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The Best Low Pressure Shower Head List In 2023

Best Overall
DELTA 52159-RB25 Single-Setting Metal Raincan Shower Head
Best Luxury Showerhead
Kohler K-13689-BL Showerhead
Best Budget
The Aqua Elegante Shower Head

The comfort that comes from taking a relaxing hot shower at the end of the day is immeasurable. But, you have to keep in mind the amount of water and electricity you are using each time you take a long shower.

Our Top Low Pressure Shower Head Picks

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The Best Shower Head List

1. The Aqua Elegante Shower Head


This wall-mounted shower head is 3 inches in diameter and is built to last. It is manufactured with a thick layer of tough ABS thermoplastic resin. The shower head is also certified as BPA-free. The fittings on the shower head are made of brass, but it has a chrome ABS body.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about corrosion if you buy this shower head. You also don’t have to worry about leaks. The head of the device has 42 jet nozzles, making sure you will not find a build-up of calcium or other minerals on your shower head.

The nozzles are also crucial because they ensure that you are always enjoying a powerful water spray even though the device is in itself a low pressure shower head. Another advantage of purchasing this shower head is that it does not require regular cleaning since the nozzles clean themselves.

But the best aspect of the Aqua Elegante shower head is that it ensures that the water flowing in your shower increases in pressure. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for something to replace your regular shower head, this is the answer for you, especially if the old shower head was only giving you trickles of water.

On the off chance that the pressure you get from the device is too high, you have a flow restrictor present to regulate the amount of water you use. The flow restrictor is also removable if you wish to have more water pressure.

Aqua Elegante also has a quick and easy installation process. The package includes a Teflon tape and an instruction manual you can use for your DIY project. Therefore, you can save the bucks you had set aside for a professional installer.

Once you are done with the installation, you will notice that the shower head looks fantastic in your bathroom. After all, you can buy one in your favorite color since the brand offers various colors. Moreover, the shower head is compact and unobtrusive, and it is very affordable.

2. Fire Hydrant Shower Head


This is the best shower head for low water pressure. Therefore, if you live in a region where the water pressure is low, this is the best option for your household. It will give you more power in your shower without the need for unnecessary clutter.

It is also very simple since it has no frills, it is durable, and therefore, it will last a long time without experiencing damage. The shower head has a solid brass ball joint that lets you select the water angle you want as you shower.

Inside the package, you will get a Teflon tape to help with the installation process, which is as easy as unscrewing your old shower head and screwing this new one in its place. If what you want is a simple and functional shower head that can maximize the power of your water even though your water supply is low, then the fire hydrant shower head is the perfect fit for you.

However, if you are concerned about the aesthetics of the shower head in your bathroom, this option might be too blunt for your taste. Otherwise, the showerhead works exceptionally.

3. DELTA 52159-RB25 Single-Setting Metal Raincan Shower Head


Now, if you are into aesthetics and you want your shower head to add a luxurious look to your bathroom, then the DELTA  shower head will be a perfect fit for you. This rain mist shower head is excellent at solving your low water pressure problem.

Besides, these types of showers are known to turn simple showers into a pulsating massage of power rain in your bathroom. However, in areas where the water pressure is low, the show will likely produce a tiny trickle of water that can ruin your indulgence.

But not if you have the DELTA  shower head. Designed with a 6-inch shower face, the shower head also has 60 food-grade silicone nozzles that maintain the powerful flow of water out of the shower head.

The nozzles achieve this by preventing the build-up of hard water deposits. Since the nozzles are also self-cleaning devices, you can rest assured that you will not suffer from low pressure when you use this shower head.

Another excellent feature of the DELTA  shower head is that it is made from stainless steel, a very durable material. Hence, the device will last longer than your counterpart plastic shower heads.

DELTA  is also rust-resistant and leak-proof. The installation process for this shower head is a two-step process that will only take 5 minutes. The package also comes with everything you need, including a mini wrench for installation.

You also get an extra filter gasket to help extend the life of your shower head. Its slim, elegant, and stylish design will fit perfectly in your shower. This power rain shower head is an equally impressive luxury device.

The downside to this device is that it does not come with an adjustable spray setting. Therefore, you will not enjoy a pulse massage shower. Instead, you only have one rain mode. Also, the shower head is a bit loud because of its size and the water pressure flowing from the device.

4. Kohler K-13689-BL Showerhead


If you are going for a modern bathroom design and have the budget, then Kohler’s Matte Black shower head is a must-have. Its a single-function rain showerhead that looks extremely classy in the bathroom.

This shower head will go perfectly with a grey or black-themed bathroom.

It has a solid brass construction and its has an optimized sprayface for maximum performance. The showerhead has katalyst spray technology with an air induction ball joint. The showerhead is built with masterclean spray nozzle that prohibits any build-up on the shower head and allows better and thorough cleaning.

5. Aqua Eelegante 6 Function


This is another shower head for low water pressure areas that boast significant features specially made to enhance your showering experience. If you loved the Aqua Elegante that was first on this list, this version will impress you with its upgrades.

Like its counterpart, it has a thick layer of ABS thermoplastic resin, making it a very durable and tough shower head. Therefore, expect to use this shower head for a long time before it experiences any corrosion or rust.

The Elegante 6 is also unlikely to crack since it has a brass connection fitting that will keep the device working perfectly without leaks or spills. Also, it has silicon jets that are resistant to minerals. This means that no deposits or minerals will build up in your shower head to form blockages.

These jet nozzles equally clean themselves, so you need not be worried about maintenance if you are worried about care. Probably the best part about buying this shower head is that it comes with six different spray settings.

These include the saturated, massage, pause, slow flow, mixed 1, and mixed 2 mode settings. Therefore, you are left with a variety of options to choose from every time you step into your shower. You can even customize your shower to have a spa-like configuration experience right in your home.

And regardless of its many features, the installation process for the Elegante 6 is straightforward. The package comes with an instructions manual and a Teflon tape, tools you’ll need for installation. Moreover, Elegante 6 has a flow restrictor that you can use to regulate the amount of water flowing through your shower head.

You also have the option of removing it if you feel you need more water pressure for your shower experience. Elegante 6 adds a contemporary modern feel to your bathroom aesthetics. If you like to feel like your home has a touch of class, this shower head will get you there effortlessly.

It also comes with a 5-year guarantee, showing that the shower head is indeed durable. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing shower head for low pressure water, the Elegante 6 is the best fit for you.

However, it is slightly expensive. But it is worth the value it offers.

The Disadvantage Of Using A High Pressure Shower Head

An average family uses nearly 40 gallons of water in the shower every day. This is 17 percent of the entire water consumption. High pressure shower heads are especially privy to generating a significant electricity bill and water consumption rate.

This is why you need to replace your high-pressure shower head with a low-pressure shower head. True to form, many showerhead manufacturers are producing the standard showerheads that carry a 2.5 gallons per minute maximum water flow rate.

Nonetheless, some companies strive to take this flow rate much lower since the goal is to ensure water conservation, especially for eco-conscious consumers.

So, if you are one of these individuals and you’re looking for a low pressure shower head option, here is a list of the best shower heads you should consider. But first, let us look at the things you need to consider when purchasing a low pressure shower head.

Your Shower Heads Buying Guide

Once you decide you want to purchase a low pressure shower head, there are certain things you need to consider. The most significant features you should be looking for in your shower head include:

1.     The Water Pressure

Remember, the main objective here is to resolve the water pressure issue you are experiencing with your shower head. Therefore, the first thing you should do is check and confirm that the shower head you want to buy offers low pressure.

While many manufacturers claim that their brands offer a low pressure jet, not many quite strike home. Additionally, most of these low pressure shower heads do not have the strong jet of water necessary for a pleasant shower experience.

Therefore, before you leave the store with the showerhead, make sure it lives to its reputation.

2.     The Spray Mode

You will find different shower heads, each with its spray patterns. For instance, you will get some shower heads with five different spray modes. Some will have the option for you to change the spray modes between the regular, rain massage, and spray settings, among others.

Others will have a fixed spray mode. Therefore, consider whether you want variety with your spray options before you purchase a shower head. You can even get one that has a spa configuration setting or a rainfall-type spray mode setting. The choice is yours.

3.     The Material

Most shower heads are made of brass, alloy, and plastic. The inner parts are made of rust-resistant metal, while the outer casing is made of plastic or metal. However, metal is more susceptible to water damage.

On the other hand, plastic is more susceptible to breaking if mishandled. Therefore, you can opt for a metal finish like brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze since they can withstand the moist atmosphere better.

4.     The Durability

It sucks to keep replacing your shower head after every few months. Therefore, go for the metallic showerheads because they are more durable compared to the plastic counterparts. But don’t forget to make sure it has anti-corrosion brass fittings.

5.     Fixed Or Handheld Shower Head

You will get different shower head styles as well. Some are wall-mounted, and others are handheld. If you get the fixed shower head, it means you will shower while standing under the water with limited movement.

But if thats’ not what you want, then you can always  get shower head extensions.

The handheld option, however, allows you to move around the shower as you clean yourself. You will also get fixed shower heads with rain or waterfall styles that you can mount on your ceiling instead of your shower wall.

However, keep in mind that the rainfall and waterfall shower heads are wider in diameter. Therefore, the pressure with these showerheads will be more powerful, but you must remain wary of the water consumption of these devices.

6.     The Diameter

Speaking of diameters, you need a minimum of 4 inches to get an entire body coverage of water when showering. You can get a shower head with a broader face like a seven or an 8-inch diameter showerhead. This should give you a more lavish coverage since it is wider than the face.

7.     The Ease Of Maintenance

Mineral deposits like lime and calcium will build up in your shower head. Once this happens, the flow of water is restricted, and you get low power, which is not good since you already have a soft water pressure shower head. For this you can remove the flow restrictor from the shower head.

Therefore, check the shower head jet nozzles and make sure they are easy to clean. Self-cleaning nozzles are the best option to choose. Otherwise, select the ones you can clean with your fingers easily. This will reduce the need for you to use chemical cleaners and to maintain the shower head.

If you live in a hard water region, find the shower heads built to resist mineral build-ups.

8.     The Ease Of Installation

Pay attention to how easy it is to install your new shower head. You can save a few bucks by purchasing a shower head you can install yourself. Consider the tools you will need for the installation as well. For instance, check to see if the pack has Teflon tape or a washer.

9.     The Cost

As much as you want the best shower head for your shower experience, be cautious of your budget. An ordinary shower head with an acceptable quality level will cost you at least $15. But, you will get some showerheads that are as costly as $40 or even more.


Finding the best shower head with low water pressure is a worthy investment. There are plenty of options to choose from. But don’t be pressured; you can start small and change the shower head as you go. Nonetheless, any of the options you pick from the list we’ve provided will work great in your home.

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