Ninja vs NutriBullet Blenders | NutriBullet and Ninja Blender Comparison

Ninja and Nutribullet are two of the best blender brands that come to mind when choosing a new blender. These blenders have made it so easy for quickly making smoothies, leading to a healthy lifestyle.

But what are the differences between Ninja vs Nutribullet? These are what we seek to find out in this Ninja vs Nutribullet debate.

Without further ado, let’s explore the Nutribullet vs Ninja debate.

What Are Bullet Blenders?

The primary difference between bullet blenders and full-size blenders is their size. The portable sizes of bullet blenders make them easy to handle, use, and maintain: they’re also cheaper. Despite their smaller sizes, they have enough power to blend ingredients such as frozen fruits and vegetables to make green smoothies, banana ice cream, almond milk, and other quick, healthy beverages.

While there are many personal blenders, Nutri Ninja and the best Nutribullet stand out.Their users love these brands because of their efficiency and quality in carrying out their blending duties.

To better understand how these blenders stack up against each other, we’ll compare their features to help you make the right purchasing decision.

Differences between Nutri Ninja and Nutribullet blenders

Nutri Ninja Blenders Overview

Nutri Ninja is a daughter company of SharkNinja – one of the top names making some of the the best Nutribullet, food processors, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, and a host of other home appliances.

Nutri Ninja makes bullet blenders of quality akin to their full-sized blenders. Their bullet blenders are characterized by thick, strong blades for blending tough ingredients and crushing ice. Also, the sturdy components are made of high-quality BPA-free plastic. Their models come packed with some of the best features to give you a consistent blend.  One of them is the Ninja Foodi nutrient extractor with Auto IQ which is powerful enough to pulverize nuts.

Two of their best models are Ninja Fit and Ninja Pro blenders. The major difference between the two personal blenders is that Ninja Fit has a smaller build than the Ninja Pro. And finally, we love that the Nutri Ninja is easy to use and maintain: its parts are dishwasher-safe.

NutriBullet Blenders Overview

De’Longhi is the primary company of Nutribullet. They make all sorts of kitchen appliances ranging from kettles to coffee makers, toasters, and deep fryers. They’ve dedicated Nutribullet to the production of a wide range of full-sized and personal blenders.  

Nutribullet personal blenders came to the limelight with the marketing of their Magic Bullet personal blender in 2007. The Magic Bullet was a success due to its eccentricity. Now they make bullet blenders with simple designs that are more convenient to use and handle. Their models are affordable and compact to fit in small spaces. Their most popular Nutribullet personal blenders are the Nutribullet 600, Nutribullet Pro 900, and Nutribullet Rx. There’s also a smart model – the Nutribullet Balance – that connects with your smartphone through Bluetooth for easy operation. Plus it can blend hot soup.

The brand claims that when you get a Nutribullet blender, you’re getting a nutrient extractor because its blades are designed to cut through items like frozen ingredients more effectively. The blending process is very fast: so according to the manufacturer, the faster it cuts, the better will be the end product and the easier it’ll be for your body to process the nutrients. The Nutribullet also has dishwasher-safe parts, which makes it easy to clean up.

We will further explore the differences between the Nutri Ninja blender vs the Nutribullet blender mostly using the Nutri Ninja Pro and Nutribullet Pro as case studies.

Superiorities of Nutri Ninja Blenders over Nutribullet blenders

The benefits of choosing a Nutri Ninja Pro blender over a Nutribullet blender are its larger capacity, better blending power, and convenience.

Larger blender

When compared to the Nutribullet Pro 900, the Nutri Ninja Pro 900 has a larger single-serve capacity. It has a 32-ounce blender cup while its counterpart has two to-go lids and 32-ounce cups. With both blenders, you can make a single-serve smoothie breakfast of around 8 to 16 ounces: however, the Nutri Ninja will allow you to brew more drink for two people.

Even if you’re not blending for two people, the Nutri Ninja will let you add more ingredients to your brew to make a richer and more filling meal. If you prefer Nutribullet and want a model with a larger capacity, you can go for the larger Nutribullet Blender Combo.

Better blending performance

Although Nutribullet blenders are more powerful than Nutri Ninja blenders, they don’t perform as great as Nutri Ninja models. The Nutri Ninja Professional does a better job at yielding more even results and with better consistency.

While single-serve blenders are mostly adapted to blending juices and green smoothies, the Nutri Bullet blender can blend hot soups and mix nut butters. They can also be used to crush ice: although you’ll need to add liquid for easier blending.

Better convenience

Both blenders are easy to use: however, the Nutri Ninja has an edge with its Auto IQ feature. The Auto IQ feature is a preset mode in some of the best food processors. With this feature, you can simply mount the smoothie cup on the blender and select your preferred blending mode while the blender takes care of the remaining process for you, including shutting off automatically.

With Nutribullet models, it’s a lot more complicated: you’ll have to screw and press the smoothie cup onto the blade base before starting the blending process. Keep in mind that the Nutribullet personal blender doesn’t have an auto shut-off feature.

Also, the Nutri Ninja has two to-go lids and cups so you can enjoy your smoothie on the go.

Superiorities of Nutribullet blenders over Nutri Ninja Blenders

The benefits of owning a Nutribullet Pro blender over a Nutri Ninja blender are its affordability and easy storage. You’ll also get a wider variety of feature-rich blenders to choose from.

More varied options

When compared to the Nutri Ninja brand, the Nutribullet has a wider collection of personal blenders while Ninja has more full-sized blenders. They also have more color ranges and models with varying capacities and sizes. Their variety also extends to their motor power.

Because of Nutribullet’s wider variety, they’ve got a blender for every purpose and budget: from blending delicious smoothies to making baby food.

More affordable

Nutribullet blenders are cheaper than Nutri Ninja blenders. Although the cheapest Nutribullet costs about $80 as most models cost below $200. The cheapest Nutri Ninja costs $70, but most of its models cost around $250. Despite the significant difference in price, both blenders have the same 1-year warranty.

More features

Both the Nutribullet and Ninja blenders come with lots of features and accessories like single-serve and double-serve twist cups and seal lids, but Ninja blenders have more features. Aside from being more powerful than Nutribullet blenders have more blending settings for processing a wider variety and larger quantity of ingredients.

Easier to store

Since the Nutri Ninja is the larger of the two blenders, the Nutribullet is more space-saving and easier to store. The two blenders have a separate power base, with the Nutri Ninja Pro 900’s being the larger which makes it somewhat bulky to store.

Similarities between A Ninja Blender and A Nutribullet Blender

  • Both Nutribullet and Ninja blenders are dishwasher-safe.
  • Both blenders have the same motor power – 900 watts.

Considerations when choosing/using your personal blender

  • Do not let your Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja personal blenders run for more than a minute. Always pause their operation for a few seconds before continuing blending.
  • Regardless of whether you’re using the Nutribullet Pro blender or the Nutri Ninja blender, keep in mind that they both make noise. Although, the Nutribullet Pro blender is quieter.
  • If your preference is budget-friendliness over performance, you can go for the Nutribullet. But if you prioritize the result of your breakfast smoothie, the Nutri Ninja personal blender will be a better option.
  • If you have a small kitchen and lack the countertop space for a full-size blender, you may do better with a personal blender like the Nutri Ninja Blender Pro due to its impressive performance.

Exploring A Few Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja Blenders

Nutri Ninja Fit

If you’re looking to make a quick fibrous breakfast smoothie for work, the Ninja Fit is an ideal choice. It’s cheap and comes with a 16-ounce cup that has a sip and seal lid. However, its 700-watt motor means you can only use it for fruits and vegetables, but not for liquid like nut milk or whole frozen ingredients. You’ll need to chop the frozen fruit before stuffing it in the blender.

Nutri Ninja Pro 900

For a thinner breakfast drink, the Nutri Ninja Pro 900 is up to the task. The personal blender comes with a 900-watt motor to crush tough ingredients. And you can enjoy your healthy drink on the go with the 24-ounce cup as it comes with a seal lid

Nutribullet Pro 900

We love the Nutribullet Pro for its powerful motor which we could use to make our favorite nut milk and crush ice. The large blender cup allows you to make a batch of drinks instead of just a single serve. The cup also has a lip ring for an easy drinking experience. And if it matters to you, you can get this blender in a range of colors.

Nutribullet Personal Blender 600

This Nutribullet model comes with a 600-watt motor and a 2-pronged milling blade for milling grains and chopping fresh herbs and nuts. There’s also a 24-ounce cup with an ergonomic carry handle.

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