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 Buying a new house is an exciting time. You're testing out your ability to live beyond your previously set comfort zone and trying out new ideas. But there are a lot of things to do along the way.

In this article, we'll go over the things that you need to buy for a new house. Some of these are obvious, but some aren't as much, which is why we're here to give you an idea of what you need. Be sure to also check out our guide on the best air conditioners for you!

Let's get right into it.

Buy appliances that match your kitchen design theme

You need to buy furniture for your new house. While you probably don't have a lot of stuff, there are some things that you'll likely want right as soon as possible. Things like a couch and chairs help make the place feel more cozy, after all.

There are also other things that you need too, like a fridge or oven. Your new house is going to have appliances, and you should make sure they match the design of your kitchen.

For example: if you have a super modern style kitchen, then buying an old-fashioned refrigerator would look strange. But there's also no point in spending tons of money on a very expensive appliance if it'll just be hidden away mostly anyway (like in the wall) so don't spend more than necessary.

Nevertheless, always buy what suits your future house best. Make sure to check the dimensions of your appliances before you buy them, too. The last thing you want is to get a new refrigerator only for it not to fit in your kitchen.

Check if your old furniture will work with your new house's design theme

If you already have some things like couches or chairs that match well with the design of your future home's interior, then good. You can just move those in as soon as possible and save yourself the money from buying something new.  If you don't own anything that will match your new kitchen, then you'll need to buy some things. Furniture like couches or dressers can be found almost anywhere. Don't go to high-cost stores though. There are much cheaper options available that only require a small commute.

Decide how big of a TV you want

The average person isn't going to go out and buy an eighty-inch television unless they're rich, but getting something super cheap might not be worth it either because the quality won't be very good.

There's a sweet spot for everyone to find the perfect television, and it depends on how far you're willing to drive or commute to get it. TVs don't all have to be huge, they can be about fifty inches and still look great. If that doesn't suit your needs either though, then no big deal. Shop around until you find something that's relatively cheap but also good quality, Or maybe try something new like a projector?

Buy a bed and a dresser

Buying a new bed is something that most people don't think about until they get to the house. That makes sense, though. After all, you probably won't be sleeping in your new home until it's complete and fully furnished. But it's important to decide which kind of bed you'll want before then.

There are three types of beds: metal bunk beds, traditional wooden frame beds, and loft-style beds with lofts on top (so there's no need for a box spring). Although wooden frames are what most people think of when envisioning beds, they aren't necessarily better than the other types. They're often just more expensive though because wood is harder to make into furniture.

Bunk beds can be useful if you have small children because they'll have their own space with a railing and everything. But most people buy them for the fun factor. 

A dresser is also an important part of decorating a bedroom. You probably won't need one if all you do is just sleep in your new bed, but if you ever want to put anything away from where it can be easily accessed, then getting a dresser might be necessary.

They come in many styles and designs so don’t feel pressured into buying something just because it's what other people have. There are dressers with mirrors, for example, which can look nice if you want to decorate your room with a theme. Some have more drawers than others, too, so consider how much clothing you intend to put in the dresser before making your purchase.

bed and dressing table royal style
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Buy an air conditioner

The last thing anyone wants when they first move into their new home is to get heat stroke after being there for less than five minutes. It's important to buy an air conditioner even if it hasn't gotten hot outside yet because that way you'll never have any issues on days when it does start getting hot outside.

A good air conditioner isn't that expensive, especially when you consider that it's important for both your health and your safety – not to mention that if the weather ends up being cooler than expected then you can just sell it.  

Buy a microwave

Who doesn't love eating? One of the best ways to make sure you'll be able to eat well is by buying a microwave. It's not too difficult to find a microwave, but you might have to drive to multiple stores to find one that's in your price range. The first thing you should look at is what features it has. 

For example, some microwaves are huge and can cook an entire turkey if that's what the user wants. Other microwaves beep whenever they finish cooking something instead of just turning it off automatically like most people expect them to.

Buy shelves or a bookcase

Shelves are really useful for storing things such as books and electronics. They can also be used for decoration because they're usually made out of wood (or plastic) with designs carved into them. The design doesn't affect the storage capabilities though it makes the shelf more interesting than a plain box. Shelves are usually custom-made, so there's not much variation between different models. You just have to pick out the size and height that suits your needs.

Decorate your front yard

Your front yard is the most visible part of your house from the outside, so it's important to decorate it as much as possible (in accordance with local law, of course). It helps people get a better idea of who lives in the home. Flowers or other plants also make a good decoration for inside houses, but they're often more difficult to maintain because many users don't know how to grow things themselves.

Buying a New House? Here are some things to buy
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People often buy decorations from other people because it's cheaper than getting them new. It saves everyone time, so there's no reason not to do it if it works out.

Repaint the interior walls

The last thing anyone wants is to move into a house where the walls are some boring color without any patterns on them – unless that is what you want, in which case nobody can stop you (it is your own house after all).

Many kinds of paint work well indoors and out. You can even mix two different kinds to get the exact color you want. It just takes some experimentation because many people don't know that's an option. Some specialty paints can be used on things other than walls too, like roofs and floors if they're made out of a material that paint works on (usually concrete).

Buy a washing machine

Unless you want dirty clothes everywhere, then you'll need a washer and dryer in your new house. There are three types of machines: front loaders, top loaders, and combo units that have two wash cycles. The type that you get will depend on the space available in your home as well as how much money you want to spend.

Front-load takes up less space and costs less to buy, but top-load machines will often be just as good and possibly even better at cleaning clothes. It all depends on your personal preferences. Combo units are nice because they don't take up any extra space and allow you to do two things at once (wash and dry), but they cost more.

Connect the washer to an outlet if your home doesn't have one already for it, or if it has a breaker that isn't sufficient enough for the machine. You'll also need tons of plumbing to hook up a washing machine that hasn't been installed yet, so make sure you do all of that before buying a new one.

Buy some curtains and blinds

Curtains and blinds come in many different colors and designs so finding ones that match the decor of your new house shouldn't be difficult.

Home Essentials Checklist: What to Buy Before Moving In
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When it comes to blinds, there are three basic types: regular blinds, roman blinds, and vertical blinds. The first type hangs from a horizontal bar and can be opened by sliding it up or down along the bar; Roman blinds hang in a way similar to how curtains do but they can be pulled open using cords; Vertical ones come in two pieces so that when one is raised the other will go down automatically because both are attached, making them ideal for patio doors (or windows). Keep an eye out for sales when buying these because companies often offer discounts on large orders.

Buy window plugs 

Buy window plugs to block out light during the day so you can sleep. These are small foam pieces that go into your windows and block out a lot of the sunlight. You might not realize how useful they are to have in your house until you get them and have them for yourself; Most people seem to prefer sleeping with blinds closed but if you're one of those weirdos who likes having windows open at night then these will be perfect for you.

Get some pets.

Pets always make good decorations because they enhance the overall atmosphere of any room. While it might be cheap to get a goldfish, cats and dogs are more satisfying to care for so they might be a  better option. Be careful not to choose any pets that will make too much of a mess like rabbits or ferrets because you'll probably be angry when all of your stuff has been chewed on or destroyed by these animals – not a good start in your new home.

Build yourself a house extension

Building an extra room in your house is always nice if you want the ability to have people come over even when you're busy with work or study. To build on your house, you will need to hire a contractor who specializes in home construction and make sure that you have enough money for the project. It's also important that the person in charge of the building knows what they're doing because otherwise, everything could end up looking very strange or ugly, or even worse damaged.

The most popular designs are square ones with two floors (so they don't take up too much space) but there are tons of different types so be careful about what you choose. Ask around at work if you can't decide for yourself.

Final thoughts on things to buy for a new house

In conclusion, it's important to always keep in mind that you should do things at your own pace and not be too hasty when making decisions because you might regret them later on.

If you follow this list, you'll be able to make your new house into a home.

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