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The decision between the Nutribullet and the Ninja Blender is a difficult one to make since both have their strengths and weaknesses.

For example, the Nutribullet is best for making green smoothies (with smaller chunks), but it's not ideal if you want a more pulpy consistency. The Ninja Blender is best if you need your smoothie to have that thicker and pulpier consistency, but it's not good for small chunks of anything.

In this article, we'll give you the lowdown on how these two blenders stack up against each other, including their pros and cons. Let’s get started.

Why use a Nutribullet?

The Nutribullet is the perfect choice to have on your kitchen island if you need to blend small chunks of fruit and veg. However, it's not the best blender for pulpy smoothies.

The NutriBullet is a compact piece of equipment that uses high-speed power to effectively chop and mix ingredients into delicious meals and drinks. While most blenders on the market today tend to create a very pulpy texture for your nutritional drinks, the NutriBullet is engineered to produce smooth textures and small chunks.

This is a great feature if you want to enjoy drinking your cereal, fruits, and other foods in the form of smoothies. 

NutriBullet Pro 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System
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The NutriBullet's compact size makes it easy to store anywhere while also being simple to clean. Although the manufacturer claims that all parts are dishwasher-safe, this isn't true for all models. You'll have better results washing them by hand and allowing them to dry overnight before assembly again.

Because there are only 4 main components (base, cup, blade, and lid) keeping everything clean and intact is easier than with bulky blenders. And cleanup takes less time since there is no pouring out of pulpy liquids. This comes in handy when you're preparing that early morning green smoothie for work or school.

If you're looking for a compact, single-serve blender to make your daily nutritional drinks with ease, then this is the right choice for you.

The NutriBullet does an awesome job at blending and pulverizing fruits and veggies into “green” smoothies that still have small chunks of ingredients in them. This helps to keep you from feeling hungry later on because the fiber content makes you feel fuller longer.

Most people report having more energy after drinking these nutritional shakes as well because they provide essential nutrients and calories needed to get through the day. For people who want something simple to use that can give them all the vitamins and minerals their body needs (without artificial additives), then the NutriBullet is a perfect choice.

Unlike other blenders on the market, there are no complicated buttons to push or change settings to get your desired consistency for your smoothie. Simply place your ingredients in the cup, attach it to the base unit and press down.

Why Ninja Blender?

Ninja has several different types of blender models on offer that vary widely in price, but they are mostly made of plastic with few metal components. They have a range of features such as variable speed control, smart settings, and an integrated handle.

The basic differences between the most popular models are outlined below:

Ninja Chef High-Speed Blender

The Ninja Chef Blender offers a convenient, hands-free design that's easy to use. The 72 oz container is large enough for any recipe and the blades are strong enough for high-volume jobs. It also comes with two 16 oz cups that have leakproof lids so you can take your smoothie on the go.

For example, you can make a delicious Pina Colada shake and take it to work with you for your mid-morning snack. It also comes with an integrated handle for easy carrying and storage.

The main drawback of this model is that the base tends to overheat if you use it too long at one time or add ingredients that are too hot. This will cause the device to stop rather than burn out, but it's still inconvenient nonetheless. That said, the Ninja Chef is a great option if you want a blender that gives you solid results when used intermittently when it comes to blending (the Nutribullet struggles with ice cubes).

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

The Ninja Kitchen System is one of the more advanced models on offer with its range of features. The 5-cup bowl is BPA-free and dishwasher safe while there are also two 16 oz cups included.

It is great for dealing with the ingredients you give it quickly and smoothly, producing a high-end result in a short amount of time.

By the way, the prices of these Ninja blenders are somewhat high, but this is because they have a lot to offer.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System blender
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Which Is Better? (Ninja Vs NutriBullet)

In my opinion, both of these blenders are great for making nutritional shakes and smoothies, so I don't think there is any significant difference between them in that respect. They will all make your drinks into a nice smooth consistency without creating any large chunks or leaves floating around in your drink.

However, you will notice a difference in the consistency (if you want to make large batches of smoothies) between the two blenders. The Nutribullet pulverizes food into finer bits than other kitchen blenders, while the Ninja will create slightly larger chunks and pieces.

Best Ninja Blenders
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So, if you like your drinks to have some texture rather than being pureed to perfection then go for the NutriBullet.

There are also more features available with options from Ninja such as Smart Settings which automatically adjust power based on ingredient levels. 

This feature makes it easy for beginners who have no idea what speed to use while making their drink. By the way, Nutribullet can blend whole fruits and vegetables while Ninja blenders break them up just like a food processor would. In other words, your nutritional shakes will have more texture if you opt for the Nutribullet. Other than that, they are both great at making nutritious protein smoothies daily.

Blender Vs Juicer?

The main difference between a juicer and a blender is that blenders use high-speed blades to turn food into a smooth consistency, while juicers extract juice from produce without turning them into liquid.

Juicers are designed to deal with hard foods such as carrots and apples while blenders take care of everything else. If you need your drink in liquid form, then you will be better off with a juicer (in my opinion). Some people prefer throwing whole fruits and vegetables into their Nutribullet or ninja blender because it saves on time having to chop everything up beforehand. However, if there are certain ingredients that you do not like the texture of then I advise chopping these ingredients up before putting them in your drink.

If you want to use a blender for making protein shakes then just chuck everything into your Nutribullet or Ninja and you will be fine. You can also use the same blenders to make juicing drinks if you wish, but it's not something that I would personally recommend doing because fresh juices contain live enzymes which are destroyed if frozen or heated.

Protein Smoothies Vs Juices?

There is no significant difference between a protein shake and juice with regards to their health benefits.

However, if you are looking to lose weight then I do not recommend drinking 2+ pounds of juices in one sitting (regardless of whether it contains powdered protein or not). You will probably feel rather nauseous at this point because of the increased blood sugar level in your body. 

By the way, if you want to use your Nutribullet or Ninja for making juice then make sure that you add fiber into the mix otherwise you won't be able to absorb the nutrients inside your drink.

This fiber can come in the form of chia seeds, flaxseed meals, or even fruits such as apples. The reason is that juicers extract everything from the food and therefore leave them with very little fiber. Most of your stomach's work is done by fiber, so it is important to drink fiber-rich juices.

What About Smoothies Vs Shakes?

Even though “smoothie” refers to shakes as well, people usually use the term “protein smoothie” when they mean protein shake.

The difference between a smoothie and a shake mainly lies in the texture of the drink. If you want something that tastes good then go for a fruit juice or even just water (with ice). If you are trying to fuel your body with nutrients then turn to make shakes.

What Else Can You Make With Your Nutribullet?

Besides protein smoothies and juices, you can also use your Nutribullet or Ninja to make soups. Simply put all the ingredients in a blender, blend them into liquid form, and then heat it using a pot. Starchy vegetables such as potatoes are recommended for making soup because they will give you that thick texture without compromising on flavor or nutrients. However, if you want more flavor then try adding some coconut oil while blending.

You can even use your blender to make hot chocolate drinks by mixing cocoa powder with almond milk and heating it using a microwave oven (or stove).

Another great way to use your Nutribullet or Ninja to make delicious soups and hot drinks is brewing coffee. Just put the right amount of ground coffee into your blender, pour some water on top after it has heated up, and add a little bit of milk if you want to. You can then either drink the entire glass or just keep it in your cupboard until you need it again.

The main difference between a juice and a smoothie is the texture: smoothies are usually thick (usually due to the bananas) while juices have more liquid consistency than anything else. If both consistencies appeal to you then by all means go ahead and use whatever blender you have to make a delicious drink.

In case you were wondering whether using a juicer for making smoothies is worth all the trouble… it is. 

 How much do food blenders cost?

If you are looking to buy a food blender like the Nutribullet or Ninja then you will have to pay between $50 and $250 for it. Both devices can vary in their prices depending on the quality, power, brand, and other attributes that might be important to you (for example if you want a bigger capacity then you will probably have to spend more money as a result).

However, regardless of what price range your device is in, I am sure that purchasing it will be worth every single cent.

Final thoughts on nutribullet vs ninja

In conclusion, both the Nutribullet and Ninja can be used for a variety of things and are both perfect if you want to make delicious (and healthy) drinks with them. The main difference between these kitchenware appliances is that the Nutribullet works by pulverizing while the Ninja doesn't.

However, if you have a small stomach capacity then I would recommend going for your Nutribullet because it will help you digest all the nutrients inside your juice or smoothie better.

The Nutribullet is also easier to clean and weighs less than the Ninja so it might be a better option for you if you are planning on taking your blender with you when traveling. Otherwise, I would choose either device depending on my needs at the moment – they can both usually handle any other type of food that you throw at them.


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