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Who Is Kitchen Infinity?

Kitchen Infinity is a US kitchen remodeling company operating in New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Connecticut. 

Our dedicated and highly trained team of professionals provide you with infinite renovation possibilities for the kitchen of your dreams. 

From planning to design, selection, and installation, our team will handle every single step of the process. Sit back and relax after you book your appointment for a free consultation on our website.

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Kitchen Remodeling – New York County, NY

Quick Glance: Remodeling Step-by-Step

Here’s what to expect if you hire us for your next kitchen remodeling project:

  • Initial Assessment – After booking a free appointment, our estimator will visit your place to assess your space and prepare possible design options. They will also estimate the entire cost of this project. Reminder: this step is 100% free!
  • Planning – Next, we will send a project manager to discuss the proposal put forward by our team. During this meeting, we will finalize the timeline and budget for the project with you.
  • Design – At this point, our design team will help you select the tiles, countertops, backsplash, the color of the paint, cabinets, etc.
  • Installation – Now that you have finalized the design, our installation team visits to take measurements and will place the order accordingly. Once everything is procured, the team will initiate the final step by preparing the space (removing doors, cabinet fronts, hinges, etc.)
  • Final Reveal – Ta-da! Your newly-renovated kitchen is ready for you to enjoy!

Once you get used to dealing with our highly professional and cooperative staff at our office in New York City, there is no going back to other contractors!


Whether they’re acting as the chopping board every night or a buffet table during parties, countertops play countless roles for every family. That is why our contractors assist you through every step of the procedure to ensure that you get a countertop that suits your needs, whether it’s granite, quartz, marble, or anything else!

There are so many countertop options on the market, it can sure be confusing. Our kitchen remodel team will carefully listen to all your aesthetics and functionality requirements. Then, along with our designers’ help, they will shortlist a few options for you to select from.

If you are not yet ready to bid farewell to your old countertop and you just want to repair it for a refreshed look, then our New York County renovation team takes care of that too. Just relax and effectively communicate your concerns to achieve the desired results. We know what to do!


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Custom Lighting

Our team understands the importance of a well-illuminated kitchen and how it can impact the design and the utility of a space. We provide custom lighting services where we design customized layouts for each customer to match their aesthetic. Here at Kitchen Infinity, we like to innovate with our kitchen lighting setups.

After keeping in mind the architectural constraints of your kitchen, our team of experts carefully curate a lighting plan. We are well aware of the multiple roles a kitchen plays in every family and so we devise a multi-layered plan for every necessary function.

Whether it’s ambient, task, or accent lights, our remodeling team at the New York County office will cater to your every need. Our custom lighting setups show your kitchen in the best possible light.


Like countertops, there are also infinite choices available for flooring when it comes to color, design, texture, and material. There is no standard tile material as each one comes with its ups and downs. You just have to figure out what works best for you and fulfill your requirements.

Luckily, our experienced remodeling team can shortlist these options into a few choices that are great for your space. Our remodeling team in New York County knows which style of flooring can withstand the everyday damage of your family while also looking stylish and chic.

We understand the commitment that comes with your kitchen flooring since it can last a lifetime. For this reason, we make sure that you do not end up regretting your decision. From selection to ordering the tiles and installation, our services cover it all while staying within your budget.


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Highlights About New York County

One of the 13 original counties, New York is one of the leading ones and ranks third in the region demographically with a population of 1,628,706. It is home to the economic and cultural hub called New York City, Islands such as Staten Island, the Financial District of Manhattan, Broadway, and the world-famous Times Square. 

From water to urban, suburban, and farm communities, New York residents have access to all kinds of landscapes within a short drive.

Boasting some of the best prep schools in the state to an advanced public education system and 110 higher education institutes, it is a highly sought after county in the area. In addition to this, the offices here offer diverse employment opportunities to young professionals, strongly attracting young adults to move to the area.

All these factors combine to make New York County one of the best places to live in the United States. As a result, it is densely populated, and the median property value here is three times higher than the national median. Therefore, mostly high-income families can afford to reside here who are willing to pay hefty amounts in exchange for a great value.

To enhance your property’s value in NYC, we suggest renovating the house, especially its kitchen, since the kitchen is the heart of every home. By hiring a local team to redo the entire kitchen and update a few of its elements, you will spark a new life to the kitchen while improving the monetary value of the home.


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