8 Stunning Walk-In Shower Ideas

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Thinking about putting in a walk-in shower? We searched high and low to bring you the most breathtaking walk-in shower designs. In this post, we are going to share them with you as inspirations for your project. 

Let's go over some walk-in shower basics.

What is a Walk-In Shower?

Some people define walk-in showers strictly as those with no curbs, curtains, or doors. Others use a broader definition for walk-in showers, where the shower may or may not include doors or walls, and may or may not feature low curbs.

We will be using the broader definition of walk-in showers in this post. 

Why You Should Have Walk-in Showers

The benefits of walk-in showers include:

  • Accessibility. With their low curbs or no curbs, these types of showers are safe and easy to walk in and out of. Do you need to know how to build a custom curb? For more information, take a look at our DIY guide for building shower curbs.
  • Easy cleaning. Low or no barriers make cleaning and maintaining your shower stall simple. There is nothing to get in your way while you work whether you have a large walk-in shower or a small walk-in shower.

  • Aesthetics. A large walk-in shower has a stunning modern appearance. With walls made of glass or no walls at all, you can easily install an airy walk-in shower. Choose a ceramic tile floor to complement your glass wall and shower heads.

  • Natural light. If your shower features tall glass doors or no glass door, light can flow through your space freely. Install a shower bench right up to the wall space or next to the soaking tub to enjoy the light that makes your bathroom feel larger.

How Do You Choose a Walk-In Shower?

Before you can install a walk-in shower, you will need to choose a kit that will suit your bathroom design. Below are some things to think about when making your selection for your functional space. Think about how to create visual interest or a seamless look with a specific color scheme. Are you looking for shower ideas for the guest bath or making extra space for two shower heads in the master bathroom?

Alternatively, you can also check out our guide to the most comfortable bathtubs for your bathroom if you have the space for them!

How Do You Plan a Walk-In Shower? General Considerations

Always begin by checking your local codes. Make sure that the walk-in shower design you are picturing will meet those codes.

Next, think about your plumbing setup as well as the size and layout or overall bathroom design. This will help you choose a walk-in shower with the right dimensions and shape for your space. The smallest size you should consider is 36”x 36”, but if you have enough room, you might want to go with a bigger size to improve accessibility and comfort.

Decide whether to get a one-piece kit or a kit with separate components. A one-piece kit requires less assembly, but a kit with multiple components is easier to fit through your door.

If a disabled person will be using the shower, ensure that you pick a walk-in shower design that can accommodate them (i.e. no curb for a wheelchair user). Maybe you would prefer a soaking tub and a rainfall showerhead. 

Learn more about building shower curb on our site.

Walk-In Shower Materials

Along with choosing a configuration for your walk-in shower, you will need to pick a material for your shower walls and floor. Some of your options include:

  • Acrylic panels: These are cost-effective and easy to install. You can find just about any style you can imagine for the walls in shower. 
  • Fiberglass: This is an alternative to ceramic tiles for your shower floor, and is also great for conserving your budget. Some people think that fiberglass is hard to keep clean, but cleaning a fiberglass shower is actually pretty easy.
  • Ceramic or porcelain tiles: If you are on a budget, go with ceramic, as it is the cheaper option. Both materials will hold up well to wear and tear.

How Much Does It Cost to Put in a Walk-In Shower?

It is impossible to provide just one cost estimate for putting in a walk-in shower. Are you building a new luxury bathroom? Remodeling to make a bathroom feel bigger? Just making minor changes to an existing walk-in shower–like replacing a curtain with glass shower doors? Are you adding stone fixtures? Completely changing the bathroom design because of different shower ideas? Do you want a glass door and glass walls? What materials do you want to use? All of these shower ideas will impact the cost of your shower area.

According to Bob Villa, you will spend between $800 and $2,500 if you buy a prefab kit. If you hire a professional to install it, that will cost $750-$2,500. Another option is to have a professional custom shower installed (not a prefab shower). Pricing starts at around $6,500 and runs to about $15,000.

8 Most Beautiful Walk-In Shower Ideas

Now that you have some general context for walk-in showers, let's take a look at some inspiring walk-in shower designs.

1. Horizontal Lines and Glass Doors

This large shower features glass walls and no curb. The horizontal lines of the walls parallel those of the floor, creating a seamless visual flow with neutral colors. In fact, at a glance, you almost do not notice the walls at all. The shower appears fully unified with the rest of the bathroom.

Credits: https://decoratedlife.com/walk-in-shower-ideas/

2. White Subway Tiles and a Shower Nook

Here is a room that features a long, narrow layout. It made sense for the homeowners to section off the entire back part of the room into a shower “nook.” Doing so makes the best possible use of the room available, and offers a spacious shower experience. The subway tiles for the shower walls and ceiling enhance the ambiance of the whole room.

Credits: credit: @jettsetfarmhouse on Instagram

 3. Minimalist Frameless Shower

Are you remodeling to capture a more minimalist look for your room? This glass shower is a simple frameless cube, almost invisible with dark tiles behind it. The aesthetic is clean and relaxing, emphasizing simple shapes and surfaces.

If you are thinking of building a walk-in shower yourself, check out our 11 steps to installing a DIY Walk-in shower

4. Small Bathroom Walk-In Shower

Worried about whether you even have enough space in your bathroom to install this type of shower and still create an open layout? This image proves that even a small room can feel accommodating. The same tile patterns on the shower wall run across the floor, and glass panels divide the toilet from the small shower. As a result, this room feels anything but cramped.

So, homeowners with small bathrooms–don't be discouraged. With the right layout, you might even feel like you have too much space!

Credits: https://www.houzz.com

5. Modern Small Bathroom with Recessed Shower Shelf

This unique modern bathroom features an angled ceiling with light pouring in from a window on the left-hand side. The toilet and sink are directly mounted on the wall, making for a more open and airy look than a traditional vanity. The shower itself features a long, recessed shelf with lighting for ambiance and convenience.

6. Shower With Wooden Bench

White tile walls, a corner window, a bit of greenery, and a wood bench make this an exquisitely comfortable walk-in shower.

7. Shower and Bathtub

While walk-in showers have their benefits, so do tubs. Can't decide if you prefer a shower or a bathtub? If you have sufficient space, why not enjoy the benefits of both?

The simple layout of this bathroom leaves a surprising amount of floor space wide open. And even with a shower and a tub, this space doesn't feel busy or crowded.

Also, note the clever little storage shelves built into the wall right above the bath. They provide space to keep towels and soaps within easy reach of the tub.

8. Bold Geometric Tiles

For an eclectic style, you could consider a shower like this one. While many walk-in showers feature white tiles, some bathrooms can benefit from a more decorative tile effect. The black and white geometric designs of these tiles bring visual appeal to the room. They also work nicely with the black tile walls on either end of the shower and the otherwise white walls of the rest of the room.

The round mirror adds to the distinctive style of this open tile shower, while windows that swing open offer plenty of ventilation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Walk-In Showers

Q: What is the average cost to replace a bathtub with a walk-in shower?

A: Replacing a tub with a shower tends to start at around $1,200. How high it ranges depends on your installation options for your new walk-in shower. While thousand dollars is typical, it could cost up to $15,000 for a fancy custom shower.

Q: How do I install a walk-in shower on a budget?

A: If you are on a tight budget, use a prefab kit to save money. Consider making your installation a DIY project if you have the skills.

Q: What style can I create with a walk-in shower?

A: Any style you want. Depending on your budget, materials, and layout, you can go for a style that is contemporary, modern, minimalist, industrial, or traditional.

Q: Are walk-in showers suitable for small bathrooms?

A: Yes, these types of showers are ideal to save space in small bathrooms. They often feature unobtrusive, minimalist designs that create an open look and feel.

Q: What is the best walk-in shower?

A: The best option is one that will be a fit for your space, budget, accessibility requirements, and aesthetics.

A Walk-In Shower is a Great Option for Any Bathroom

Whether you are remodeling your whole bathroom or just looking to upgrade your showering experience, a walk-in shower can enhance accessibility while giving your bathroom a spacious, luxurious look and feel. Keep exploring our bathroom renovation posts for more tips and inspiration for your space.

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