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Who is Kitchen Infinity?

Do you ever feel that building a kitchen or redesigning the current one is a consuming task? Or that you do not have enough time and human resources in your hands to do the remodeling yourself? Here's where Kitchen Infinity comes in. We are a local kitchen remodeling contracting to provide services all over the US, including Georgetown County. The kitchen remodeling services we offer include multiple solutions, such as backsplash selection, installations of countertops, custom designing cabinets for kitchen, and of course, your entire kitchen designing. To get an estimate, we offer a free kitchen consultation for you to get started.


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Step-by-Step: Kitchen Remodeling in Georgetown County

Before you get on board with us, we will explain the process of remodeling the kitchen in 5 steps. While these steps may seem straightforward, the actuality is that remodeling requires time and patience.

Here's an overview:

  1. At the first stage, we set a meeting between you and our estimator. The initial consultation is shared where the project and measurements are discussed. A proposal is shared with you concerning the remodeling.
  2. The second stage is where the designer meets with you. We share the styles and colors for your backsplash, countertops, cabinets, and more. Whether you want a glass or solid wood, we are there to assist you in making the right, suitable choice.
  3. The third phase involves the installers who come for measurements and then place orders accordingly.
  4. Upon the arrival of the material, the fourth step revolves around the installation team, making all the installations. From drawers to all the hinges, everything will be done in this step of installation. All the final upgrades will be added.
  5. Finally, you will see the end product, being your beautiful, remodeled kitchen.

Custom Cabinets

At Kitchen Infinity, while remodeling South Carolina style kitchens, custom cabinetry is one of our specialties. With our excellent work ethic and experiences of remodeling kitchens for years, we vow to give the sort of attention you are looking for when hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor.

We consider cabinetry as our centerpiece, which revolves around high-quality materials for your kitchen remodeling in Georgetown County. The materials we use are high in quality, and for this, we have a team of experienced craftsmen to ensure that they are installed in the right manner. This ensures that you have a showroom space of a kitchen.

For cabinets, you can choose different types of designs and materials for door panels. It is entirely your choice how you want your kitchen to look. Of course, our design team will help you find the right options suitable for space and décor. We aim to give you your dream kitchen.

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A remodeled, upgraded kitchen is incomplete without having countertops that match the rest of the décor. At Kitchen Infinity, we ensure that you are introduced to all sorts of products for your kitchen that can increase its beauty.

As a premier remodeling contractor in Georgetown County, we are professionals for installing countertops. Quartz and granite are the widely applied materials that our previous customers have endorsed. These materials are suitable for your prep and chopping needs.

Inevitably, a kitchen is supposed to bring joy to you, and our materials and installation ensure that you get the pleasure you deserve for years to come. Installing countertops increases the quality of your kitchen.

Cabinet Refacing

Refacing is when you cannot let go of your old cabinets, but you want it changed in a manner that gives it a fresher, upgraded look. Often, people living in Georgetown want their cabinets to be refaced. The Georgetown County kitchen remodeling team will certainly do that for you!

The most significant benefit of going for refacing of offices is that it is done at a price that homeowners can easily afford. You choose the colors the way you want, and we will give you the affordable estimates. Highly-quality lamination is used to reface the cabinets of your kitchen. This allows longevity and reusing them rather than disposing of them after some time.

In refacing, cabinet doors and drawer fronts are also included. The final product for you will be as fresh as something new. The best material is used so that your kitchen looks as artistry and elegant as possible.


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Beyond Georgetown County Kitchen Remodeling

Known for its homeliness, Georgetown presents itself as a pedestrian-friendly city, offering the locals well-planned paths and roads, out of which one is connected to Penang's capital. This vibrant city is a mixture of numerous elements that makes it one of the most loved cities in the United States. The streets are filled with caricatures; you will find old, historic temples here and perfect places to enjoy quality food.

When you live in Georgetown, you will see that the city offers many privileges, and why shouldn't it? As one of the oldest cities, it is filled with its charisma and charm. The restaurants in Georgetown are Michelin-approved, which makes your dining out experiences extremely fine. You will find tons of places with scenic views; be it Book Hill or waterfront, you name the experience you want to live today.

When it is Georgetown, you will see the plethora of creativity and preserve the city's colonial heritage. Kitchen Infinity understands the style and setting of Georgetown and offers services that will make your kitchen standout but also keep the design's roots true to South Carolina style. Call us today and get started on designing your dream kitchen!

Currently, we are offering services in Pawleys Island.

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