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Who is Kitchen Infinity?

We are a kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation company servicing in multiple states and counties, Westchester County being one of them. Our professional team has expertise in custom cabinets, cabinet refacing, countertop installation, storage solution, flooring and everything kitchen related you can think of!

When you trust Kitchen infinity with your kitchen remodeling job, we ensure to deliver quality! Our team works hard and smart to deliver that perfect New York style kitchen you've been wanting. The best thing about our service? We do not compromise utility and practicality for aesthetics. Our services are a perfect blend of both!

If you are not comfortable with hiring us right away, we have a solution for that too! You can book a FREE in-house consultation so you can have your doubts removed and we can get to the job of renovating your kitchen!

Kitchen Remodeling – Westchester County, NY

Quick Glance: Remodeling Step-by-Step

Here is a work breakdown structure for the remodeling project of your kitchen:

  1. Initially, our experts meet you to take  estimations of your kitchen space. By keeping your financial plan and requirements in mind, evaluate the expense of remodeling your kitchen and offer you the rough estimates.
  2. Our design specialists assist you by providing you complete guidance about the shade and style of cabinets, backsplash and countertops options. Moreover a complete guide for you to choose smart appliances and hardware to maximize your comfort level.
  3. The team then takes the final measurements along with all your requirements, once the survey of your place is done.
  4. The Kitchen Infinity’s team places your order.
  5. After placing an order, the planning of remodeling of your kitchen starts. Planning phase includes allocating resources within a given cost and schedule to accomplish the complete scope of the project.
  6. Now, the project manager arrives at your place along with installing crew to get the execution of the plan done. The project manager will assign the roles and responsibilities to his crew according to the final plan approved by you.
  7. In the final step, Renovation and installation of new upgrades upon your desires under the observation of specialists is done.
  8. Appreciate your kitchen's upgraded look!

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are a personal choice that gives you precisely what you need for your updated kitchen without getting into the limitations of dimensions, style and quality. Custom cabinets are installed to accommodate your kitchen and to increase both the level of practicality and aesthetics.

Generally, the  kitchen cabinets' stock comes in pre-made measured units, and offers limited possibilities for the design or space of your kitchen but with Kitchen infinity's custom cabinets, you can get exactly what  is the best fit for your kitchen.

Kitchen Infinity prepares the custom cabinets which are equipped with all the fundamental components of cabinets such as box, frames, doors and drawers. Our experts offer a range of feasible options that can be customized according to your preferences. Options include custom front, increased or decreased width and depth, comprehensive stiles, matching interiors or and many more.

When we promise custom then we deliver custom!

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Cabinets Refacing

Fans of refacing say that it is a minimal make over that brings a huge impact on the entire look of your kitchen at a very low cost.

Refacing is all about utilizing your existing cabinetry! You can change old fittings and handles with new ones to get a new look or you can reface them entirely so they look brand new, you can install lighting under the cabinets , you can paint your existing cabinets and also you can also try pull-out drawers and shelves in your base cabinets to get fresh look. It is easier and budget friendly to reface your cabinets instead of replacing it entirely as it cost half of other techniques.

If you are planning to go through a kitchen renovation process, consult our expert advice and remodel your kitchen in Westchester County with Kitchen Infinity’s experts, and know more about styling, shading, and patterns available. Our experts can give you sincere advice if refacing is a right option for your current cabinet, and the type of materials and design that will fit in your existing kitchen within your budget.


If you are remodeling your kitchen but you do not have a big budget to spend on it, you must go for replacing your countertops. A new countertop could be the booster of life that your kitchen really needs and has a huge impact on the entire layout of your kitchen. If the current countertop does not match your home interior and kitchen theme, then replacing them with suitable countertops is the right choice at the right time. By updating the countertops, you can instantly get a fresh look to your kitchen. Here is a glance at the types of countertops such as Granite, Marble, soapstone, Quartz, laminate etc. Quartz and granite are the most famous, durable and long lasting choice for your kitchen.

If you wish to boost the value of your house or you just want to get a fresh look of your kitchen, then plan a kitchen remodel with Kitchen Infinity. Kitchen Infinity offers a huge range of lavish countertops that enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Kitchen Infinity's expert team will help you in choosing the precise design, patterns, colors to go with your theme. So in order to avoid mistakes in remodeling and to achieve the desired look, take advantage of our FREE first consultation to select the right type of countertops that bring out your kitchen’s visual profile!

Out And About In Westchester County, NY

This county is located in the suburbs, which has a nice balance between rural and urban lifestyle. Westchester County has beautiful real estate and New York City is also easily accessible. White Plains, a town in the county, offers locations to shop, eatery, and to attend events. It is a very safe area to live in and people here are very nice and welcoming. It has an adventurous feeling with mature trees, lots of grass, wooded trails to hike, parks and simultaneously it has the convenience of city living. Whether you and your friends want to go to the city for a night out or simply go to the movies and get some food, it offers town centers with plenty of shops and trendy restaurants and renowned chefs. The school systems are top notch and the community cares about people of all ages. Westchester County will truly satisfy any, and all, needs!

Geography – According to the latest United States census, it has the total area of 1,300 km2, of which 1,100 km2 is land and 180 km2 occupied by shares the boundary with New York City and Putnam County. Westchester County is in close proximity to New York. In climatic terms, it is located between those areas, which has both cooler and warmer conditions of weather. Winter season is wet, cold and sometimes snowy all over the county, whereas summer season is warm in land but cool and calm towards the coastline, with slightly dryness in the early part of summer.
Attractions: There are unlimited arrangements of entertainment, restaurants, shops and much more. One thing that is extraordinary to Westchester County is the well-organized and well-maintained parks system. Westchester County is served by a library system and many historic places. Such as Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens, The Emelin Theatre, The Hudson River Museum, Museum of Art, Neuberger Museum of Art, New Roc City, Tea town Lake Reservation, Westchester Jazz Orchestra, Westchester Philharmonic, Westchester County Center, Mianus River Gorge,

Education and Employment – There are nearly 48 public schools, 120 private schools and 14 private colleges providing quality education. Many public and private high schools of Westchester County are ranking among the highly rated schools in the United States. With some of the finest job opportunities in the state, the County is unbeatable for raising a family. The school systems are top notch and competitive.

Lifestyle –  When the debate leads to lifestyle Westchester County comes up with luxury homes, It assembles the modern approach of living along with homes designed by modern architectures and smart techniques with an easy affordability.

Westchester County, New York, USA – from the coastline, to the set of experiences and expressions, to the farmhouses, to the parks, to the modest communities, to the very efficient tree lined up across the roads – is a must visit county. At the point when you plan to renovate your kitchen and you need an expert opinion to accomplish your dream kitchen goals, Take an Appointment or call us. Our expert group will help you by giving creative ideas of your kitchen renovation to achieve a luxurious way of living by keeping your financial plan and requirements in mind.

Proudly Remodeling Kitchens in the Follow Locations in Westchester County, NY

Ardsley On Hudson
Bedford Hills
Briarcliff Manor
Croton On Hudson
Dobbs Ferry
Hastings On Hudson
Jefferson Valley
Mohegan Lake
North Salem
Port Chester
Pound Ridge
Shrub Oak
South Salem
West Harrison
White Plains
Yorktown Heights

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