Shaker Style Cabinets 101 – Everything You Need To Know

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So, you're looking through new kitchen designs and you stumble across shaker cabinets. It's easy to become infatuated with these timeless kitchen cabinet doors – they give your kitchen a trend-proof quality and a minimalist look that remains popular throughout the decades.

But what are shaker cabinets exactly? Are they expensive, and should you invest in these shaker kitchen cabinets for your home? Our experts at Kitchen Infinity will aim to answer all your questions and tell you everything you need to know about shakers cabinets if you're considering them for your new kitchen.

Let's go into it!

What Are Shaker Style Cabinets?

Shaker style cabinets are classic kitchen cabinets that feature a flat, recessed center panel with square edges and straight lines. They're known as a five panel doors design. Shaker cabinet doors split from the center panel. Shaker style cabinet doors do not have a lot of intricate design and ornamentation – the whole point is to keep them modest, practical, and minimalist.

A lot of people like them because they're very easy to keep clean!  Plus, add some popular kitchen cabinet hardware and they're quite stunning.

White shaker cabinets are very popular – you'll often see white shaker kitchen designs in both classic and modern kitchen styles. Shaker kitchen cabinets have straight lines on a recessed panel which gives a simple and sleek look to your kitchen design. Although you most commonly see white and light gray colors used to make your cabinets shaker style, the simplicity of the shaker cabinet style makes it easy to paint these cabinets fun and vibrant colors without looking too over-the-top.

Shaker Style Cabinets
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Who Were The Shakers?

The Shakers were a religious group that originated in Manchester, England, and immigrated over to the US around 250 years ago, setting up their first United States settlements in around 1780. As you may have guessed from the name, the Shakers were an offshoot of the Quakers. They left the Quakers because they didn't agree with how their practices were changing at the time.

Maybe they didn't like the oats!

Similarly to the Amish, the Shakers were known for their craftsmanship and their ability to build homes and furniture easily. They adopted a minimal, practical style that was modest and used local timber to create the shaker style cabinets that we know and love today. Classic craftsmen, their shaker style cabinets have never really gone out of style since.

On that note…

Are Shaker Cabinets Going Out Of Style?

If you want a kitchen cabinet door design that will never go out of style, go for shaker cabinets with your new kitchen design. Not only are shaker kitchens easy to design, they also offer versatility and easy up-keep. It doesn't matter whether you're going for modern, classic, or transitional – shaker cabinets are modest and simple enough to fit into any design aesthetic with the right styling and lick of paint.

Now that's some versatile kitchen cabinets!

If you are looking for a kitchen remodel or an entirely new kitchen design on a budget, getting shaker style cabinets is a smart move. With the versatility that shaker cabinets offer, getting shaker kitchen cabinets is your best bet. Especially if you are on budget.  If you're worried about selling your home in the future and you need a trend-proof design which will stand the test of time, I would 100% recommend shaker kitchen cabinets. The classic five piece shaker doors have a great ROI when it comes time to sell your home because they can be easily adapted into a new style.

Shaker cabinets are here to stay!

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Are Shaker Style Cabinets More Expensive?

Usually, shaker style kitchen cabinets are one of the less expensive doors options for your kitchen. Shaker style kitchen cabinets have simple cabinet doors that are versatile to fit into any type of kitchen. A shaker style kitchen cabinet has a very simple design without much ornamentation and various types of wood can be used – this all helps to keep the costs down when you're designing a new kitchen space.

We all like to keep costs down where possible! And before you make such an investment you might be wondering how long cabinets should last, the answer might surprise you — in a good way.

Shaker style kitchen cabinets are also a great long-term investment because they can easily be repainted to fit in with a new kitchen style if you decide to change the aesthetic or new buyers decide to redo the kitchen in a different style. Add a white shaker kitchen cabinet to match your modern kitchen or turn the cabinet doors into a rustic piece to match your shaker kitchen with your solid wood interior. Installing your cabinets shaker style will save you a lot of money if or when you decide for a kitchen remodel. Shaker style cabinets will make your kitchen design money saving for you!

Shaker kitchen cabinets can literally transform into whatever you want! When it comes down to it, shaker style cabinets are a really wise investment for several reasons.

White Shaker Style Cabinets
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Bottom Line: Should I Get Shaker Cabinets For My Kitchen?

If you're looking to design a cooking space which is timeless and trend-proof, shakers style kitchen cabinets are a perfect choice. Shaker kitchen cabinets feature simple straight lines and a recessed central piece which looks at home in many different styles of kitchen, so these  shaker doors are a brilliant all-around solution if you're having trouble picking the perfect doors. Shaker style cabinet doors are all about minimalism.

Lord knows it can be difficult when there are so many designs these days! If you're still confused, we created 12 tips for choosing kitchen cabinets that will hopefully help you with this decision.

And lastly,  these shakers style cabinets are not only famous by their craftsman origins and practicality, they are also easy to clean, affordable, versatile, and have a great ROI for your home. Whether you're investing in the future or looking for cool designs to enjoy right now, you can't go wrong with the classic shaker style.

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