How To Clean Your Breville Oven

Breville ovens whether they are air fryer toaster ovens or steam and convection ovens have become a homeowner favorite. Breville is an established and well-known brand in the world of kitchen appliances. The Breville oven comes packed with a number of amazing features among which a noticeable feature is its self-cleaning function. 

However, even with Breville’s self-cleaning function, it is important to deep clean your oven once in a while. If you have purchased the Breville oven from the store or are looking for one in stock at the store, here’s how to maintain your appliance that is equipped with a self-cleaning feature. 

Breville Oven
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Deep Cleaning Your Breville Self-Cleaning Oven

The Breville oven can be used to broil chicken, grill fish, and bake delicious desserts among other things. However, over time, grease and food residue can build up in your Breville oven and compromise the quality of your food as well as the functionality of the best toaster oven. To deep clean your Breville self-cleaning oven to make it as good as new follow these simple steps:

  1. Unplug the Breville oven and let it cool completely if recently been used.
  2. Remove the drip tray and any racks from your Breville Oven.
  3. Wash the drip tray and racks with warm, soapy water and let them dry.
  4. Use a kitchen rag or cleaning brush to dislodge any crumbs or leftovers inside the Breville self-cleaning oven.
  5. Use a damp dishcloth that has been soaked in warm, soapy water to clean the oven door and interior.
  6. Use a wet kitchen towel to wipe away any soap and residue from the inside as well as the exterior of your Breville oven.
  7. Dry the steam and convection oven with paper towels and place the dry racks and drip basket back into the self-cleaning oven. 
  8. Leave the oven unplugged until the next use.

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How does a Ninja Oven Stack Against Breville Oven?

Both Ninja and Breville are well-established kitchen appliance brands and have a good reputation. However, when it comes to self-cleaning ovens, Breville is favored more by experienced chefs and home cooks because of its simplicity of use and better build quality

Final Thoughts on Breville Oven Cleaning

Keeping your Breville oven clean will ensure that your appliance continues to perform well, is not a fire or safety hazard, and does not contaminate your food.

If you are not cleaning your Breville oven regularly, you may notice an unpleasant smell due to the grease, residue, and food particles that have accumulated over time. Cleaning your Breville self-cleaning oven does not take up much time, but makes a big difference!

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Breville Self-Cleaning Oven FAQs

How often should you clean your Breville self-cleaning oven?

It is good practice to clean your Breville oven after every use. While the racks and drip tray should be cleaned after every single use, the interior and exterior of your Breville oven should be cleaned every 3 months.

How long does a Breville oven last?

With proper maintenance, a Breville steam and convection oven can last about 5 years. 

Is the Breville steam and convection oven worth it?

Yes, a Breville oven is a great investment for those on the market for an appliance that is functional and reliable. Don’t forget to read our buying guide for countertop convection ovens before making the purchase.

How else can I take care of my Breville oven?

A few other cleaning tips you should keep in mind include the fact that you should:

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners that can scratch and damage the Breville oven
  • Only use cleaners that can be applied with a kitchen rag, towel, or sponge, check out our recommendations for the best oven cleaners.
  • Do not use the dishwasher to clean the drip pan and racks of your Breville oven
  • Avoid harsh cleaning detergents. 

If you are looking for cleaning instructions for an oven other than Breville, refer to our table below featuring cleaning guides for 25+ brands.

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