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Tiny Black Worms: How to Get Rid of Drain Flies, Larvae, and Worms

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tiny black worms

Have you noticed the increasing about of tiny black worms in the bathroom? This common bathroom bug can very much be drain fly larvae. Drain flies, known for their small, brown, and fuzzy bodies lay eggs inside of drain pipes or p-traps which later hatch and become drain worms. While these tiny black worms are not harmful, when you get rid of them you get rid of a pest that has made a home in the bathroom. What do you do about a drain fly infestation? Keep scrolling.

What Are the Tiny Black Worms Anyways?

If you've seen black worms in the shower drain or your sink drains, you probably have a drain fly infestation on your hands. Drain flies, also known as filter or sewer flies, are tiny black or brown flies attracted to stagnant water or excess moisture. The drain fly is attracted to organic matter and uses water sitting stagnant in the bathroom as a breeding ground.

How do you know if you have drain flies? Simply use the duct tape test or cover your drain with tape and see if little worms or flies are caught the next day. Of course, you may already see drain flies flying around the bathroom.

Why Do Drain Flies Lay Eggs in the Drain?

Drain fly larvae are found in your drains because of the organic matter that doesn't make it to the septic tank. The shower drain is filled with soap scum, hair, mold, and other organic matter over time if it is not cleaned properly. Though not dangerous, adult drain flies will make a home in these spaces and lead to drain fly larvae or black drain worms.

Getting Rid of Drain Worms

drain fly larvae

Whether you're trying to get rid of drain flies or drain fly larvae, here's what you have to do:

Hot Water

After pouring some water down the shower drain to make sure that it is working, pour hot water down the drain as well. Do not pour boiling water directly into the shower drain because you can damage your bathroom drains. Cool boiling water and then use it to kill any drain flies down below.

Natural or Chemical Drain Cleaner

You can pour a cup of white vinegar through your drain stopper to kill any black worms in unused drains. Another way to prevent drain flies from making a home in dirty drains is by pouring a cap of bleach into the drain.

Another natural drain cleaner that gets rid of black worms in your drains is a mix of baking soda, white vinegar, and salt. Add 1/2 cup of salt and baking soda into a cup of vinegar and kill the black worms in the shower drain.

You can also purchase a drain cleaner from the grocery if you do not have time to make your own mix. This is still effective in killing drain flies.

Pest Control

If you have a large number of black worms or adult drain flies in the bathroom, it is best to call in the professionals. Pest control can take care of the black worms immediately and prevent drain flies from making their way into the bathroom in the future.

Preventing Drain Fly Larvae

drain flies

If you've gotten rid of the very last drain fly and do not want to have to deal with the black worms again, here's what you can do to protect your bathroom:

Use a Drain Cover

Get rid of drain flies by using a drain cover for the sink and shower. Without an entryway, adult flies and tiny worms can't make their way into the bathroom or stay there.

Maintain Drains with a Metal Pipe Brush

The best way to get rid of drain flies and black worms is by keeping your drains clean. Use a metal pipe brush to keep the drain and pipes squeaky clean.

Remove Excess Moisture from the Bathroom

Drain flies love stagnant water. Use a dehumidifier and clean up water after a shower or any that has splashed about after washing your hands.

Remove the Food Source

Drain flies and black worms feed on sewage and other organic water. Clean up anything that the black worms could consume like decaying matter, sediment, or algae. Make sure to scrub your shower tile grout too.

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