Get the Best Sterling Tub Shower Combo Reviews of 2023!

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Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom with a stylish and functional tub shower combo? Look no further! In our Sterling tub shower combo reviews, we discuss how these combos offer unique designs, space-saving solutions, and top-quality materials, making them a perfect addition to any bathroom. Get ready to explore the world of Sterling tub shower combos and learn how to make the right choice for your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the features and benefits of Sterling tub shower combos for a convenient, space-saving solution.
  • Choose from unique designs and styles to fit any bathroom aesthetic. Vikrell or Acrylic material to best suit your needs.
  • Follow installation steps carefully, select accessories for safety & functionality, evaluate price & quality when making a decision.

Jetted Tub Shower Combo

If you're looking to transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis, a jetted tub shower combo is the perfect solution. A jetted tub shower combo combines the relaxation of a jetted bathtub with the convenience of a shower, offering a multifunctional and rejuvenating experience. These innovative fixtures come in various sizes and styles to suit your space and design preferences, making it easy to update your bathroom with both luxury and practicality. Say goodbye to ordinary showers and baths and say hello to the ultimate in-home relaxation with a jetted tub shower combo. Explore the options available to enhance your bathing routine and create a serene escape in your own home.

Get the Best Sterling Tub Shower Combo Reviews of 2023!

Exploring Sterling Tub Shower Combos

Sterling tub shower combos are an all-in-one solution that combines the convenience of a bathtub and shower in a single unit. These tubs are known for their modularity, allowing for easy maneuverability around corners, up and down stairs, and through doors with permission from the homeowner.

We will discuss the distinctive designs and styles of Sterling tub shower combos and the space-saving solutions they bring to the table.

Unique Designs and Styles

Sterling offers a diverse range of design choices for their tub shower combos, catering to various preferences and aesthetics, from traditional to contemporary bathrooms. The popular styles include smooth and tile designs with built-in shelves and grab bars, and realistic tile patterns that are sure to elevate the look of your bathroom.

Whether you are looking for a sleek modern design or a sophisticated traditional style, Sterling has got you covered. The smooth and tile designs, integrated shelves, and grab bars not only enhance the visual appeal but also add functionality to the combos. With such versatility, Sterling tub shower combos are sure to offer the perfect fit for your bathroom design.

Space-Saving Solutions

One of the key advantages of Sterling tub shower combos is their space-saving design. The modular design allows for easy maneuverability, making them suitable for compact bathrooms or those seeking to optimize their bathroom layout. With the right Sterling tub shower combo, you can make the most of your bathroom’s square footage without compromising on style or functionality.

Sterling tub shower combos come in various sizes, catering to different bathroom dimensions and layouts. For smaller bathrooms, Sterling offers compact models designed to maximize space while providing all the benefits of a full-sized tub shower combo. Before making your selection, consider your bathroom size and layout to ensure the chosen Sterling tub shower combo provides a seamless fit and enhances the overall functionality of your bathroom.

Sterling Bathtub Materials: Vikrell vs. Acrylic


When choosing a Sterling tub shower combo, it’s important to consider the material used in the bathtub. The two primary materials used in Sterling bathtubs are Vikrell and Acrylic, both offering unique benefits.

We’ll evaluate the benefits of Vikrell and Acrylic materials, assisting you in deciding the best fit for your needs.

Vikrell Material Benefits

Vikrell is a highly durable material that offers a glossy finish and long-lasting performance. It is a patented material from Kohler, composed of fiberglass, resin, and fillers, ensuring superior durability and a simplified installation process.

Vikrell is waterproof, has a hard surface, and is easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for bathtubs.

Acrylic Material Benefits

Acrylic, on the other hand, is another popular bathtub material known for its durability, easy maintenance, and resistance to fading and scratches. Acrylic bathtubs are cost-effective, come in a variety of colors and shapes, and are non-porous, offering a long-lasting and visually appealing solution for your bathroom.

Ultimately, the choice between Vikrell and Acrylic materials depends on your preferences and specific requirements.

Installation Process and Tips

A picture of a bathroom being prepared for installation of a sterling tub shower combo

After choosing your ideal Sterling tub shower combo, the next step involves a smooth and successful installation. This segment will guide you through the steps to prepare your bathroom and install your Sterling tub shower combo.

Preparing the Bathroom

Proper preparation of the bathroom space is crucial before installing a Sterling tub shower combo. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Measure the bathroom to ensure the chosen combo fits properly.
  2. Gather the necessary tools, such as a silicone sealant, drill, hole saw, and adjustable wrench, as specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Follow any special considerations or precautions provided by Sterling to prevent any issues during the installation process.

Installation Steps

To install your Sterling tub shower combo, follow the step-by-step guide provided by the manufacturer:

  1. Connect the back wall to the bath, ensuring it is level and the tabs are correctly aligned.
  2. Apply silicone sealant to the seams and edges.
  3. Connect the bath drain to the drain pipe.
  4. Place a protective liner in the bath before securing it to the wall studs.

By following the installation steps carefully, you can ensure a secure and leak-free installation of your Sterling tub shower combo.

Sterling Shower Kit Options

A picture of a sterling shower kit with grab bars and accessories

Sterling provides a variety of shower kit options and accessories for their tub shower combos, enabling personal customization. This part will examine the options at your disposal, from grab bars to drain choices, assisting you in tailoring the perfect Sterling tub shower combo.

Grab Bars and Accessories

Enhance the safety and functionality of your Sterling tub shower combo with essential accessories such as grab bars, providing easy access for users and a surround of support. Grab bars offer a secure grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls, and can also serve as shower baskets, towel bars, or paper holders in some cases.

In addition to grab bars, Sterling offers adjustable bathtub safety rails, assistance bathtub handles, and in-shower seating options to improve bathroom safety for users with mobility issues.

Right Hand Drain vs. Left Hand Drain

When considering the layout of your bathroom, it’s important to understand the difference between right and left-hand drain options. The main distinction is the position of the drain: a right-hand drain is located on the right side of the tub, while a left-hand drain is on the left side.

The choice between the two depends on your bathroom layout and plumbing configuration, with both options offering similar advantages for convenience and installation. Ultimately, it comes down to which option you prefer.

Shower Tub Combo Ideas

When it comes to maximizing space and functionality in your bathroom, “shower tub combo ideas” are a key consideration. These innovative solutions provide a versatile bathing experience that suits both quick showers and relaxing baths. You can choose from a wide range of design options to match your bathroom decor and meet your specific needs. Whether you're working with a small bathroom or simply looking for a space-saving solution, exploring shower tub combo ideas can help you make the most of your available space. Consider options like built-in shelving, glass enclosures, and modern fixtures to create a stylish and practical bathroom that combines the best of both worlds.

Customer Experiences with Sterling Tub Shower Combos

A picture of customers giving positive feedback about their sterling tub shower combo

To gain a deeper understanding of Sterling tub shower combos, examining other customers’ experiences can be beneficial. This segment covers both positive feedback and constructive criticism from users, giving you crucial insights for an informed purchase decision.

Positive Feedback

Customers appreciate the following features of Sterling tub shower combos:

  • Unique designs
  • Durability
  • Space-saving solutions
  • Robust Vikrell material
  • Quick delivery
  • Superior quality compared to items available at DIY stores
  • Straightforward installation with long-lasting results.

These positive experiences can help instill confidence in your decision to choose a Sterling tub shower combo for your bathroom.

Constructive Criticism

Some customers have experienced issues with the quality, cleaning, and customer service related to Sterling tub shower combos. Critiques include concerns about the durability of the Vikrell material and difficulties in cleaning the seams and joints of the combo.

It’s essential to consider these factors when selecting your Sterling tub shower combo:

  • Size and dimensions
  • Material and construction
  • Style and design
  • Features and functionality

Also, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and maintenance to prolong the life of the right product.

Making the Right Choice: Selecting Your Sterling Tub Shower Combo

A picture of someone measuring the bathroom to select the right sterling tub shower combo

Now that you’re equipped with knowledge about Sterling tub shower combos, it’s time to make the right choice for your bathroom.

In this section, we will discuss factors such as bathroom size, layout, price, and quality to help you select the perfect Sterling tub shower combo to meet your needs and expectations.

Considering Bathroom Size and Layout

Evaluating your bathroom’s size and layout is crucial when selecting a Sterling tub shower combo. Assess the available space and configuration to determine the best size and style for your bathroom.

It’s essential to measure the bathroom accurately before making a decision to ensure the chosen combo fits properly and provides comfortable use.

Evaluating Price and Quality

A photo of a Sterling tub shower combo with a focus on its intricate design and quality, based on sterling tub shower combo reviews.

Weigh the price and quality of various Sterling tub shower combos to make an informed decision that meets your budget and expectations. Prices may range from $600 to $4,000, depending on the specific model and features. Sterling tub shower combos are known for their quality and durability, making them a great investment for your bathroom.

However, it’s essential to consider individual preferences and specific models when assessing the quality of tub shower combos from different brands.


In conclusion, Sterling tub shower combos offer unique designs, space-saving solutions, and top-quality materials, making them an ideal choice for any bathroom. By considering factors like bathroom size, layout, price, and quality, you can select the perfect Sterling tub shower combo that meets your needs and expectations. Enhance your bathroom experience with a stylish and functional Sterling tub shower combo, and enjoy the convenience and luxury it brings to your home.

Rustic Tub Shower Combo

Looking to add a touch of natural charm to your bathroom? A rustic tub shower combo might be the perfect solution. This unique design seamlessly combines the functionality of a bathtub and a shower with a rustic twist, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty of raw materials and earthy aesthetics. The rustic tub shower combo typically features wood or stone elements, creating a cozy, cabin-in-the-woods ambiance right in your bathroom. With its fusion of modern convenience and rustic allure, this combination not only adds character to your space but also provides a practical bathing and showering solution. Upgrade your bathroom with a rustic tub shower combo to enjoy a relaxing and visually pleasing bathing experience that truly stands out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sterling bathtubs a good brand?

Sterling bathtubs are a great option for your money, providing good quality and durability once installed. Just handle with care during installation to prevent damage.

Is a shower tub combo a good idea?

A shower tub combo can be an excellent option for both small bathrooms and ensuites, since it combines the benefits of both a tub and a shower while saving valuable space.

What are the cons of a shower tub combo?

A shower tub combo can save space in cramped bathrooms but can be difficult to access and high-maintenance. Furthermore, they might not suit every household's style and provide inadequate privacy.

Is there such a thing as a walk-in tub shower combo?

Yes, there is such a thing as a walk-in tub shower combo – it offers safety and convenience for people with mobility issues, and the price can range from $3,000 to $10,000.

What materials are used in Sterling tub shower combos?

Sterling tub shower combos are constructed with two materials, Vikrell and Acrylic, each offering their own advantages.

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