Tall Toilets: Everything you need to Know Before Getting One 

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While the toilet is undoubtedly an important piece in your house, considering whether to install a standard toilet or a tall toilet could be another vital factor to look at when setting up your bathroom.


Tall Toilet, otherwise known as convenient height toilet, in recent years are becoming more popular due to various reasons, giving rooms for a comfortable option that suits your needs.

The main purpose of this article is to provide you with every necessary information to consider before getting a comfort height toilet – benefits, the pros, and the cons.

Let's dive into the conversation now.

What Makes a Tall Toilet?


Unlike the standard toilet, tall toilets or right height toilets usually have 1-3 inches more compared to the standard toilets.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), tall toilet features bowls that are between 17 to 19 inches high rather than the regular 15 inches that are popularly used in most homes.

This extra height makes it convenient for tall people, elderly ones, and those that are physically challenged, saving them from knees and back challenges that may be experienced when using standard toilets.

Benefits of Convenient Height Toilet


When you have an elderly person living with you or you're probably in the category of taller folks, then the comfort height toilets are more fitting in well with your needs. With tall toilets, you have probably reduced the knee, back or joint pain usually experienced in using standard toilets, which serves as one great benefit derived from this.

Clean flushing system

Due to its extra raising of the bowl height, the tall toilet gives a powerful flushing system that helps to clear any clogged part and blockage. With this flushing power, you are rest assure of keeping your toilet clean and neat always.

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Water Efficiency

Getting a convenient height toilet saves you more than twice the water needed to flush a regular toilet. The newly designed tall toilets are water-efficient, likely to use about 1.6 gallons or a lesser amount of water instead of the usual 7 – 9 gallons from the old toilet. With this water-efficient feature, you have probably saved up to 16,500 gallons of water in the course of a year.

Factors to Consider When Getting A Taller Toilet

There are some factors to be considered when you're getting a tall toilet for your home. Let's quickly look at four factors here that will guide your decision in getting the right convenient height toilet.

Ease in Installation

While some toilet comes without complete toolkits and device which warrant you to call the service of a professional plumber for the installation, others come with a complete toolkit and DYI guide that will help you to install it with ease.

Whichever way, it is necessary you know how easy it is to install the toilet to give you the option of either DIY or invite a professional plumber if stated in the guideline.

Flushing System

In selecting a better convenient height toilet for your home, it is very important to consider the flushing system. It is advisable to consider a dual flushing system to save you from water wastage.


Dual flush system enables you to have options in flushing: either low flushing for pee and minor discharge which require a small amount of water or high flushing (full flush) to dislodge solid waste; thereby giving you the option to save water.


It is crucial to check out the height of the toilet in line with the ADA-compliant toilet policy. A tall toilet is between 17 – 19 inches as given by ADA.

However, some brands are taking a step further to add extra inches to the height of a tall toilet. Here you find an extra tall toilet with a few inches higher toilet bowl from 20 – 22 inches tall. The extra tall toilet is measure in few inches from the floor to the toilet seat.

Credits: https://avonplumbing.com/


There's a need to put your budget into consideration when getting a convenient height toilet. In this case, your budget determines your quality, brand, and preference when getting one for your bathroom.

Available Toilet Space


The available space for a toilet should also be one of the things to put into consideration when getting your comfort height toilet. In a small bathroom, you will have a tight space which can limit your choice to getting a standard toilet instead. In a toilet with more space available, you're free to fix your preferred of tall toilet that fits perfectly.

Disadvantages of Tall Toilets

  • While it's called a convenient toilet, it's actually not convenient for shorter people as it dangles their feet from the seat, affecting circulation
  • It is also uncomfortable for kids in the house.
  • It also prevents a natural squatting position which can cause constipation

Top 3 Tall Toilet You Should Consider

The Toto Drake II


On review is the Toto Drake II toilet which comes with fantastic features and innovations. Aside from ADA compliance, its durability and reliability keep it as a top choice for users and professional plumbers. Not all, Toto Drake II comfort height Toilet is highly efficient in water consumption than average.

Going against the positive review is that Toto toilets are more expensive compared to others in their category.

American Standard Cadet 3


Ever looking for a sleek, reliable, and well-designed toilet that fits into your bathroom, then America Standard is what you can't resist.

With an innovative extra wide flush valve that helps to perform the powerful flush, you can rest assured of a clean flush anytime any day.

As well, this toilet is designed with an elongated bowl to always keep it comfortable for the elder or physically challenged in Ada-compliant. American Standards Cadet 3 is also 20% less water consumption compared to others.

However, while some complained that it easily gets defective, many say it is quite expensive compared to others to replace the parts when damaged

KOHLER K-375-0 Kelston


With high positive reviews from customers, Kohler came into the list as one option you should try out.

Kohler comes with beautiful designs and an innovative powerful flush that releases water into the bowl at 360 degrees, you can rest assured of a cleaner toilet flush. As well, it has the ability to move simulated waste through the bowl and trap.

However, Kohler consumes more water compared to others on the list. As well, it doesn't come with installation kits which makes it more expensive to install. Aside from that, it is a great choice to get.

Final Words on Getting Tall Toilets

Having gone through this post, you can further check out some reviews for the best brand of tall toilets to get and how they are fitted into your needs.

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