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Who Is Kitchen Infinity?

Whether you’re designing your kitchen from scratch or you’re going for a bit of kitchen remodeling, Kitchen Infinity is your one-stop solution to your kitchen design ideas. The expertise, creativity, vision and skills of the team at Kitchen Infinity makes your New Jersey kitchen a place of your dreams. The team focuses on innovative patterns and designs, durability, commitment, reliability, and flawless execution.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Monmouth County, NJ

Quick Glance: Kitchen Remodeling Step-by-Step

Given below is the work breakdown structure for the kitchen remodeling :

  1. Our design professional meets you to take the initial measurements of your kitchen space. By keeping your budget and preference in view estimates the cost of kitchen remodeling your kitchen and provides you with rough estimates.
  2. You will be provided by assistance from our kitchen design specialists who will guide you about the color and type of cabinets, countertops and backsplash selection. Our kitchen design specialist also supports you in choosing modern smart gadgets to maximize your comfort level.
  3. After a complete survey of your place with final measurements along with the kitchen design approved by you, the Kitchen Infinity’s kitchen remodeling contractor places your order.
  4. Once the order is placed, our project manager plans the kitchen remodeling of your kitchen within a given budget and time to achieve the complete scope of the project.
  5. Once the planning is completely done, the inspecting team along with their worker/installing crew executes the plan. The team will prepare the kitchen for your newly ordered additions or will work with the existing cabinet “bones” for their new laminate skin (if cabinet resurfacing is selected).
  6. The installing crew renovates and installs new upgrades upon your requirements under the observation of experts.
  7. Your kitchen remodeling project is completed and you get to enjoy a new kitchen.

When you choose us, you choose a complete plan; from kitchen design to implementation.

Custom Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets are flexible because it is a personal choice that gives you exactly what you want for your new kitchen without getting into the restrictions of size, type and quality. Custom cabinets work best in kitchen and bathroom. Custom kitchen cabinetry is built to fit your unique kitchen design. Although mostly modern cabinet stock comes in pre-made modular units, custom kitchen cabinetry offer possibilities for any kind of kitchen design or space.

Kitchen Infinity helps you to build your desired kitchen look without compromising on quality or your selected kitchen design. Custom kitchen cabinets are customarily constructed by Kitchen Infinity that are equipped with all elements of the cabinet comprising the box, frames, doors and drawers. Our professionals give a variety of options that can be customized into your preferences. Options include increased or decreased width or depth, custom kitchen front, matching interiors or comprehensive stiles and many more. We take pride that when we promise custom, we deliver custom.

Cabinets Refacing

If we compare the replacement of cabinets with the option of just refacing them, refacing is quite simple and eco-friendly. Lucky for you, Kitchen Infinity offers refacing of cabinets, recycles the old cabinets and utilizes it’s usable components. If you are planning kitchen remodeling, then rather than overwhelming yourself with numerous available options and styles of cabinet, get expert advice and plan kitchen remodeling in Monmouth County, NJ by consulting Kitchen Infinity.

Refacing kitchen cabinetry costs half of replacing custom kitchen cabinets. Cabinet refacing can be challenging, as it requires remodeling your kitchen outlook by using used materials. Our professionals can take care of that for you. From checking whether your old used cabinets are good candidates to be used for refacing to actually sprucing them up and adding a new touch to your kitchen, we cover all!


Along with the cabinetry, replacing kitchen countertops give a lavish outlook to your old kitchen is an option worth thinking over. If your kitchen countertops does not match your house décor then it is the right time to select the suitable countertops that match your home’s interior. By updating your kitchen with new countertops you can easily give a fresh look to your kitchen!

If you have a wish to add value to your kitchen then plan kitchen remodeling with Kitchen Infinity. We offer you a range of trendy outlooks, a variety of countertops from style to materiel. The advantages of remodeling your kitchen countertop ranges from the practical to the appealing but each advantage offers you a reason to adopt a change. Take advantage by consulting Kitchen Infinity’s professionals and find out numerous possible styles of countertop remodeling and it’s maintenance.

Once we have completed your kitchen remodel, you'll have a new kitchen and you won't look back at any other company when it'll come to your other kitchen, bath and home project.

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Highlights about Monmouth County, NJ

Monmouth County is both a historic town and a community. The diversity of the county allows anyone to blend into the community. Not only a location for amazing kitchen makeovers, the beautiful beaches here provide an amazing place to spend the summers, and the many parks and hiking trails are perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle. Monmouth County will truly satisfy any, and all, needs!

Geography –  Monmouth county is bounded by wooded hills to its north, east and south. Monmouth County is in close proximity to New York, Philadelphia, and quite obviously, the Jersey Shore. The shore points are a few minutes away in one direction and New York City in the other. In climatic terms, it is situated between those areas, which shows cooler and dried conditions of weather.

Attractions of Monmouth county –  There are limitless forms of entertainment, restaurants, shops and much more. Beautiful beaches are in close proximity. One thing that is special to Monmouth County is the well-organized and well-maintained parks system. Any visit to one of the over 30 parks will demonstrate the care and compassion the county takes to please it’s citizens and guests.

Education and Employment – With some of the best public schools and job opportunities in the state, the location is unbeatable for raising a family. The school systems are competitive.

Safety and security – Overall, Monmouth County, NJ is a very safe, residential area to live in. By the cooperation of the police department Monmouth County provides the safest possible atmosphere and environment.

Lifestyle – When the discussion comes to lifestyle that leads to luxury homes, Monmouth County compiles the trendiest and modern way of living with homes designed by using modern techniques and architectures. It has been essential to design homes with modern and latest trends with easy affordability.

Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA – from the seashore, to the history and arts, to the farmhouses, to the watercourses, to the parks, to the small towns, to the very well organized tree lined streets– is a county that everyone must visit.

When you plan kitchen remodeling and you need expert advice with kitchen design and to achieve modern kitchen goals, visit or call us OR book a free in-house consultation! Kitchen Infinity's team will help you by giving innovative ideas of kitchen remodeling so you can attain a lavish lifestyle by keeping your budget without compromising on style.


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