitchen remodeling services. And when it comes to stunning countertops for your home improvement, we are the best in The Garden State.

If your kitchen remodeling job includes updating the counters, let’s talk. We offer incredible, gorgeous quartz and granite countertops for your fresh look. We work to match your aesthetic and the functionality you need for your lifestyle. And the makeover doesn’t end with your counter installation. Our professional team of kitchen remodeling contractors can handle the kitchen island and backsplash, too. Ceramic, glass, Corian®, or mosaic blend tiles can all grace your kitchen. This kitchen work allows for significant creativity and customization for your lovely space.

You won’t have to worry about product selections. We will take care of our home renovation and kitchen projects for you!

Process for Countertops

If updated counters are on your to-do list, here is a guide to the process:

  1. Your initial design consultation allows you to share your vision for your kitchen remodel. The project coordinator will get some preliminary measurements and generate a proposal for you.
  2. The design and countertop installation team helps you choose the style and color of countertops you want for your kitchen remodeling undertaking. They also assist you in planning your backsplashes.
  3. Installers take precise measurements and order the product.
  4. Once everything arrives, the Kitchen Infinity team goes to work. Soon you have stunning, updated countertops and backsplashes.
  5. The kitchen remodeling crew shows you how to care for and maintain your updated counters.
  6. You get to have a perfect, lovely kitchen!

We will design for you a kitchen that will increase the resale value of your home!

Don’t Delay Your Kitchen Remodeling in NJ

Since the kitchen is the heart of your home, it deserves the utmost love and attention. With an expert team on your side, your home improvement experience will be peaceful and fulfilling. From cabinets to counters, our kitchen remodeling professionals do the job right. They pay attention to critical details so that you end up with your dream kitchen design in your NJ kitchen.

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