Kitchen Tile Flooring

modern white and gray kitchen tile flooring

Tile flooring is the ideal product in any high-traffic area, including kitchens. It is simple to clean and holds up well over time. It is also an excellent option for households with allergy concerns. Hard surfaces are unlikely to harbor dust, mold, or other allergens. 

For kitchens, tile floors are an excellent choice. Spills and drips are quick to clean up with water, making for a sanitary space.

Kitchen Infinity has two flooring options for you:

At Kitchen Infinity, our team works with both ceramic tile and porcelain tile flooring. Many homeowners use these terms interchangeably since they are both a type of fire-hardened clay. Your budget and application needs will likely dictate which one you use.

Porcelain tile uses a higher amount of kaolin clay, making it more impervious to water than is ceramic. However, it also carries a higher price tag. Your Kitchen Infinity design experts can help you decide which one to choose for your space.


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