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Kitchen Infinity is your local and trusted kitchen remodeling contractor servicing Tenafly. We specialize in cabinet and countertop installations, kitchen design, backsplash selection, clever pantry storage solutions, full kitchen makeovers and more! Whatever your kitchen needs, our Kitchen Infinity team would love to help bring your dream kitchen to life! Find out why our customers recommend us to their family and friends. Schedule a free estimate today! No hook. No Fee. No Commitment

After you finish reading about some of our services below, take full advantage of our free offer.  Book your consultation near the bottom of the page or call us directly to speak with a real human if you prefer. This whole kitchen process can seem a little overwhelming without the right guidance; that’s why the team at Kitchen Infinity is here to help you every step of the way. 

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Custom Cabinets

Kitchen Infinity loves remodeling Tenafly kitchens using custom cabinetry. With vast experience and a top-notch work ethic, we give your home the attention it deserves. We are premier kitchen remodeling contractors in New Jersey.

With custom cabinets, your Tenafly kitchen will stand out above the rest not only in your 07670 zip code but in your competing zip codes as well! It’s okay to show off a little. Our cabinetry usually serves as the centerpiece of any high-quality kitchen remodel. We use the best materials and hire the most experienced craftsmen. When we finish your custom made cabinet work, you will have a showroom-quality space.

You can choose from many types of wood and several styles of door panels to create the look you want. Our design team will help you decide which options work best for your decor and space.


Your home improvement project won’t be complete without new kitchen countertops from Kitchen Infinity. We’ll turn your kitchen into a welcoming and gorgeous space. As Tenafly’s standout kitchen remodelers, Kitchen Infinity has the expertise required for your countertop installation.

Offering both granite and quartz allows us to create stunning new workspaces for all of your chopping and kitchen prep needs. Your new kitchen countertops will bring you joy and serve you faithfully for years and years. And your home value gets a boost, too, once your new kitchen design is in place!

Cabinet Refacing

Do you feel like your Tenafly, NJ kitchen cabinets have seen better days? If so, it might be time to talk to a Kitchen Infinity remodeling contractor about refacing your cabinets. This simple option gives homeowners the beautiful results they deserve at a price they can afford.

From estimates to color selections, our company can get it done for you. We use high-quality laminate to resurface your kitchen cabinets, allowing you to reuse them rather than replace them.

Next, we install new drawer fronts and cabinet doors. And we finish with beautiful new hardware. We only use the best materials so that your Tenafly kitchen shines with elegance and excellent artistry.

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Tenafly Highlights

Moving out has never been easy! There are so many things to consider that it seems almost impossible to choose a place with everything. The first thing that comes into anyone’s mind whenever they think about moving is; Will my children get a quality education there? Will I be able to raise them with our classic cultural values? What are the houses and basic facilities like? These questions keep bothering you.

So, we came up with this quick guide for anyone who is planning on moving to Tenafly!

Surrounded by nearby affluent towns that Kitchen Infinity also provides services like kitchen remodeling in Saddle River  and Teterboro, the city itself is not demographically diverse as only an approximate of 14-15000 people live in the city. However, the best part about this small population is that they have a close-knit community where everyone loves, respects and cares for each other. This mutual understanding has led the community to develop one of the best High School’s in the Bergen County! They claim to have the highest SAT score in the county, a major plus point!

Not only is the education remarkable the housing is equally outstanding! Tenafly homes are always in high demand. Absolutely lovely houses can be found in this city with plenty of space for a family, estate homes on East Hill acre lots to more moderate properties on the west side of town for a newlywed couple, the city offers it all. If you’ve already found the perfect house and the heart of your house; the kitchen, is not up to the mark your problem can be solved in the blink of an eye!

Town of Tenafly
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ts only 8 Miles away from NYC, which makes it the ideal place for anyone looking to enjoy a suburban life with a hint of the big city life. The city’s sophisticated and educated population also has a very well-developed business community which provides all kinds of services to its residents. From shopping malls to restaurants, bakery’s, and salons!
Now that we have all the basics covered let’s find out some fun and entertaining things to do around town!

Tenafly Nature Center – A tourist and a local population favorite for sure! There’s a long list of things that you can do at the Nature Center like hiking, Wildlife watching, Snow Shoeing & Cross-Country Skiing, Letterboxing and Geocaching and even Climb to the top of Haring Rock! There is no limit to what you can do here.

Palisades Amusement Park – Just a 15-20 minutes’ drive away, who even cares about the time when you’re with friends or family. A major tourist attraction and a place where loads of fun is waiting for you!
The state of New Jersey is a major tourist attraction so there is almost no way you’ll ever run out of things to do around here. You may have to drive a bit some weekends, but the party never stops!
If all of this becomes a little boring and redundant don’t worry! We’ve got the City of New York just a 30-minute drive away! All major highways connect the city of Tenafly to anything and everything, so you’ll never be bored with your suburban lifestyle.


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