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Kitchen Infinity is a well-renowned kitchen remodel contractor servicing Sea Girt, New Jersey. Our dedicated team specializes in various facets of kitchen design, including backsplashes, countertops, kitchen makeovers, cabinets, storage solutions, full kitchen construction and more! Whether you’re installing a new granite countertop or contemplating some cabinet refacing, we’re the team to call. 

We offer free kitchen consultations. Why not take up our free offer? Continue reading below to learn about kitchen remodeling services that we can offer you. And if you’re serious about bringing your dream kitchen come to life, you’ll be able call or schedule your no commitment consultation with one of our awesome Kitchen Infinity team members! 

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Custom Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are one of the first things people see when they walk into your kitchen, so it’s essential to make them look striking and impressive. However, it’s also crucial to maximize your kitchen’s workspace and storage. That’s where our custom cabinets come in!

Our custom cabinets in Sea Girt, NJ are designed to perfectly fit your kitchen, maximize the efficiency of your working triangle, and give your home the aesthetic and feel it deserves. Our team is experienced in creating custom cabinets for modern, traditional, and transitional kitchens.

The Kitchen Infinity team of kitchen remodelers in Sea Girt use various styles of door panels, materials, shapes, sizes, and paint finishes to create the exact custom cabinetry that your kitchen needs. We want our customers to be proud of their kitchens!


Whether you’re looking for granite, quartz, marble, laminate, or any other material, Kitchen Infinity installs custom kitchen countertops. We work with all different countertop materials, shapes, and designs, helping you to get the high-quality kitchen countertops of your dreams.

Let’s face it, 08750 is a prominent zip code, and you deserve prominent countertops. A great countertop can significantly boost the value of your home, especially if it’s made from granite or quartz. The distinctive veining and patterns of these countertops create unique, opulent elements to your kitchen that are visually striking and last for decades if cared for correctly.

Cabinet Refacing

Are your kitchen cabinets looking a little dated? Maybe they’re drab or they’ve sustained damage over the years? If your kitchen needs a refresh but you don’t want to spend too much, try our cabinet refacing services in your area. 

Cabinet refacing means that you keep the existing framework of your cabinets (the shelves and mounts) but the doors are replaced with new ones, easily modernizing your kitchen space without changing any structural work.

We use high-quality laminate and wooden doors in our cabinet refacing jobs, finishing off your new cabinet doors with high-quality hardware, handles, and fittings that will stand the test of time. If your Sea Girt kitchen needs a breath of fresh air, give the team of kitchen contractors at Kitchen Infinity a call!

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Exploring Sea Girt Kitchen Remodeling and More!

Formed as a borough back in 1917, Sea Girt is located in Monmouth County along the New Jersey shore. Sea Girt, like it's neighboring town where we provide stunning kitchen remodeling in Sea Bright, has a population of just under 2000 inhabitants boasts a wonderful small town charm. The town is rich in rural beauty and has a vibrant community life.

If you talk about the attractions in this lovely borough, one thing that stands out is the Sea Girt Light. The lighthouse started its operations nearly 124 years, dating back all the way to 1896. The Sea Girl Light is located on Beacon Boulevard. What makes this lighthouse special is that it is one of the twenty lighthouses that are still in existence in the New Jersey state. It is also one of the just eleven lighthouses along the New Jersey coastline that are open to the public till today.

Town sign of Sea Girt
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It is also interesting to mention that the Government back in 1956 put the lighthouse on sale. This is when the Borough of Sea Girt decided to purchase the lighthouse. After Sea Girt bought it, the lighthouse was used as a library and community center. Because the structure is very old with frequent use its condition deteriorated over time. Various considerations were discussed including selling the lighthouse and this is when local citizens stepped up, formed a committee, and leased the building from the borough. In the years to come the initial 25 years agreement was extended and complete restoration was done. This is why the lighthouse remains in excellent shape even today. A number of events and ceremonies are regularly held at the lighthouse and it remains the top attraction of the small town.

Another interesting place to visit is the museum maintained by the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. The museum known as the National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey houses uniforms, artifacts and other equipment. It also has the Center for U.S. War Veterans’ Oral Histories; the center is dedicated to preserve the memories of the veterans. As of now, the center contains the interviews of an impressive 600 veterans.

Finally, we come to the training facilities in Sea Girt maintained by the New Jersey State Police and New Jersey Department of Corrections.
If you live in this peaceful town, that is rich in history and abundant in natural beauty you certainly aspire to have a kitchen as beautiful as the town itself. If you have the task to model or remodel a kitchen in Sea Girt to give it a natural yet modern vibe is not easy, then you know where to go! As far as kitchen design are concerned, every client is spoilt for choice these days but making a choice that fits your need is where it gets tricky. At Kitchen Infinity, our team of dedicated and professional experts will remodel your Kitchens like no one else does in Sea Girt. Our team offers its service, in many surrounding towns like offering complete kitchen makeovers in Spring Lake, Fair Haven, and Rumson, has built a stellar reputation of quality work that provides exceptional value for the money you spend. If you happen to be a resident of this beautiful town, Kitchen Infinity should be your go to place for any remodeling or designing work for your kitchen.

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