Ninja vs Blendtec Blenders | Blendtec and Ninja Blender Comparison

Ninja vs Blendtec – who makes the better blenders?

While both companies make excellent blenders, we found Blendtec produces the superior product – especially the Blendtec Total Classic.

How did we come to this conclusion? Over the past few weeks, our team of kitchen experts have put different Blentec and Ninja blenders to the test, seeing how they perform certain tasks and how they compare to one another.

For a complete overview of our findings and some blender recommendations, continue reading below.

What Are the Main Differences Between Ninja vs Blendtec Blenders?

The main differences between Ninja and Blentec Blenders include:

Motor Power

Along with smoother and creamier results, a powerful motor means you can blend more volume at once and perform tougher tasks like kneading dough or making nut butter.

While both brands outfit their blenders with powerful motors, Blendtec certainly comes out on top in this category.

For example, while most mid-level Ninja blenders come with a 1000 – 15000 watt motor (2 HP), most mid-level Blendtec models are equipped with a 1560 – 1600 watt motor.

If a high performance blender is really important to you, and you plan on regularly blending tough ingredients like nuts, root vegetables, or raw dough, the Blendtec Classic 575 Blender comes with a 3.0 HP motor – which is stronger than anything offered by Ninja.

For something even more heavy duty, the Blendtec Professional Grade 800 Blender can reach up to 3.8 HP, meaning it will blend pretty much anything you put in it.


On the warranty front, Blendtec is the clear winner. While Ninja offers just a one year manufactures warranty on most models, Blendtec offers a two year warranty on classic blenders, a eight year warranty on design blenders, and a 10 year warranty on their luxury model – the Pro 800.

That said, Ninja does have several extended warranties available which can be purchased for relatively cheap.

Interestingly, when you purchase a blending pitcher from Blendtec, the pitcher is covered by a 3 year warranty. Moreover, no product registration is required to use the warranty.


While the average Blendtec blender contains a stronger motor and a better warranty, they are considerably more expensive than Ninja brand blenders. For example, an entry-level Ninja blender can be purchased for under $120 whereas most entry-level Blendtec models cost over $350.

That said, some Blendtec models can reach well over $500, putting them in the same class as Vitamix blenders (Want to learn more about Ninja vs Vitamix blenders? Click here)

Bottom line? If you're looking for something more budget-friendly, then Ninja is the way to go. However, if you need top-class power and don't mind paying extra for it, Blendtec is the better option.

Blending Capacity

Blending capacity depends on the model in question. For example, while most Ninja models – like the Ninja BL660 or the BL770 – have a 72 oz blending pitcher, other models come with smaller pitchers in the 16 – 24 oz range.

By comparison, Blendetec models come with a 75 – 90 oz blending pitcher. However, unless you plan on making large, family-sized smoothie batches, you probably won't need the full 90 oz capacity.

Because of the stronger motor, Blendtec models can blend more ingredients at once, which may be of value of you regularly blend tough foods like nuts, root vegetables, or frozen fruits.

Nevertheless, when it comes to total blending capacity, Blendtec is the clear winner.

Pre-Sets, Functions, and Special Features

Once again, the type of pre-set functions and special features a blender has depends on the model in question. However, after testing several different Ninja and Blendtec models, there were several differences that continually popped up.

For starters, many ninja blenders come with just a single blend option, meaning no adjustable speed settings. However, these models also include a ‘Ice Crush', ‘Dough', and ‘Pulse' feature.

By comparison, most Blendtec models have variable speed settings (usually 5 – 8), along with a pulse feature. Moreover, many Blendtec models – like the Blendtec Original Designer Series – come with a hot soup function.

When engaged, this hot soup function will heat your soup (or drink) in just 6 minutes using friction heat. You'll also find pre-sets for stuff like smoothies, ice cream, and whole juice. (NOTE: the Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ blender also has a hot soup function).

While both Ninja and Blendtec offer a good number of pre-sets and special features, we once again give the edge to Blendtec.

Build Quality

As you'd expect from the more budget-friendly option, Ninja blenders offer a lower build quality and use a plastic-to-plastic connection between the blender jar and the base mount. By contrast, Blendtec uses a metal-to-plastic construction.

Aside from this, both brands use high quality, BPA-free plastic for their blending pitchers and to-go cups. When we performed drop tests, however, the Ninja pitchers were more likely to crack and break.

Some Blendtec blenders come with the company's patented ‘Wildside Jar'. Equipped with a small, fifth wall, Wildside blender jars create a vortex that pulls food down towards the blade, eliminating the need for a push stick.

The Blendtec Wildside jar isn't something included with other blenders (ninja and Vitamix models included) and even helps the blender double as a food processor.


Blendtec employs a thick, 2-prong, winged tip blunt blade whereas Ninja uses a thinner, sharper blade design. While both designs are well-equipped to power through tough ingredients, the sharp blades do dull quicker.

Moreover, the thick dull blades are superior when it comes to shredding frozen fruits and flax seeds with very little liquid.

What Are the Advantages of Ninja Blenders Compared to Blendtec Blenders?

The main advantage of the Ninja blender over the Blendtec blender is the price. While Blendtec models can reach well over $500, a quality Ninja can be purchased for less than $150.

Moreover, while Blentec sticks to regular blenders, Ninja has a variety of small, to-go, and personal sized blenders for sale.

What Are the Advantages of Blendtec Blenders Compared to Ninja Blenders?

Simply put, Blendtec blenders are more powerful, have more advanced settings and features, and exhibit a higher build quality than Ninja. Depending on the blender model, most Blendtec blenders can also be used for making hot soups or grinding flour.

Ninja vs Blendtec Tested Side By Side

To get a better idea of how the two brands stacked up against one another, we performed a few tests – the result of which are detailed below.

Pureeing Test

The Blendtec blades did very well in our pureeing test and were able to reach a consistency unmatched by the Ninja blender. Nevertheless, the Ninja blenders we tested did perform well and were good enough to puree most ingredients.

However, the Ninja blenders did have an issue crushing small seeds, which lead to an uneven consistency.

Smoothie Test

Here, we tested the Blendtec Designer Series vs the Ninja HB152 for blending frozen smoothies. While both options are high powered blenders, we once again found the Blendtec superior. Not only did it blend frozen fruit and crush ice with ease, but we noticed the overall consistency to be more homogenous.

What's more, Blendtec gave a much smoother consistency and the final result had a creamy hummus-like texture to it. By contrast, the smoothies we made using the Ninja HB152 were noticeably more watery and not as smooth.

When blending a green smoothie, the Blendtec model came out the clear winner as the Ninja had issues producing a nicely homogenous blend with vegetables like broccoli, sprouts, and green beans.

Crushing Ice Test

Next, we subjected the two high performance blenders to an ice crushing test. Here, the results were quite similar, and while the blendtec had the clear edge in terms of speed and power, the Ninja Professional blender and HB152 were more than adequate and even performed better than most Nutribullet blenders we've tried in the past.

Hot Soup Test

For the hot soup test, we looked at the Ninja HB152 Foodi and the Blendtec Designer Series. Although both models include a ‘Cook Soup' function, the Blendtec blender heated the ingredients in just 6 minutes whereas the Ninja took roughly 10 minutes to do so.

That said, both models were fairly close in this regard and there were no glaring issues with the Ninja blender.

Leafy Greens Test

Finally, we tested a variety of Blendtec and Ninja blenders to see how they faired with leafy greens. In no other test did the Blendtec models so outperform the Ninja blenders, and due to their vortex creating Wildside jar, were able to produce one of the most consistent leafy green blends we've seen.

The Ninja blenders, on the other hand, didn't do as well and we observed several consistency issues that were disappointing. However, when we ran some of the professional grade Ninja models at max speed, the results were much better.

In the end, it's clear the thick, dull blades are better for leafy greens than the thin sharp blades.

The Winning Blender

After running our test, it's clear Blendtec makes the higher performing blenders of the two. Of special note were the pureeing and leafy green tests – both of which significantly outperformed the Ninja models we looked at.

That said, the Ninja blenders still did well and are an excellent alternative for those who don't want to spend several hundred dollars on a blender.

3 Best Blenders By Blentec

Here are the top 3 Blendtec Blenders based on performance, value, and versatility.

1. Blendtec Original Designer Series Blender

Equipped with a commercial-grade, 1560 watt motor, the Original Designer Series comes with 8 variable speed settings, a 90 oz blending pitcher, and several advanced pre programmed settings.

The model is also made with safety in mind, and the blunt blades are designed to pulverize instead of shred – meaning the chances for injury are greatly reduced. Moreover, (as we discussed above) this blade design is great for blending frozen fruits, greens, and making smoothies.

The blade shape also pulls food down towards it, meaning you won't have to use a push stick to get a consistent, smooth blend.


  • 8 slide speed settings
  • Powerful, 1560 watt motor
  • Blade design crushes even the toughest ingredients
  • Hot soup setting
  • Best blender in its price range
  • Powerful enough to grind flour
  • No push stick required


  • Basic package doesn't come with a 16 oz to-go cup
  • No self cleaning cycle

2. Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

Smoothies, hot soups, pancake batter – this Blendtec model does it all. Outfitted with 1560 watt motor, the 575 is the most budget-friendly option in the Blendtec catalog.

That said, it's still a high powered blender and comes with the same blunt blade design and limited 8-year warranty you'd expect of all Blendtec models. What's more, this model doesn't employ a slide speed dial, and instead, uses the standard button system that lets you cycle between 5 speed settings.

Unlike lower-priced blenders, all Blendtec parts are made in Utah, meaning no cheap parts from overseas.

There are two minor downsides, however. For starters, this models doesn't come with noise muffling technology and can be very loud when used on a high speed setting. Because of this, it may not be the best for morning use. Secondly, it only comes with a single 90 oz blending jar – meaning no to-go cups.

These two issues aside, it's one of the best blenders in its price range.


  • Great value for performance and power
  • Strong, 1560 watt motor
  • All parts are made in the USA
  • Excellent warranty
  • 5 speed settings
  • Easy-to-use clean cycle


  • No noise-muffling tech (can be very loud)
  • No 16 oz to-go cup included

3. Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

If you don't mind spending the extra money for one of the best blenders on the market, then the Blendtec 800 is worth some serious consideration.

Equipped with blades that are 80% thicker than normal blender blades and 10 times stronger, the 800 runs on a powerful motor that can reach up to 3.8 HP.

The model is also fitted with 8 useful pre programmed settings, including a grain, frozen fruit, pulse, and hot soup setting.

In fact, this model is so powerful it can even double as a food processor and has no issues grinding flour or kneading dough.

We also like how it comes with a sealed sound enclosure, making it one of the quietest blenders on the market (which is amazing given it's powerful motor). You'll also find a self cleaning cycle, a 90z Wildside jar, and an 8-year warranty included.


  • Powerful motor (up to 3.8 HP and 1,800 watts)
  • 11 pre sets and speed settings
  • Very quiet (noise muffling technology)
  • 8 year warranty
  • Great for making doughs and batters
  • No push stick required
  • Self cleaning cycle included


  • Expensive
  • Not many accessory parts available (to-go cups, lids, etc.)

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