Our Review Process

How We Test Products

At Kitchen Infinity, our professional testers and editors work hard to hunt the best home improvement products from a vast majority of brands available in the market. We only recommend those products which we have personally and/or virtually tested and analyzed so that homeowners and curious buyers can make a well-informed decision. Some products are difficult to physically tests (like washing machines or refrigerators) so our team will virtually test products by thoroughly reviewing available specs, along with finer details, to compare appliance or brand to the competition as a way to ensure thoughtful and evidence-based reviews are being written. 

Our team of experts conduct in-depth research for different kitchen appliances and home products, compare and contrast pros and cons, measure durability and longevity, and the overall value for money. After reviewing hundreds of products every month, we compile our finds and recommendations in our handy buying guides. When you're ready to buy, our editors' picks for the best products in each category are a great place to start!

The Testing Phase

To judge the durability and longevity of home products, our experts put them to the time test. Since different homeowners want different types of products depending on the style, size, purpose, etc., we thoroughly investigate each aspect and recommend the best choice for different categories. 

We run through each piece of manufacturer data and user reviews to ensure that the product lives up to the promises. After purchasing those products, we then put them through a thorough testing process in our testing labs.

At Kitchen Infinity, we test our products in a variety of ways including home testing and in-house lab testing to ensure the product is safe and effective. We start with a visual inspection, ensuring that the product is not damaged or defective. We then check to make sure that the product works properly and performs as advertised. Finally, we conduct a battery of tests to ensure that the product can withstand years of use without breaking down.

Finally, we grade these home appliances on various qualities and homeowner requirements that we know are important to you; such as, ease of use, noise level, durability, aesthetic, value for money, etc. Our buying guide takes into consideration all these factors and determines which product is best overall and even in particular circumstances. 

Home Testing

Is the product easy to set up? Did it work as expected? Does it make a lot of noise? Is it easy to clean? Were the instructions helpful? Every homeowner has these burning questions at some point when they are about to invest in a particular kitchen or home appliance. Our team of expert home testers, food bloggers, and editors put these products to the test to see how well they fare in every day, real life situations. 

These products are sent directly to their home kitchens where they test every feature and function step-by-step as done at any lab. Our testers then complete a rating survey and analysis form providing personal takeaways, recommendations, along with video and picture reviews of the products in use. 

Lab Testing

By using standardized tests and methodologies, our technicians and review editor determine the durability and overall operation of kitchen and home appliances. Our in-lab testing process is rigorous and takes into account every little factor including the build of the product, resistance to heat or other elements, quality, and longevity. 

We test cookware by measuring heat spots and distribution by using an infrared thermometer, as well as cook a variety of meals to evaluate which cookware is best for different food items. Other items such as air-fryers are compared in terms of the taste of food, timing, and add-ons. 

Our Kitchen Infinity buying guides detail all the findings and provide homeowners with pictures, videos, personal insights, reviews from testers, technicians, and editors so you can get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes product testing.

Trust in Us

At Kitchen Infinity, we have one goal; and it is to help homeowners get the most out of their investment. Whether it is kitchen appliances, bathroom necessities, or every day useful items, our expert reviewers and technicians are passionate about helping you find the best product for your needs. 

We are not just experts on kitchenware and home appliances, but we are passionate about it too! After all, different customers may have different needs and requirements for appliances and we ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for, whether you are a homeowner, or running a food based business.

Our review experts will always tell you the facts and whether the hype behind a specific product is worth it. Kitchen Infinity provides unbiased information you can trust so you can buy with confidence!

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